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The Coupeville Farmers Market plans to open this Saturday, April 4 – with changes to answer coronavirus concerns.

**UPDATE – The market opening has been postponed from April 4 to April 18.**


The market will go on.

At least that’s the plan, as the Coupeville Farmers Market announced it intends to open for its 41st season 10 AM Saturday, April 4.

There will be numerous changes, however, as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement on their Facebook book, market organizers laid out their plan.

“First, please know that the health and well being of everyone in our community is a priority issue for the market as a whole as well as individual vendors,” the statement said.

“We trust you to be aware and work with us as we all seek to stay healthy and local.”

Changes put in place:

*Customers may not enter the market until 10 AM and “we are open” is publicly announced.

*Use one of the three marked entrance/exit points only. There will be a hand cleaning station at each entrance/exit.

*New, unused packaging for all items. No reusable containers or bags.

Customers may not bring/use their own totes, bags, etc.

*There will be a marked grid over the entire site (six-foot squares), as a physical distancing reminder.

*There will be minimal product display. Only the vendor can retrieve secured/protected product when customer makes a purchase.

Customers should point, with absolutely no touching of product(s). And no sampling of any kind.

*Continual sanitizing of surfaces within booths will occur, including after each use for electronic payment devices.

*The picnic tables are off limits – to everyone.

“We will most happily smile and greet you – from the safe physical distance,” organizers wrote. “We encourage you to stroll more slowly through the market (however small), wave and smile at neighbors, friends, and vendors.

“Enjoy the beauty of the site, the view, and all the wonderful folk who call this place home. And thank you – so much – for your love and support!”

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New season, new uniform, same big hoop dreams for Lyla Stuurmans and friends. (Corinn Parker photo)

Basketball is booming in Coupeville.

The middle school girls basketball season officially kicked off with the first day of practice Tuesday, and the gym was overflowing with 27 eager players.

CMS coaches Alex Evans and Fred Farris will guide the Wolves through a 10-game schedule which begins Feb. 6 with home games against Northshore Christian.

Those 27 players will be divided between three teams based on skill level, with 7th and 8th graders mixed.

The roster may ebb and flow a bit between now and opening night, but after two practices, these are the young women who have committed themselves to the hoops lifestyle:



Kayla Arnold
Brionna Blouin
Issabel Johnson
Kaitlyn Leavell
Lauren Marrs
Allison Nastali
Alena Osborne
Skylar Parker
Grey Peabody
Desiclali Ramirez-Vasquez
Reese Wilkinson



Gabriella Becktell
Aubrey Blitch
Taylor Brotemarkle
Mia Farris
Bryley Gilbert
Jada Heaton
Katie Marti
Chloe Marzocca
Madison McMillan
Pamela Morrell
Lyla Stuurmans
Shayla Town
Kassidy Upchurch
Devika Vogelsang-Puente
Savina Wells
Aby Wood

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Coupeville Middle School hoops star Ryan Blouin and friends return to the gym in two weeks. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

We’re kind of getting ahead of ourselves, but just barely.

While fall sports are still chugging along, with plenty of games left to play, we’re also just two weeks away from the start of Coupeville Middle School boys basketball.

CMS soccer and cross country wrap up Oct. 23, then, bam, five days later, the Wolf boys head to the gym, with the first practice set for Oct. 28.

Games begin Nov. 13, with the 10-game season running about five weeks, then there’s an almost two-month gap before the CMS girls get their crack at basketball.

When games start, the CMS boys play four of their first five away from Whidbey, but also get a three-game home-stand to close the season.

Also, following a new wrinkle which debuted during volleyball, the hoops teams won’t be divided into 7th and 8th grade teams, but will instead feature three squads, referred to as Level 1, 2, and 3.

The teams will play in a different order almost every time out, just to keep people guessing.

The Wolves will be coached by returning hoops guru Greg White and CMS newcomers Jon Roberts and Craig Anderson.


The schedule:

Wed-Nov. 13 — @King’s (3:15)
Thur-Nov. 14 — Northshore Christian Academy (3:15)
Mon-Nov. 18 — @Granite Falls (3:15)
Tues-Nov. 26 — @Sultan (3:30)
Mon-Dec. 2 — @Lakewood (3:15)
Wed-Dec. 4 — King’s (3:15)
Mon-Dec. 9 — @Northshore Christian Academy (3:30)
Wed-Dec. 11 — Sultan (3:15)
Mon-Dec. 16 — South Whidbey (3:15)
Thur-Dec. 19 — Granite Falls (3:15)

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Tate Wyman, seen last spring, returns for his 8th grade season of track. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Let ’em loose and get out of their way.

Coupeville Middle School track coaches Elizabeth Bitting and Jon Gabelein will have almost 40 athletes ready to attack a new season when practice kicks off Tuesday afternoon.

It’s a mixture of veterans and newbies, and, like any first-day roster, could see some additions and/or subtractions.

But, for the moment, here are the 37 athletes expected to show up on day one:



Aiden Anderson
Reiley Araceley
Katie Buskala
Camryn Clark
Dominic Coffman
Josh Guay
Taygin Jump
Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson
Coen Killian
Ryanne Knoblich
Carolyn Lhamon
Jovan Light
Jacob Mathusek
Claire Mayne
Trinity McGee
Cristina McGrath
Alex Murdy
Kevin Partida
Abigail Ramirez
Jordyn Rogers
Helen Strelow
Tate Wyman



Ryan Blouin
Alex Clark
May Crain
William Davidson
Logan Downes
Nick Guay
Erica McGrath
Hank Milnes
Allison Nastali
Timothy Nitta
Zane Oldenstadt
Desi Ramirez
Mikey Robinett
Isabella Schooley
Cole White

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The middle school hoops schedule has been ripped up, leaving 8th grade players like Carolyn Lhamon with less games than expected. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Never write anything down in ink.

Exactly a week before Coupeville Middle School girls basketball players begin practice for a new season, their entire schedule has been blown up.

League athletic directors had to make the change after discovering several schools wouldn’t be able to field teams at all levels.

King’s Junior High, which CMS was originally scheduled to play twice, will not have an 8th grade team. Northshore Christian also won’t have an 8th grade squad, or a JV team for that matter.

After some fiddling, Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith and his compatriots have pieced together a new schedule which will work, though be unbalanced.

The Wolves plan to field a 7th grade varsity, an 8th grade varsity and one combined team for JV play.

Under the new schedule, the only CMS team to still have a complete 10-game schedule is the 7th grade varsity.

The JV will sit out against Northshore, while the 8th grade varsity is left with just eight games.

It could have gone as low as seven, but AD’s shaved off Coupeville’s second game against King’s and replaced it with a second game against Lakewood.

The new, we’re pretty sure this is real, schedule:


Tues-Feb. 5 — South Whidbey
Thur-Feb. 7 — @Lakewood
Tues-Feb. 12 — @Granite Falls
Thur-Feb. 14 — King’s (**No 8th grade varsity**)
Wed-Feb. 20 — @Sultan
Thur-Feb. 21 — @Northshore Christian (**7th varsity only**)
Tues-Feb. 26 — Granite Falls
Thur-Mar. 5 — @South Whidbey
Tues-Mar. 12 — Lakewood
Thur-Mar. 14 — Sultan


All home games tip at 3:15 PM.

Mondays and Tuesdays, the 7th grade varsity plays first, followed by a two-quarter JV game, then the 8th grade varsity.

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8th grade varsity plays first, then JV, then 7th grade varsity.

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