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   Nick Etzell and his tennis teammates do NOT get to skip school today for the Olympic League tourney. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Chimacum’s plot is working.

Attempt #1 at playing the 1A Olympic League boys tennis tourney was washed away Thursday, after rampant rain the day before left things too soggy in Coupeville for netters to safely take the court.

They’ll try again Saturday, when the weather forecast shows 90% humidity for Cow Town.

If it’s a go, things will get underway on Coupeville’s snazzy new tennis courts at 10:45 AM and pit the Wolves against the combined forces of Klahowya, Chimacum and Port Townsend.

But, if rain (or some other form of devious weather) takes out Saturday as well, then the tourney will change locales for attempt #3.

If it gets that far, the tourney would return to Chimacum Monday, Oct. 23 (with a 10 AM start), where it’s been played the first three years the conference has existed.

The change in venues is because Klahowya would have transportation issues that day.

Whenever the tourney is played, it will feature eight singles and doubles teams (three each from KSS and CHS and two from Chimacum/PT’s combined program) vying for four slots to districts.

That event, scheduled for the Sprinker Tennis Center in Tacoma Oct. 25-26, is played on indoor courts, something Coupeville players can only wistfully dream about while practicing on the windswept, waterlogged prairie.

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   Join the Coupeville Booster Club. Otherwise Sage Renninger (left) and Lauren Bayne let the crabs loose. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Ask not what Wolf athletes can do for you, ask what you can do for Wolf athletes.

With a new school year up and rolling, now is a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and join the Coupeville Booster Club.

Get in while the gettin’ is good, before the annual crab-chompin’ shindig hits town, and get that warm glow in your chest.

There are multiple levels of commitment, up to and including donating your time by serving on the club’s inner circle.

Your basic membership levels:

$25 — Wolf Backer

$50 — Individual

$75 — Family

$125 — Business (includes Wolf flag perfect for hanging in the window of said establishment)

Or, you can make a donation, sponsor a scholarship, contribute an item for the auction during the annual Crab Feed or help in a billion other ways.

Why do so?

Because, if Wolf sports are like a body, the Coupeville Booster Club is the spine, the thing holding everything together and giving it purpose.

It’s an invaluable resource for CHS and CMS coaches, athletes, parents and fans which funds scholarships, buys varsity letters, provides snacks for teams stuck on long bus and ferry trips and clothes Wolf coaches in snazzy polo shirts.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what the Booster Club accomplishes.

From helping put on the Homecoming parade to funding the Wall of Fame we raised in the high school gym, the list goes on and on.

To join, there’s a couple of quick and easy options.

You can talk to them at home football games or mail a check (written to “Coupeville Booster Club”) to P.O. Box 452, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Or, you can grab your credit or debit card and pop over to the Club’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/coupevilleboosterclub/

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Football (Photo courtesy Chuck Hardee)

   There’s no way this is the ONLY Coupeville-related sports photo from the ’70s still out there. Time to clean out your closets, folks. (Photo courtesy Chuck Hardee)

OK, now that I’ve got your attention…

Over the last 30 weeks, I’ve been hard at work crafting my own personal Hall o’ Fame (it’s at the top of the blog under the Legends tab), a celebration of the people, teams and moments which, collectively, make up our town’s sports heritage.

The reaction has been far more intense than I ever imagined.

To be honest, the whole thing started as a way to give me something to write about on Sundays, traditionally the slowest day of the week in the world of small-town sports.

Now, it’s become something bigger. Much bigger, at times.

But, for it to truly blossom as greatly as it can, I need your help. Cause, even though I like to pretend otherwise some times, I don’t know everything.

The Hall so far has slanted a bit towards more modern times (though there is one guy in there who would be 100+ if he was still alive), because, having covered sports on Whidbey off and on since 1990, that’s the time period of which I have some first-hand knowledge.

Every day new names and tidbits pop up, especially from the years when I was busy in the video store biz, but a fair amount of the people who have been inducted are people I covered, people I have met, or people whose name still lingers in town.

But we need to stretch out and reach farther into the past.

I know, without a doubt, there were great athletes, coaches and teams in Cow Town in the ’60s and ’70s and well before then.

The tricky part is this — there is no magic room where I can go and get info on all that.

The Whidbey News-Times no longer allows “outsiders” to go through their bound volumes of past newspapers (understandably, as old news print crumbles under repeated use … and I annoy their corporate overlords).

The internet has its uses, but nowhere on it will I find info on how CHS did in football in the ’40s, much less a roster for the 1975-76 Wolf boys’ basketball squad, which is approaching the 40th anniversary of the first win at the state tourney in program history.

Coupeville High School, unlike some other schools, has done a haphazard job of holding on to its sports history, frankly.

All those score-books from years past? Left in the care of individual coaches, with a lot of them largely scattered to the wind.

A while back, the sons of the late coach Tom Roehl brought me a filing cabinet full of his stuff, and it was invaluable.

Going through his paperwork, for instance, I found conclusive proof Ian Barron should hold the school’s career football rushing record, and it’s not even close, regardless of what the school’s own record board currently says.

Then you have the banners in the gym, which would suggest no Wolf team did anything of importance before 1990, which is laughable.

BUT, and this is a big but, there is info out there. I know it, I can feel it.

And that’s where you all come in.

Are you sitting on score-books, rosters, photos, memories? You need to share them.

Nominate a player, a coach, a team, a contributor, a moment and tell me why. Give me info so I can sound half-way convincing when I induct them.

I have my own constantly-changing list of potential inductees, but I guarantee this, you can win me over. It’s not hard to do.

And remember, the only limitation on who and what gets inducted is up to you, the readers.

It’s not all about high school sports. Your great-grandfather was a barnstorming wrestler? Tell me about it.

As long as there is some slight connection to Coupeville, it’s all in play.

Email me (davidsvien@hotmail.com), write to me (165 Sherman, Coupeville, WA 98239), message me on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment here on Coupeville Sports, talk to me in person at a game or harass me at the grocery store.

Can’t call me, cause I don’t have a phone, but you can work around that.

I am doing what I can, but the only way this continues to work, the only way it becomes something truly magical, is if we all chip in.

Bury me in history, baby.

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Pertinent details in convenient flier form. (David Svien photo)

Pertinent details in convenient flier form. (David Svien photo)

What? I’m posting wild headlines just to get juicy page hits?

I am shocked! Shocked, I say!

Where is my fan, suh?!?!?

I may need to go sit in the shade and sip some sweet tea while flickin’ away the vapors from these tawdry claims on my character and …

Oh yeah, that was exactly what I was doing.

And, if you’re still reading, it worked.

So, the real news is this: Linds Pharmacy is leaving Coupeville after many years, and with very little notice.

Buzz started to hit the streets a day or two ago, and this morning a flier finally hit Coupeville mail boxes.

A whopping five days before the closure of the business.

Despite the fact Linds sat about a mile from Coupeville Sports HQ, I rarely used it, swept away by the cheap, cheap drugs to be found at Wal-Mart.

But, for those here in town who did use it, the rapid closure is sorta a pain in the posterior.

Don’t worry, there’s probably a pill for that…

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"We're gonna blow this joint down. They ain't never heard a beat like this!" (John Fisken photos)

“We’re gonna blow this joint down. They ain’t never heard a beat like this!” (John Fisken photos)


Star Lord (right) commands the Central Whidbey Co-Op Preschool float.


The Marine Corps League rolls proud.


  Riding for POW/MIAs — remembering those whose journey home was interrupted or never fulfilled.


The snappiest ride in town.


Allison Wenzel lets loose with some vocal stylings.

Leo club

   Bree Daigneault’s heart is full and her toes are light, as she and (l to r) Sofia Hassapis, Joey Lippo and Grey Rische rep the Leos.

Pearl Harbor

Grand Marshal Harold Johnson gets a round of applause.

Jerry Helm

Jerry Helm leads Central Whidbey’s firefighters down the parade path.


Savanna Dohner has never been afraid of a camera. Never, ever, ever.

grocery carts

   Volunteers from the Gifts from the Heart Food Bank, out for a stroll with their designer grocery carts.


“Play another song? OK, if you insist…”

The entire town might not have been in Coupeville’s Memorial Day parade Saturday, but it was probably close.

Showing big cities everywhere how it’s done, Central Whidbey closed off the streets and put together its best show on a day of remembrance.

Music, costumes, floats and tributes to fallen warriors — Cow Town at its best.

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