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Coupeville High School, old-school style.

We’re on a treasure hunt.

The mission: to find the oldest living Coupeville High School grad.

It was an idea raised by a Wolf alumni of more-recent note, David Ford, and it’s an interesting question.

After putting the query out on Facebook, some of the names which were raised included:

*Gladys Snyder, 90 (Class of 1947)

*Mike Sullivan, 89 on April 8

*Marilyn (Libbey) Bailey, 88(?)

*Gloria Nelson, 88 (Possibly the last living person born at Fort Casey?)

*Don Allen, 87(?)

*Al Sherman, 86

*Dorothy Keefe, 85

*Buzz Stoddard, 83

So, is it Snyder or are we missing someone?

And, even if they’re not the absolute oldest, any other CHS grads in their 80’s or 90’s who should be noted?

Comment on this story or email me at davidsvien@hotmail.com if you have the answer.

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