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A new concession stand at Mickey Clark Field is behind that window, replacing the old snack shack seen on the other side of the field. (Scott Losey photos)

Wolf fans can enter to the left of the building, instead of walking around the back and using a side entrance.

Work was also done on the elementary school and the entrance to the new stadium, along with permanent bathrooms being added.

So, faster than the stadium.

A new concession stand/ticket booth, permanent bathrooms and main entrance to Mickey Clark Field have been finished, and will be in use for Friday night’s Coupeville High School Homecoming football game.

Instead of wandering down the backside, weaving past the elementary school and coming in through a side entrance, as fans have done at the first three home games this year, you can now walk in straight off the CES parking lot like in the “olden” days.

Only now, you won’t have to walk clear across the football field/track to get to the snack shack, and the Porti-Potties are an afterthought, and not your only choice.

CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed the change Friday morning, using a surprising amount of exclamation points (for him). The influence of Coupeville Sports grows.

“Yes, we are good to go to use the main entrance this evening!!” he said in a short press release, then bounded away to deal with the other 10,000 issues on his schedule.

Konni Smith, who runs the concession stands, which benefit CHS Class of 2019 students like daughter Emma, was equally thrilled to make the jump from the old snack shack to her new digs adjacent to the home stands.

“I loaded up with food! Wahoooo!!”

Then she bounded away to deal with the other 10,000 issues on her schedule.

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(John Fisken photos)

Fresh, fragrant polyurethane as far as the eye can see. (John Fisken photos)


And from another angle.


A third angle?!?! Sure, why not.

long view

And the long view, looking down across the football field.

You can practically smell the new polyurethane just by looking at the photos.

Once you get done trying to scratch and sniff through your computer or phone screen, you can sit back and let the excitement bubble.

The lanes aren’t marked yet, but Coupeville High School’s new track oval continues to come more into focus with each new day.

When it’s finished, the eye-popping new orange(?) ring, which replaces the old, cracked black one, will once again allow CHS to host track meets.

The school is 17 days away from the first home football game of the new school year (Sept. 3 vs. South Whidbey), so expect finishing the track to be job #1 for everyone between now and then.

You could say they’re … racing … to finish.

Or you could not.

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(John Fisken photos)

   This trench is where the permanent slip-and-slide will be set up … and I am being informed I have no idea what I’m talking about. (John Fisken photos)


Burying the bodies. I assume…


Even Makana Stone would have trouble accelerating around this corner.

Well, it looks different.

Work on replacing the track oval at Mickey Clark Field continues full bore, as we sit 78 days away from the first high school football game of the season.

The vintage track is gone, replaced (for the moment) with a lot of sand, while heavy machinery continues to run wild, ripping things up.

Travelin’ photo man John Fisken wandered into the danger zone to snap these pics for us, giving everyone a feel for how the project is moving along.

He was never seen again, leading me to believe he might have been buried in the end zone, Jimmy Hoffa-style.

At least he left behind some photos…

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