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Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith shut down his middle school boys soccer program, at least for a season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A little less soccer this season.

Pitch fans will still be able to watch both Coupeville High School programs play, but the farm team is taking the fall off.

Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed Monday that the Coupeville Middle School boys soccer season has been cancelled.

The decision was based on the program — which is currently without a coach — being unable to attract enough interested players.

CMS, which is returning to action after playing just intramurals last season due to Covid, will still field volleyball and cross country programs this fall.

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Olivia Schaffeld leads off a collection of Coupeville High School fall sports portraits. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Time for your closeup.

We have portraits showing off the faces of Coupeville High School athletes from four traditional fall sports.

Volleyball, football, and girls and boys soccer are represented today, and come to us courtesy John Fisken.

To see his action pics, pop over to:

John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Alex Jimenez

Katelin McCormick

Andrew Williams

Jordyn Rogers

Dakota Eck

Audrianna Shaw

Cole White

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Willie Smith is watching to make sure you follow all guidelines. Don’t make him come down there. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

No concessions. Limited seating. Masks for all spectators.

As Coupeville High School moves from spring sports to fall sports during the Age of Coronavirus, there will be some fairly strict guidelines for fans attending volleyball, football, or soccer contests.

The ability to follow these rules will dictate whether events remain open to fans.


Volleyball at CHS and CMS gyms:

Varsity matches will be played in the CHS gym, JV matches in the CMS gym.

JV spectators must exit through the side doors of the gym, and not back through the main lobby, and must leave the facilities after the match.

Due to limited seating, JV spectators are NOT allowed to also attend the varsity match.

An exception will be made only for parents whose daughters play for both JV and varsity.

“With the regulations in place for six feet of distance between fans/groups, it severely limits the number of spectators allowed in our gyms,” said CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

“This is why we have to limit spectator numbers and not allow those fans that watch the JV match to be able to watch the varsity matches.

“It is simply a matter of numbers and seats, and we just don’t have the size to accommodate everyone we’d like to.”

Spectators for varsity matches should enter through the main lobby 20-30 minutes prior to start time, and go directly to the CHS gym.

Senior parents and families will be given first choice of bleacher seats behind the benches in the CHS gym.

Family groups (one household) are allowed to sit together, but must maintain six-foot distance from other spectators/groups.

Blue tape on the bleachers in both gyms will be used to maintain six-foot distances between spectators.

Cones on the bleachers indicate areas where spectators are not allowed to sit.

The “crow’s nest” in the CHS gym is limited to two individuals and is reserved for home and visiting camera operators only.

Bathrooms will be open, but no food is allowed in the facility, and concessions will remain closed.

Masks have to be worn at all times.


Football and soccer @ CHS Stadium:

Same as the gym – bathrooms open, no food allowed in, no concessions, and masks are mandatory.

Red tape will be used to divide the bleachers into six-foot sections, with red X’s marking rows where people can not sit.

Spectators are allowed to sit in groups of 10-15 (no more than two households together) but must still maintain six foot distance from other spectators.

Fans can spread out along the outside of the track, but are NOT allowed on the track.

Teams will remain on the field at halftime, with no gym or shed access.

The press box is limited to a maximum of three people — the announcer, the clock operator, and one media person.

Which means, you try and take my seat in there, you probably get tasered.

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Alita Blouin and other Coupeville High School fall sports athletes begin practice in the next few days. (Brian Vick photo)

We’re ready to … fall … into a new sports season.

In the jumbled Age of Coronavirus, the schedules are a little out of place, with fall sports coming on the heels of spring sports this time around.

Also, with everything compressed into a short time frame, one season begins even as another hasn’t finished.

The final spring sports contests hit next Saturday, April 3, with the first day of practice for at least one Coupeville High School fall sports squad beginning a week before.

Fall sports contests run April 7 to May 8, with winter sports starting practice during the last week of the improvised fall sports season.

Looking ahead to the first cross-over event, CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith exudes the laidback calm of a young Matthew McConaughey.

“It will be an interesting transition as our first week of practice overlaps our last week of competition,” he said.

“Our coaches have worked hard at creating a practice schedule that will benefit both seasons, so our multi-sport athletes can finish strong as well as begin to transition to their next season.”


The first day of practice for CHS fall sports teams:

Boys Soccer — March 29 (2:30-4:30 PM) @ Ebey Practice Field
**Coach — Robert Wood — rwood@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Boys Tennis — March 30 (2:30-4:30 PM) @ CHS tennis courts
**Coach — Ken Stange — kstange@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Cross Country — March 29 (2:30-4:00 PM) @ CHS gym
**Coach — Elizabeth Bitting — ebitting@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Football — March 27 (8:00-10:00 AM and 2:00-5:00 PM) @ CHS gym
**Coach — Marcus Carr — mcarr@coupeville.k12.wa.us

Girls Soccer — March 29 (2:30-4:30 PM) @ Ebey Practice Field
**Coach — Kyle Nelson — knelson@coupeville.k12.wa.us)

Volleyball — March 29 (6:00-8:00 PM) @ CHS gym
**Coach — Cory Whitmore — cwhitmore@oupeville.k12.wa.us


As the season progresses, expect changes to the schedule. To stay on top of things, try these sites:

Coupeville High School:

Coupeville School District 204 Calendar (tandem.co)

Northwest 2B/1B League:

Coupeville – Team Home Coupeville Wolves Sports (coupevilleathletics.com)


CHS will livestream four of its six fall sports, with football, volleyball, and both soccer teams getting the camera treatment.

To watch varsity games, check out High School Sports Online – Stream Live & On Demand (nfhsnetwork.com), which requires a subscription fee through their site.

JV volleyball matches will be streamed through Justgame Web Services (justagamelive.com), which requires an app download and a $4 fee per match.

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Cross country will join other traditional fall sports in moving to March during the 2020-2021 school year as Coupeville deals with COVID-19. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Don’t call it a cancellation, just a postponement.

Coupeville High School won’t field any athletic teams this fall, but, unlike last spring, it’s not a permanent erasure.


As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has shuffled the athletic schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

This time around, the plan is for four seasons, instead of the normal three.

But, at the same time, the WIAA made things flexible, allowing several “moderate risk” fall sports to be played in either Season 1 or Season 3.

For CHS, that’s cross country and boys tennis, and Wolf Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed Friday he’s joining next-door neighbor South Whidbey in opting for the latter of the two choices.

“Obviously, we really want to get our kids and coaches going as we know how important physical activities can be, as well as the importance of building school culture that athletics can bring to our school,” Smith said.

“But, during these times, there are so many extraneous factors that continue to come into play: safety, phases of other schools/counties, opponent availability, etc. that our league and ourselves have made the decision that this is the best opportunity to get our student-athletes in the best possible scenario to get to have a season(s).

“We are hopeful and will continue to work towards workable solutions to provide our students with the most positive and successful experience we can but need to remind everyone that flexibility is going to have to be at the forefront of this school year.”

The plan now is for basketball to open the athletic year, with the first practices set for the final week of December, and games starting in January.

With seasons compressed, all sports will be allowed to play up to 70% of a normal regular-season schedule.

Playoffs and championship events are to be determined.

The proposed lineup:


Season 1:

No athletics offered at CHS


Season 2:

Boys/Girls Basketball

Practice starts: Dec. 28
Competition starts: Jan. 4
Postseason: Feb. 22-28
**Phase 4 for games**


Season 3:

Boys/Girls Soccer

Practice starts: Mar. 1
Competition starts: Mar. 8
Postseason: Apr. 26-May 1
**Phase 3 for games (with masks) or Phase 4 (no masks)**


Boys Tennis

Practice starts: Mar. 1
Competition starts: Mar. 8
Postseason: June 21-27
**Phase 3 for matches**


Competitive Cheer

Practice starts: Mar. 1
Competition starts: Mar. 8
Postseason: Apr. 26-May 1
**Phase 3 for competitions**


Cross Country

Practice starts: Mar. 1
Competition starts: Mar. 8
Postseason: April 26-May 1
**Phase 3 for meets**



Practice starts: Feb. 17
Competition starts: Mar. 5
Postseason: Apr. 19-May 19
**Phase 4 for games**



Practice starts: Feb. 22
Competition starts: Mar. 8
Postseason: Apr. 26-May 1
**Phase 3 for matches**


Season 4:


Practice starts: Apr. 26
Competition starts: May 3
Postseason: June 21-26
**Phase 3 for games (with masks) or Phase 4 (no masks)**


Girls Tennis

Practice starts: Apr. 26
Competition starts: May 3
Postseason: June 21-26
**Phase 3 for matches**



Practice starts: Apr. 26
Competition starts: May 3
Postseason: June 21-26
**Phase 3 for games (with masks) or Phase 4 (no masks)**


Track and Field

Practice starts: Apr. 26
Competition starts: May 3
Postseason: June 21-26
**Phase 3 for meets**


Middle school sports also shut down:

In a normal year, Coupeville Middle School opens with volleyball and boys soccer, then goes to girls and boys basketball, before finishing with track and field.

That will be upended this school year, but nothing official has been decided yet.

“We are waiting for directions from WIAA and our District 1 team,” Smith said. “There is a committee looking at options but nothing has been decided other than no middle school sports until at least late December just like high school.”

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