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A new concession stand at Mickey Clark Field is behind that window, replacing the old snack shack seen on the other side of the field. (Scott Losey photos)

Wolf fans can enter to the left of the building, instead of walking around the back and using a side entrance.

Work was also done on the elementary school and the entrance to the new stadium, along with permanent bathrooms being added.

So, faster than the stadium.

A new concession stand/ticket booth, permanent bathrooms and main entrance to Mickey Clark Field have been finished, and will be in use for Friday night’s Coupeville High School Homecoming football game.

Instead of wandering down the backside, weaving past the elementary school and coming in through a side entrance, as fans have done at the first three home games this year, you can now walk in straight off the CES parking lot like in the “olden” days.

Only now, you won’t have to walk clear across the football field/track to get to the snack shack, and the Porti-Potties are an afterthought, and not your only choice.

CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed the change Friday morning, using a surprising amount of exclamation points (for him). The influence of Coupeville Sports grows.

“Yes, we are good to go to use the main entrance this evening!!” he said in a short press release, then bounded away to deal with the other 10,000 issues on his schedule.

Konni Smith, who runs the concession stands, which benefit CHS Class of 2019 students like daughter Emma, was equally thrilled to make the jump from the old snack shack to her new digs adjacent to the home stands.

“I loaded up with food! Wahoooo!!”

Then she bounded away to deal with the other 10,000 issues on her schedule.

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   Maya Toomey-Stout is so happy to see rare blue skies, she soars up and touches them. (John Fisken photos)

   Irrepressible track mom Dawnelle Conlisk hangs out with two of her favorites, son Danny (middle) and Kyle Burnett.

Piling up that Senior Trip cash, one hot dog sale at a time.

   Speedy Lauren Grove slows down long enough to catch a moment with the parental units.

   Having won their tennis matches, Wolf netters (l to r) Fanny Deprelle, Payton Aparicio and Sage Renninger stop by to cheer on their classmates.

Jacob Martin gets a little help with his prom proposal.

   Ema Smith has never turned down a photo request. Ever. That’s why she’s the best.

   The Lindsey Roberts Fan Club is on scene. Much raucous cheering, mainly from mom Sherry (left) soon ensued.

   Toomey-Stout returns to Earth and leans in for a group pic with (l to r) Mckenzie Meyer, Lindsey Roberts and Lauren Bayne.

The sun was shinin’, the PRs were poppin’ and the cameras were clickin’.

Monday brought the season’s second official home track meet to Cow Town, and all the noise and activity lured in the paparazzi as well.

John Fisken was on hand to snag action pics, but also swung his camera around to capture some behind-the-scenes moments as well.

If you like what you see, pop over to his site — http://www.johnsphotos.net/ — and support his work.

When you do, money gets kicked back to provide college scholarships to CHS student/athletes. So, win-win.

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   Maddy “Mad Dog” Georges will be crankin’ homers this summer. Will you be selling hamburgers while she does? (John Fisken photo)

It’s time to take the mound and make your pitch.

Central Whidbey Little League is seeking a volunteer to run concessions, and league officials would be particularly interested in someone who wants to bring in new ideas and expand the menu.

Whether you’re bubbling over with ways to fire up sales and tantalize taste buds, or content to just run things as is, they want to hear from you.

If interested, contact Paula Peters at (805) 302-9162.

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"What do we want?" "CANDY!!" "Who do we want?" "People to sell it to us!!!!" (John Fisken photo)

   “What do we want?” “CANDY!!” “Who do we want?” “People to sell it to us!!!!” (John Fisken photo)

Ask not what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school.

Right now, especially if you’re a student or parent directly involved with the Coupeville High School Class of 2017, what you can do is volunteer a bit of your time for the good of everyone.

Volunteers are needed to help run concession stands at CHS football, volleyball and basketball games.

That’s important work, as the money raised from sales of things like hot dogs and candy directly benefit the next graduating class and their senior trip next spring.

The class is also in the market for anyone willing to help by donating supplies (water, sodas, candy, etc.) for concession use.

While they would love to have seniors and their parents involved as much as possible, there has also been the suggestion that juniors (Class of 2018) might step up to help out for Homecoming.

That’s Oct. 7 this year, with Port Townsend coming to town.

If juniors (and their parents) step up that night, it would allow senior parents a chance to enjoy their final Homecoming festivities outside of the concession stand.

Could be a nice new tradition to start.

If you’re interested in volunteering (for any or all games) or donating, contact Lisa Edlin at Littlelisa68@yahoo.com or 360-914-7810.

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Don't disappoint Jazmine Franklin (left) and McKenzie Bailey.

Don’t disappoint Jazmine Franklin (left) and McKenzie Bailey.

New year, new opportunities for parents to step up.

With the start of school in Coupeville just five days away (seriously), the push is beginning to build support for the CHS Class of 2016 and its graduation night trip.

Volunteers are needed to help out with just about everything from running the concession stands at Wolf sports events to putting together fundraisers to figuring out how many cookies to bake David for writing articles like this.

I kid. I kid.

Chocolate chip always goes over nicely, though … just sayin’.

Anyway, back to the article.

If you’re interested in being part of the solution and want to know what you can do to help, you’re encouraged to pop over to the Parents of Coupeville Class 2016 Facebook page and join the movement.

The more people helping, the bigger the payoff in the end. Prove you can bring it home like the parents of the Class of 2015 did or never hear the end of it.

To join or ask questions or just hover, pop over to:


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