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“Publish on social media? No sir, that’s for them fancy lads.”

You are NOT reading this on Facebook.

Or Instagram.

Or Twitter.

Or any of a million other social media platforms sprouting up, dying, then sprouting back up, like poisonous mushrooms clinging to life.

If you don’t like something I wrote here, on my blog, to dismiss it with an arch, tossed-off “Well, I don’t have social media” proves only one thing.

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what I have been doing for the past 11 years on Coupeville Sports.

Because none of the 10,176 articles I have written have ever been published on “social media.”


Zuckerberg, and Musk, and their buddies don’t make any money off me.

After I publish a story HERE, I post a LINK to said story on Facebook and Twitter, to drive readers to my actual site.

So, yes, it’s there on social media where readers often then share the LINK, or comment on the LINK.

But a huge chunk of my readership doesn’t have social media, even the snarky ones, and it doesn’t matter, because they come directly to my blog.

You know, that place where all my articles are actually printed.

But I get it.

While Coupeville Sports is overwhelmingly positive in its coverage, there are articles which people don’t like.

When something provokes, that discussion often plays out on social media, which is the 2023 replacement for people meeting and talking in person at Videoville and Miriam’s Espresso.

Social media is the frickin’ Wild West, with people shooting off opinions like they’re gunslingers. Sometimes things get pretty dang funky.

If I was a school administrator, I’m sure I’d also want to avoid the whole mess if possible.

So, it’s a good thing I don’t publish stories on social media sites.

Makes it easy for the big bosses to monitor my written output without having to sink into the swamp.

But, as they do so, it’s always good for them to remember something else.

As it very clearly states in my “Who’s responsible for this?” section, I am NOT an employee of the Coupeville School District.

Never have been.

You ain’t never paid me a cent, and I am NOT your PR flack.

Probably should have gone that route. Might have my indoor/outdoor swimming pool by now.

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May Rose (John Fisken photos)

May Rose

May Rose is taking over the world.

And the world’s pretty happy about that. As it should be.

The Coupeville High School junior, who celebrates a birthday today, is a winner on and off the field, a young woman whose potential is mind-boggling.

On the soccer pitch, she has taken huge strides every season, rising from a complementary player to a dangerous sniper.

This past fall she blasted home a goal against Chimacum in a 2-1 win that clinched a playoff berth for the Wolves and got the seal of approval from her coach afterwards.

May Rose played lights out; she has really worked hard and improved her game!,” Troy Cowan said. “Her first touch has become a real weapon and she is getting hungry for the ball, which is bad news for defenders!!!”

You notice, he gave her three exclamation points (one more than my typical headline). Nice.

When she’s not rampaging on the pitch, Rose is a soft serve master at Dairy Queen, a proud older sister to fellow booter Taichen Rose and a vital part of The Three Amigos with fellow CHS athletes Bree Daigneault and Ally Roberts.

Oh yeah, and she’s also one of the best in the game on Twitter, where she slices ‘n dices with subtle zingers that leave her foes on the mat, looking like fools.

But don’t let that confuse you.

May might be quick with the wit, but don’t get me wrong. She’s no bully. Far from it.

She has always come across as a friendly, considerate, very intelligent young woman who is supremely loyal to her friends and families, feisty but caring.

Rose is what every coach, every fan loves to see in a student/athlete, and we are very blessed to have her as part of our town.

So, as she celebrates her cake day, we want to send our best to May.

You’re flying high, Miss Rose. Keep soaring. Always.

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Birthday trio (clockwise from top) Micky LeVine, Mitchell Losey and Ben Olson. (John Fisken photos)

   Birthday trio (clockwise from top) Micky LeVine, Mitchell Losey and Ben Olson. (John Fisken photos)

Some days just have more magic about them than others.

March 28 is one of those days, if you’re a CHS Wolf fan, with at least three current athletic stars having been born on this day.

Freshman Ben Olson, junior Mitchell Losey and senior Micky “Two Fists” LeVine all claim today as the day they shot into the world, one eye already set on claiming a spot among the elite.

Olson, a rampaging beast on the basketball court and baseball diamond, is one of those kids who grew up in the video stores I once worked at — Videoville and David’s DVD Den — and it’s still a bit odd to see him now being old enough to play high school sports.

But he’s a good guy, a solid older brother to my former video store “assistant manager,” the irrepressible Daniel Olson — now a 6th grade hoops whiz himself — and a talented athlete.

Losey is a vital link in a family that boasts a rich Wolf heritage that includes numerous former and future CHS athletes such as dad Scott and younger brother Shane.

Whether crackin’ helmets on the football field or flying around the track oval, Mitchell is a gutsy, hard-working dude who also, unlike a lot of male high school athletes, is willing to vamp a bit for the camera from time to time.

And then we have the real MVP, the two-fisted terror of the soccer pitch, Miss LeVine.

In reality, she is among the sweetest, most laid-back young women you will meet, a devoted big sis to Jae and Izzy and a Twitter prankster of the finest quality.

On the playing field, she is nimble, she is quick, she can be a deadly scorer, and, here is where the nickname comes in, deeply committed to protecting her teammates.

While playing select ball, a rival team tried to rough up a couple of her soccer sisters.

At which point the serene LeVine popped her knuckles and offered to drop kick all their rears, two at a time, and then take out the ref for aiding and abetting the harassment.

Do not mess with the petite one, for her heart is bigger than your whole body.

United by a birthday and their athletic contributions to their school, the trio are among the best and brightest Cow Town has to offer.

To all three of you, happy birthday.

And, if anyone is thinking about messing with your birthday cake, let ’em know, “Two Fists” don’t play that game.

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Just punch me now.

Just punch me now.

I am somewhat resistant to change.

That’s why I still use the same trusty DVD/VCR combo we got as a “bribe” from a movie studio back in the glory days of Videoville. It hums along just dandy 10+ years later, even after stuffing more movies into it than recommended in the manual.

Many, many, MANNNNNNNYYYYYYY more movies…

But anyway, we’re not here to discuss whether I just watched nine movies in a 17-hour period a day or two ago. That is neither here nor there.

It is true, but it’s neither here nor there.

What we are here to discuss, briefly, is me giving in and adding a Twitter to my (very small) media empire.

I refuse to give in and get a cell phone (you can all enjoy your rapidly approaching brain cancer by yourselves), but, in some small way, it kinda makes sense for me to post links to my stories and whatnot on more than just Facebook.

So, Twitter.


Of course, @CoupevilleSports won’t work, because it’s ONE LETTER too long. Of course it is.

So, you can find me at @DavidSvien.

It’s short. It’s catchy. It’s all the effort I’m putting in to this.

I have eight followers so far. The Whidbey Examiner has 143. We need to beat them. Quickly.

And no, I’m not gettin’ an Instagram. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

I do think my old MySpace might still be out there, though…

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