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   Wolf freshman Catherine Lhamon is headed to districts after a strong showing Friday at the 1A Olympic League track and field finals. (Photo by Helen Lhamon)

   Wolves (l to r) Lauren Bayne, Danny Conlisk and Abby Parker celebrate CHS winning two team league titles. (Dawnelle Conlisk photo)

   Jacob Smith nailed down four first-place finishes Friday, and also shattered the school record in the 100, which had stood since 1987. (Deb Smith photo)

   Ariah Bepler won three events Friday, and set PRs in all of them. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It ended the only way it could, with the Wolves atop the podium.

Whether individually, in relay groups, or finally, as complete teams, Coupeville High School thoroughly dominated the 1A Olympic League track and field finals.

Competing at home Friday, the Wolves bested Port Townsend, Chimacum and Klahowya, sweeping both the girls and boys team titles.

Toss in two school records, 17 wins and 33 PRs, plus the fact they advanced 24 athletes (at least) to districts and the weather wasn’t the only thing sizzling.

Plus, CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith didn’t end up in the hospital when a wayward discus soared over his head and clanked to the ground mere inches away, so … bonus.

The league tourney, which sends its top three in each event on to districts May 18-19, took place under sunny skies, with a few wispy clouds trailing the runners and throwers as they warmed up.

Longtime CHS track coach Randy King, brandishing twin starters pistols and wearing the look of a man about to storm a high-rise, Die Hard-style, was mildly optimistic at the beginning.

“It’s … going. It’s been … going … since 9 AM… We’re … getting … (deep sigh) … there.”

Five hours later, King was all smiles, as his teams romped and the meet went off almost without incident — though watching two high jumpers play Rock, Paper, Scissors to break a second-place tie was slightly unusual.

The Wolf boys ran away with 11 victories, led by senior Ariah Bepler, who set PRs in all three of his wins.

Jacob Smith and Sean Toomey-Stout popped on top of the podium four times apiece, twice as individuals and twice as relay team members, while Smith delivered the biggest bang of the afternoon.

Already the school record-holder in the 200, he busted the mark in the 100 Friday, toppling a record which had stood since 1987.

Bill Carstensen ran a 10.90 back in the hand-timed days, which translates to 11.14 now. Smith went under that by the length of his nose, hitting the tape at 11.12.

He was joined in busting a school record by sophomore Mallory Kortuem, though the length of time the pole vault mark she toppled had stood was a lot more modest.

The splendid sophomore soared seven feet, six inches, going half a foot better than the previous record … set by Kortuem herself earlier this season.

The Wolf girls nabbed six wins as they edged Klahowya 98-85 for the team title.

Port Townsend (68) and Chimacum (19) rounded out the score sheet.

On the boys side, the battle was close for much of the day until the Wolves pulled away in the latter stages for a 119-75.5 triumph over Klahowya.

PT (50.5) and Chimacum (16) were well back.

Coupeville now goes into a wait-and-watch-and-train mode.

Districts pits the Olympic League against the Nisqually League, with the top two in each event heading to Cheney for the state meet.

If you finished in the top three Friday, you know you’re going to districts. But, if you finished #4, you have to wait a week to find out your fate.

The Nisqually League doesn’t hold its meet until next weekend.

When it does, the top four finishers there advance, while their #5 will be compared to the OL #4, with the better time or distance getting the final slot at districts.


Complete Friday results:



100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (3rd) 13.31

200 — Lindsey Roberts (1st) 27.51 *PR*

400 — Mallory Kortuem (1st) 1:01.73 *PR*; M. Toomey-Stout (4th) 1:02.46 *PR*

800 — Lucy Sandahl (6th) 2:46.81; Natalie Hollrigel (7th) 2:47.38 *PR*

1600 — Sandahl (4th) 5:46.30 *PR*; Catherine Lhamon (6th) 6:04.88 *PR*

3200 — Lhamon (2nd) 13:03.15

100 Hurdles — Roberts (2nd) 15.95; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (3rd) 18.12 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Hoskins (2nd) 54.83 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Kortuem, Ashlie Shank, M. Toomey-Stout, Roberts (1st) 52.44

4 x 200 Relay — Kortuem, Shank, M. Toomey-Stout, Roberts (1st) 1:50.18

4 x 400 Relay — Shank, Hollrigel, Sandahl, Lhamon (2nd) 5:01.71

Shot put — Emma Smith (2nd) 32-02 *PR*; Kylie Chernikoff (4th) 27-05.25; Shank (8th) 23-07.25

Discus — Allison Wenzel (1st) 96-08 *PR*; E. Smith (3rd) 90-02 *PR*; Hannah Davidson (4th) 81-09 *PR*; Chernikoff (6th) 77-03

Javelin — Lauren Bayne (2nd) 106-10 *PR*; Wenzel (4th) 98-10; Davidson (5th) 92-06 *PR*; Raven Vick (6th) 89-04 *PR*; Abby Parker (8th) 73-06

High Jump — Bayne (2nd) 4-06; Hoskins (4th) 4-04; Cassidy Moody (5th) 4-02

Pole Vault — Kortuem (2nd) 7-06 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*

Long Jump — Moody (1st) 13-11.50; Hoskins (2nd) 13-07.25 *PR*

Triple Jump — Bayne (3rd) 30-11.50 *PR*



100 — Jacob Smith (1st) 11.12 *PR* *SCHOOL RECORD*; Jean Lund-Olsen (3rd) 11.72 *PR*; Henry Wynn (4th) 11.79 *PR*

200 — J. Smith (1st) 22.87; Danny Conlisk (3rd) 23.56 *PR*; Wynn (4th) 23.86 *PR*

400 — Conlisk (1st) 52.46; Wynn (2nd) 54.97

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (1st) 19.69 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Baumann (3rd) 48.32 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Cameron Toomey-Stout, J. Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Lund-Olsen (1st) 45.29

4 x 400 Relay — J. Smith, Wynn, S. Toomey-Stout, Conlisk (1st) 3:39.69

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (2nd) 39-02; Keahi Sorrows (3rd) 38-11; Chris Battaglia (4th) 36-10; Andrew Martin (8th) 30-07 *PR*

Discus — Ariah Bepler (1st) 110-01 *PR*; Thane Peterson (2nd) 103-10 *PR*; Battaglia (3rd) 103-07; Labrador (6th) 95-09 *PR*; Sorrows (8th) 91-05

Javelin — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 131-06 *PR*; Battaglia (2nd) 126-11; Bepler (5th) 117-09; Martin (7th) 110-06; Luke Carlson (8th) 109-09

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 6-02 *PR*; Battaglia (4th) 5-00

Pole Vault — Peterson (2nd) 9-00 *PR*; Kyle Burnett (6th) 8-00

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (1st) 18-11.50; C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 18-10.75

Triple Jump — Bepler (1st) 38-07 *PR*; C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 37-05.25; Baumann (5th) 34-01.50

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Kyle Burnett elevates in the pole vault earlier this season. (Justin Burnett photo)

   Ja’Tarya Hoskins flies over the hurdles in an earlier meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

   One family, three speed demons. Wolf supernovas (l to r) Cameron, Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout catch some rays Thursday in Port Angeles. (Lisa Toomey photo)

The prep work is done. Now it’s on to the final quiz.

The regular season came to an end Thursday for the Coupeville High School track and field team, as it captured six wins and 15 PR’s at a four-team meet in Port Angeles.

Now, the postseason run begins, kicking off May 4 at home when CHS hosts the 1A Olympic League meet.

That event will pit the Wolves against Port Townsend, Klahowya and Chimacum.

Unlike previous seasons, the league’s 1A schools are striking out on their own and won’t compete along side the seven 2A schools from the conference.

After that, there’s the JV Championships at Kingston May 7, then districts (May 18-19) at Renton and state (May 25-26) at Cheney.

To get ready, the Wolves headed to Port Angeles Thursday to face off with a pair of 2A schools and one of their key 1A rivals.

The Coupeville girls, led by a win in the discus from Allison Wenzel, finished second in the team standings with 47 points.

Port Angeles (90), Port Townsend (27) and Sequim (16) rounded out the results.

On the boys side, CHS was third (47.5), with Sequim (68.5) and PA (53) edging them out. PT was well back, with just six points.

The Wolf boys were led by senior Jacob Smith, who came away with three wins on the day.

He bolted to victories in the 100 and 200, while also finding time to run on a 4 x 100 squad which included Henry Wynn and the Toomey-Stout brothers, Sean and Cameron.

Ariah Bepler (High Jump) and Ryan Labrador (Shot Put) rounded out the Wolf winners, while 11 CHS athletes set at least one PR.

Luke Carlson, Jakobi Baumann, Lindsey Roberts and Henry Wynn led the way, each copping two personal bests.


Complete Thursday results:



100 — Lindsey Roberts (2nd) 13.46 *PR*; Maya Toomey-Stout (3rd) 13.49; Ashlie Shank (9th) 14.64

200 — Roberts (3rd) 27.53 *PR*; M. Toomey-Stout (4th) 27.64; Shank (11th) 30.61

400 — M. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 1:03.26 *PR*

800 — Lucy Sandahl (5th) 2:45.70; Natalie Hollrigel (7th) 2:55.17

1600 — Sandahl (2nd) 5:59.36

3200 — Catherine Lhamon (2nd) 12:54.96

100 Hurdles — Roberts (2nd) 15.85; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (6th) 19.12

300 Hurdles — Hoskins (2nd) 1:00.34

4 x 100 Relay — Zoe Trujillo, Cassidy Moody, Hoskins, Shank (4th) 55.47

Shot put — Emma Smith (2nd) 30-06; Kylie Chernikoff (3rd) 27-8 *PR*; Willow Vick (8th) 18-08

Discus — Allison Wenzel (1st) 81-02; E. Smith (4th) 72-03; Hannah Davidson (5th) 69-03; Chernikoff (6th) 62-09; W. Vick (10th) 57-00; Raven Vick (12th) 36-10

Javelin — Lauren Bayne (2nd) 96-05; Davidson (3rd) 91-01 *PR*; Wenzel (4th) 82-11; R. Vick (6th) 77-10; Trujillo (6th) 77-05; Chernikoff (11th) 67-07

High Jump — Bayne (2nd) 4-08; Moody (4th) 4-02; Hoskins (6th) 4-00

Long Jump — Moody (3rd) 13-04; Hollrigel (5th) 12-02

Triple Jump — Bayne (4th) 29-06.50



100 — Jacob Smith (1st) 11.53; Henry Wynn (4th) 11.97 *PR*; Ethan Clavette (13th) 13.34; Chris Ruck (17th) 14.15

200 — J. Smith (1st) 22.96; Danny Conlisk (3rd) 23.66 *PR*; Wynn (4th) 24.02 *PR*; Luke Carlson (9th) 26.12 *PR*; Kyle Burnett (10th) 26.16 *PR*; Clavette (13th) 27.85

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (3rd) 20.74 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Baumann (5th) 51.25

4 x 100 Relay — Cameron Toomey-Stout, J. Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Wynn (1st) 45.44; Burnett, Carlson, Conlisk, Andrew Martin (4th) 49.41

4 x 400 Relay — Wynn, J. Smith, S. Toomey-Stout, Conlisk (2nd) 3:42.04

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (1st) 38-05.50; Chris Battaglia (2nd) 38-02; Keahi Sorrows (4th) 37-04

Discus — Sorrows (4th) 100-02 *PR*; Battaglia (5th) 99-10; Ariah Bepler (8th) 91-00; Thane Peterson (9th) 89-01; Labrador (10th) 86-05; Clavette (12th) 64-05

Javelin — Battaglia (4th) 122-10; S. Toomey-Stout (5th) 119-06; Carlson (7th) 113-04 *PR*; Bepler (8th) 110-10

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 6-00

Pole Vault — Burnett (8th) 8-00; Peterson (9th) 7-06

Long Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 19-00; S. Toomey-Stout (4th) 17-08.25; Ruck (12th) 12-07

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 37-03; Bepler (4th) 36-05 *PR*; Baumann (5th) 36-04 *PR*

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   Coupeville junior Emma Smith set PR’s in both the shot put and discus at Wednesday’s home meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Their stadium, their day to shine.

The Coupeville High School track and field squad hosted a five-team home meet Wednesday, then tore up the joint, capturing nine wins and 32 PR’s.

The Wolf girls cruised to a team win, piling up 209 points to easily outdistance Klahowya, which tallied 167.

Mount Vernon Christian (99), Port Townsend (78) and Chimacum (39) rounded out the field.

On the boys side, it came down to the slimmest of margins, with MVC nipping Coupeville 169.5-167 to nab the team crown.

Klahowya (155) made it a three-team race, while Port Townsend (77) and Chimacum (34.5) brought up the rear.

The Wolf girls romped to a win in the 4 x 200 relay (Lindsey Roberts, Ashlie Shank, Mallory Kortuem, Maya Toomey-Stout), with Roberts (200), Lauren Bayne (high jump) and Mckenzie Meyer (pole vault) also landing atop the awards stand.

Coupeville’s boys triumphed in the 200 (Jacob Smith), 800 (Danny Conlisk), high jump (Chris Battaglia) and long jump (Jean Lund-Olsen).

Smith and Lund-Olsen teamed up with the Toomey-Stout boys, Cameron and Sean, to race to a victory in the 4 x 100.

Battaglia had himself a huge afternoon, also finishing second in all three throwing events (shot put, discus and javelin).

Coming off its auspicious showing, Coupeville won’t compete again for two weeks.

With spring break on the horizon, the Wolves next meet is Apr. 12, when they travel to Silverdale Stadium for an event hosted by Olympic High School.

While Wednesday’s meet was originally the only home meet listed on the schedule, CHS officials have confirmed they are pulling together a second one.

Friday Harbor and Lopez Island are now set to come to Coupeville Apr. 23 for a three-team meet.

Complete CHS results:


100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (2nd) 13.51

200 — Lindsey Roberts (1st) 27.70 *PR*; M. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 28.23; Mallory Kortuem (4th) 29.30; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (6th) 30.33 *PR*; Zoe Trujillo (8th) 31.13 *PR*

400 — Kortuem (4th) 1:06.15; Natalie Hollrigel (7th) 1:11.51; Ashlie Shank (8th) 1:14.28

800 — Lucy Sandahl (4th) 2:47.93; Hollrigel (8th) 3:00.54 *PR*

1600 — Catherine Lhamon (4th) 6:10.67 *PR*; Sandahl (5th) 6:16.97

3200 — Lhamon (2nd) 13:15.32 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Roberts (2nd) 16.44; Hoskins (4th) 19.16 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Lauren Bayne (3rd) 57.02 *PR*; Mckenzie Meyer (4th) 57.85

4 x 200 Relay — Roberts, Shank, Kortuem, M. Toomey-Stout (1st) 1:54.87

4 x 400 Relay — Roberts, Shank, Hollrigel, M. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 4:43.75

Shot put — Emma Smith (2nd) 31-06 *PR*; Kylie Chernikoff (5th) 27-00.50 *PR*

Discus — Allison Wenzel (2nd) 84-08.50 *PR*; E. Smith (3rd) 79-02 *PR*; Chernikoff (5th) 70-00; Hannah Davidson (6th) 69-06.50; Raven Vick (16th) 47-08; Willow Vick (19th) 45-03 *PR*

Javelin — Wenzel (2nd) 96-05; Bayne (3rd) 86-10; R. Vick (4th) 85-00; Davidson (5th) 84-07.50; Trujillo (6th) 78-10 *PR*; Abby Parker (8th) 77-09; Chernikoff (18th) 60-00 *PR*

High Jump — Bayne (1st) 4-08; Hoskins (4th) 4-02

Pole Vault — Meyer (1st) 6-01

Long Jump — Hoskins (2nd) 13-01 *PR*; Trujillo (4th) 12-00.75 *PR*; W. Vick (5th) 10-10.50 *PR*

Triple Jump — Trujillo (4th) 25-07.50 *PR*


100 — Jacob Smith (2nd) 11.69; Jean Lund-Olsen (3rd) 11.83 *PR*; Chris Ruck (17th) 14.24

200 — J. Smith (1st) 23.48; Kyle Burnett (10th) 27.67; Ethan Clavette (12th) 28.74 *PR*

400 — Burnett (6th) 1:01.42 *PR*

800 — Danny Conlisk (1st) 2:07.79

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (2nd) 20.95 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Baumann (3rd) 51.57

4 x 100 Relay — Lund-Olsen, J. Smith, Cameron Toomey-Stout, Sean Toomey-Stout (1st) 45.83; Clavette, Andrew Martin, Ruck, Thane Peterson (4th) 55.04

4 x 400 Relay — J. Smith, Lund-Olsen, S. Toomey-Stout, Conlisk (2nd) 3:52.28

Shot Put — Chris Battaglia (2nd) 36-00.50; Keahi Sorrows (4th) 35-00.50; Ryan Labrador (5th) 34-03.50

Discus — Battaglia (2nd) 104-02; Peterson (4th) 100-09 *PR*; Sorrows (5th) 97-08 *PR*; Labrador (6th) 88-08; Martin (17th) 58-08 *PR*; Clavette (21st) 52-07 *PR*

Javelin — Battaglia (2nd) 134-06.50 *PR*; S. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 119-03.50 *PR*; Martin (4th) 115-09 *PR*

High Jump — Battaglia (1st) 5-02

Pole Vault — Burnett (5th) 7-06

Long Jump — Lund-Olsen (1st) 18-09.50; C. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 17-05; Ruck (11th) 14-03 *PR*

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 36-07.25 *PR*

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   After two top-four finishes at state in the 200, Wolf senior Jacob Smith has his eyes on a state title. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Juniors Ashlie Shank (left) and Lindsey Roberts are back to tear up the track.

Depth, experience and talent.

The Coupeville High School track team boasts all of that, a strong coaching staff and improved facilities which now include new covered stands, announcing booth and dedicated track storage building.

All of that brings a huge smile to the face of longtime Wolf head coach Randy King, who is partially new himself, after successful hip replacement surgery.

The oval guru will call on returning assistant coaches Bob Martin (throwers, high jumpers), Chad Felgar (sprinters, hurdlers, long jumpers), Neil Rixe (distance runners), Jordan Ford (vaulters) and Lincoln Kelley (javelin) to help with his 40+ athlete roster.

Also joining the crew is Sylvia Hurlburt, a state meet veteran whose name appears several times on the CHS track record board.

The former Wolf star has come home to work with the sprinters and relay teams.

“Our team is really fortunate to have all this help and I really appreciate them,” King said.

Headlining the Coupeville roster are a host of athletes who made the long trek to Cheney last season.

Junior Lindsey Roberts, who has racked up four state meet medals in her first two seasons, leads the returning Wolves.

A school record holder in three events (100 hurdles plus both the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 relays), she is chasing history.

Only three Wolf girls (Makana Stone with seven, Natasha Bamberger with six and Yashmeen Knox with five) have won more state meet medals than Roberts.

Her counterpart on the male side of the roster is senior Jacob Smith, whose school-record mark in the 200 has him ranked #1 among all returning 1A runners in the state.

After finishing fourth at state during his sophomore campaign, Smith claimed third last year.

As he chases a state title in the 200, the speed demon, who also went to state in the 100 and the 4 x 400, will add the 400 to his to-do list this season.

Maya Toomey-Stout, who became the first Wolf girl in school history to compete in four different events at one state meet (100, 200, 4 x 1, 4 x 2) is back for her sophomore season.

This time around, “The Gazelle” is joined by both of her brothers, senior Cameron and sophomore Sean.

Other state meet vets include junior Danny Conlisk (400, 800, 4 x 4), seniors Lauren Bayne (high jump), Henry Wynn (4 x 4) and Ariah Bepler (high jump) and sophomore Mallory Kortuem (4 x 1, 4 x 2).

Beyond the Wolves who competed at Cheney last year, the squad boasts considerable depth.

Some key returnees include seniors Mckenzie Meyer, Abby Parker and Allison Wenzel, juniors Emma Smith, Chris Battaglia, Ashlie Shank and Jakobi Baumann and sophomores Raven Vick and Lucy Sandahl.

Meyer set a school record in the pole vault last year.

Two promising newcomers are sophomores Zoe Trujillo, who hops over from tennis, and Chris Ruck, who transferred from La Salle.

As the Wolves make their final run through the Olympic League and District 3 — next year they jump to District 1 and the new North Sound Conference — King would like to see his charges make a solid exit.

“As far as team goals are concerned, we aren’t asking too much from our athletes this season,” he said with a smile and wink. “Just to run faster, jump better, and throw farther than they ever have before!

“Together with some work, and attention to technique, we can do this,” King added. “It is really going to be exciting to see what this group accomplishes this season.”

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   Mikayla Elfrank spent last spring thumping home runs, including one which dented a carnival ride in Sequim. (Photo by Jordan Ford)

   Jacob Smith and McKenzie Meyer both set school records during track season. (Deb Smith photo)

   Maya “The Gazelle” Toomey-Stout, here with brother Cameron, AKA “Camtastic,” advanced to the state track meet in four events. (Beth Stout photo)

   Spikers (l to r) Emma Smith, Ashley Menges and Toomey-Stout celebrate after CHS punches its ticket to state for the first time since 2004. (Konni Smith photo)

Departures, arrivals, births of new stars and coronations of established ones.

The sports year that was 2017 contained a little bit of everything.

And, while Coupeville High School is still seeking that elusive first team state title, there was plenty to discuss and reminisce about.

In somewhat random order, the 17 stories which defined prairie sports in 2017:

Bye, Bye, Bye” — On to the next adventure, as CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith announces the school is ending a four-year partnership and leaving the 1A Olympic League at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Will the Wolves revert to 2B and return to their old stomping grounds in the Northwest Conference or stay 1A and join South Whidbey in launching a new league born out of the steaming carcass of the Cascade Conference?

Check back at the end of Jan. for that answer.

Home, sweet home” — After two years of using temporary stands, CHS has a shiny new covered grandstand for football, track and soccer.

It was finished a couple of days AFTER football’s final home game, and that press box needs some window work, but still a big step.

Girls rule!” — Coupeville’s best teams were powered by a strong core of female athletes.

Basketball capped a third-straight 9-0 run through league play last winter, softball won 19 games and came within a strike  of advancing to state, tennis captured a third-straight league title and volleyball didn’t drop a set in winning a second-straight league crown.

The spikers made it to the big dance in Yakima, as well, the first time the Wolf volleyball program had gone to state since 2004.

Run to glory” — Coupeville junior Danny Conlisk, after training and traveling with South Whidbey, became the first Wolf cross country runner to punch a ticket to state since Tyler King won the boy’s title in 2010.

A new outlook” — Chris Smith took the reigns of the CHS baseball team in mid-season, while Brad Sherman (boys basketball), Kyle Nelson (girls soccer), Kimberly Bepler and Sarah Lyngra (middle school volleyball), Dante Mitchell (middle school boys basketball) and Emily Stevens (cheer) stepped into new head coaching positions.

Stop hurting yourself” — After a strong start, Coupeville’s football season took hit after hit, as a rash of injuries decimated the Wolves.

Top play-makers Hunter Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Matt Hilborn, Chris Battaglia and Andrew Martin were just the tip of the iceberg, with CHS finishing the season with more players in street clothes than at any time in recent memory.

Records are made to be broken” — While they were still upright, the Wolf football players rewrote the record-books.

Senior quarterback Hunter Downes broke Sherman’s record for career touchdown passes, while Smith, even missing the final five games of his final season, departs with at least a share of seven game, season or career marks.

Let it rain” — Wolf sophomore Mason Grove kicked off the 2017-2018 basketball season with a performance for the ages.

Playing against Port Townsend in a JV game, he nailed 10 three-balls (the school’s varsity record is seven), recording 34 points.

The only reason Grove hasn’t re-broken the record? He’s now playing varsity minutes as well, which limits his JV floor time.

The alumni are alright” — Former Wolf stars took their games to the next stage, with Makana Stone playing a major role as a freshman on a Whitman College women’s basketball squad which came within a play or two of the NCAA D-III Final Four.

She’s leading the Blues in scoring as a sophomore, while former classmate Nick Streubel, a red-shirt sophomore at Central Washington University, was a First-Team All-Conference offensive lineman on a Wildcat football team which went 11-1 and won a league title.

Toss in Ben Etzell, an All-Conference baseball pitcher at Saint John’s (Minnesota), Kailey Kellner, playing hoops at D’Youville College, and several others, and the Wolves are well-represented on the college sports scene.

Mitch is a pro” — Having finished a strong college career at Montana Western, former Wolf Mitch Pelroy was drafted by the Atlantic Sharks of the Rivals Professional Football League. He starts his new journey of being paid to play Feb. 1.

MVP, MVP, MVP!!” — Coupeville senior Hope Lodell capped a record-busting run as a volleyball player by being tabbed as the Olympic League’s most valuable player in season-ending voting by coaches.

Having moved over to replace Valen Trujillo at libero, Lodell, who owns the CHS season and career service ace records, was the glue which held the Wolves together during a 13-win season.

Last spring, Katrina McGranahan, a two-way terror in the pitcher’s circle and at the plate, was named softball MVP by league coaches. That capped an extraordinary junior year, as she was also league MVP in volleyball.

She’s a beast” — Mikayla Elfrank is one of the most electrifying athletes in Wolf Nation and she lights up the volleyball and basketball courts, as well as the softball diamond.

Last spring, she outdid even herself, though, smashing out-of-the-park home runs on consecutive pitches against Sequim, in games eight days apart in different towns.

After launching a moon shot in Coupeville, right before lightning ended play, Elfrank picked things right back up on the road.

Jumping on the very first pitch she saw, the Wolf slugger launched a ball over the center field fence in Sequim, denting a carnival ride being set up behind the fence, and earning free ice cream from the rival coach in the process.

We’re back” — After losing their grip on the title last year, Coupeville’s Red Pride, an alumni basketball team featuring a who’s-who of late ’90s stars, stormed back to reclaim honors at the Roehl Roundball Classic.

While 2016 saw an Oak Harbor squad abscond with the trophy, 2017 was an all-Wolf affair, as the championship match featured Red Pride out-dueling the Coupeville Cows, whose players mainly hail from the early 2000’s.

Our bucket (remix)” — Coupeville football, playing at full-strength, opened the 2017 campaign by drilling South Whidbey 18-0 in Langley.

It marked the first time the Wolves had beaten the Falcons in back-to-back years since the two schools started playing for The Bucket — a somewhat-battered, but deeply-valued, trophy presented to the victor of the Island rivalry clash.

New oval, same old dominance” — CHS debuted its new track and field facilities, then its athletes went out and tore up the record books.

Among the record-busters was Jacob Smith, who finished 3rd at state in the 200, topping his own record-setting time from a season before.

Lindsey Roberts (100 hurdles) and Mitchell Carroll (triple jump) went a little further back, shattering school-best marks which had stood since 1999 and 1994, respectively.

And, while she didn’t bust any school record times (yet), freshman Maya Toomey-Stout became the first Wolf girl to advance to state in four events (100, 200, 4 x 100, 4 x 200) in the same season.

Joltin’ Jae is here to save the day” — One of the defining wins of 2017 came when Coupeville softball knocked off Klahowya, a particular thorn in its side. The Wolves ended up sweeping three games from the Eagles, but the first one was the dazzler.

A home run from Tiffany Briscoe and big hits from Veronica Crownover and Sarah Wright put the Wolves up 5-0 at home, but KSS roared back to take a 6-5 lead late in the game.

Enter senior second baseman Jae LeVine, AKA the woman of a thousand nicknames (The Mighty Mite, Flash, Joltin’ Jae) and the biggest heart in the game.

Delivering her third, and biggest hit of the afternoon, she ripped a game-winning RBI double in the bottom of the sixth inning, then danced atop the bag, flashing thumbs-up at her fan section.

Don’t call it a comeback … OK, you can call it a comeback” — The kind of win which can make a season.

Facing defending league champ Port Townsend at home Dec. 12, the Coupeville boys basketball team overcame a 12-point fourth-quarter deficit, survived a wild finish, then won in overtime.

For a senior-dominated squad which has endured some rough times getting here, exiting 2017 on top of the league standings has to be especially sweet.

Now, it’s time for all the Wolves to jump feet-first in to 2018 and write a new year’s worth of success stories.

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