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   Samantha Streitler and the Coupeville Middle School girls basketball squads tip off a new season Thursday at home. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A new season dawns.

The high school teams have wrapped up play, but the Coupeville Middle School girls basketball squads make their debut Thursday afternoon.

The young Wolves host Chimacum, with tip-off set for 3:15 PM.

Coupeville’s 7th graders, coached by first-year coach Alex Evans, kick things off, followed by “grizzled vet” Dustin Van Velkinburgh and his 8th grade squad.

The Wolves play a 10-game schedule, with other home games Mar. 1, 5, 15 and 19.

Rosters as we head into the new campaign:


Ella Colwell
Kiara Contreras
Angelina Gebhard
Ja’Kenya Hoskins
Anya Leavell
Lily Leedy
Katelin McCormick
Alana Mihill
Abby Mulholland
Audrianna Shaw
McKenna Somes
Samantha Streitler
Kylie Van Velkinburgh
Izzy Wells


Alita Blouin
Adrian Burrows
Jessenia Camarena
Karyme Castro
Maddie Georges
Gwen Gustafson
Hayley Fiedler
Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson
Nezi Keiper
Carolyn Lhamon
Allie Lucero
Maya Lucero
Claire Mayne
Hannah Mayne
Trinity McGee
Cristina McGrath
Abigail Ramirez
Jordyn Rogers

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   Hawthorne Wolfe, here slicing to the hoop as a 7th grader, is back for a second season of middle school basketball. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They’re 18 strong in the early going.

While players may still come and go, Coupeville Middle School boys basketball coaches Bob Martin and Dante Mitchell have a pretty good idea of what they’ll have to work with.

And what that is, is a fair amount of 8th graders (13) and a bare bones amount of 7th graders (just five).

Last year, it was the other way around, as the younger team was the well-stocked one.

With most of that crew staying with the game, Mitchell will have plenty of bodies to mix and match, while Martin is hustling to try and attract some more players to turn out.

The rosters as they stand through after day one of practice:

8th grade:

Lucious Binnings
Isaiah Bittner
Aiden Burdge
Brayden Coatney
Brawn Gadberry
Tony Garcia
Logan Martin
Caleb Meyer
Xavier Murdy
Grady Rickner
Cody Roberts
Damon Stadler
Hawthorne Wolfe

7th grade:

Dominic Coffman
Alex Murdy
Kevin Partida
Levi Pulliam
Alexander Wasik

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   Jaelyn Crebbin and her teammates are ready to bite into a new season of middle school volleyball. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A new generation of volleyball legends has arrived.

Some we’ve heard a bit about, while others are newcomers, but one thing is certain — Coupeville Middle School coaches will have full benches this season.

CMS 8th grade coach Casie Greve is back for a third season, while former Wolves Kimberly Bepler and Sarah Lyngra take over the 7th grade team.

The current roster:

8th grade:

Cecilia Camerena
Abby Clinkscales
Ella Colwell
Kiara Contreras
Jaelyn Crebbin
Noelle Daigneault
Angelina Gebhard
Chloe LaRue
Anya Leavell
Lily Leedy
Abby Mulholland
Audriana Shaw
Morgan Stevens

Samantha Streitler
Amanda Thomas
Kylie Vanvelkinburgh
Bella Velasco
Izzy Wells
Eryn Wood
Lita Woolett

7th grade:

Harlee Ausman
Kaielle Bepler
Alita Blouin
Karyme Castro
Vivian Farris
Hayley Fiedler
Gwen Gustafson
Taygin Jump
Ally Lucero
Maya Lucero
Trinity McGee
Sofia Peters
Abigail Place
Jill Prince
Jordyn Rogers
Brynn Schmid
Cypress Socha
Lucy Tenore


Graci Lemaster
Mckenna Somes

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A Wolf works on her dribbling skills in the early days of practice. (John Fisken photos)

   A Wolf works on her dribbling skills in the early days of practice. (John Fisken photos)

Genna Wright

Genna Wright (with ball), breakin’ ankles and takin’ names all day long.

It’s their time to own the court.

With the start of the season less than a week away (Thursday, Feb. 18 at home against Chimacum, 3:15 tip), the Coupeville Middle School girls’ basketball squads are hard at work.

8th grade hoops guru Bob Martin has 15 girls, while guru-in-training Ryan King will have to make do with just seven 7th graders, it appears.

Since they can swap players around a bit (middle school rules are flexible like that), it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The rosters as they stand today:

8th grade:

Ashleigh Battaglia
Luci Coleburn
Hannah Davidson
Jaden Marrs
Emma Mathusek
Cassidy Moody
Cynthia Rachal
Marenna Rebischke-Smith
Avalon Renninger
Scout Smith
Megan Thorn
Maya Toomey-Stout
Seriana Weatherford
Melia Welling
Tia Wurzrainer

7th grade:

Brooke Ausman
Mollie Bailey
Thora Iverson
Catherine Lhamon
Morgan Pease
Chelsea Prescott
Genna Wright

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Alex Jiminez (John Fisken photo)

   Alex Jimenez goes up for two during a SWISH game last year. (John Fisken photos)

Matthew Kelley

Matthew Kelley (10) will not be denied. The ball belongs to him.

The guys have first.

Middle school basketball officially kicks off next Monday (Nov. 30) when Coupeville hosts Chimacum.

Tip-off time is 3:15, with the 8th graders playing in the high school gym and the 7th graders holding court across the hallway in the middle school gym.

That will hold true for a 10-game schedule which has the CMS boys playing at home on Mondays and on the road Thursdays.

The boys wrap their season Jan. 14, then the Wolf girls will inherit the court starting Feb. 1.

As you mentally prepare for the home opener, here’s a look at the roster, which numbers 27 players including a number of guys who have been already making names for themselves at the SWISH level.

7th grade:

Tyson Bovee
Michael Breuer
Alex Jimenez
Matthew Kelley
James Mayne
Jake Mitten
Daniel Olson
Gage Powers
Ben Smith
Jacob Thurston

8th grade:

Trevor Bell
Jered Brown
Jaylen Nitta
Gabe Carlson
Koa Davison
Mason Grove
Dawson Houston
Aiden Juras
Gavin Knoblich
Aram Leyva
Jean Lund-Olsen
Andrew Martin
Omar Moralez
Jacobi Pacquette-Pilgrim
Johnathon Partida
Sean Toomey-Stout
Ulrik Wells

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