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Savina Wells rumbled for a team-high 12 points Wednesday, as Coupeville’s #1 middle school hoops team battled King’s. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Lyla Stuurmans ran the point for the Wolves, and was a firecracker on defense.

Big shots, big rallies, big effort.

All three Coupeville Middle School girls basketball teams acquitted themselves nicely Wednesday, fighting hard against the toughest opponents they will probably see this season.

While none of the Wolf squads could pull out a win against private school power King’s, they didn’t let the visitors walk all over them, and that bodes well for the rest of the campaign.

How the day played out:


Level 1:

What could have been.

Last year King’s opted not to play against other local middle school teams, so Coupeville’s undefeated 8th grade squad never got the chance to match-up with the high-flying Seattleites.

This year, with a new format where 7th and 8th graders mix and match across three teams, the Wolves got their crack, and came dangerously close to pulling off the KO.

Up 25-16 late in the third quarter, CMS fell prey to a late barrage of three-balls and couldn’t quite hold on in what turned into a 41-28 defeat.

The loss evens Coupeville’s record at 1-1 on the season, and is the only time the Wolves face King’s during their 10-game schedule.

After Wednesday’s battle royal, CMS hits the road Jan. 19-20 to face Sultan and South Whidbey.

Showing no fear whatsoever, Coupeville’s top squad came out and won the tip, thanks to the long arms and big hops of 7th grader Savina Wells, then went right at King’s.

Wells scored all of her team’s first quarter points, dropping eight on a pair of free throws followed by three rampages to the hoop.

On all three trips, she went over, under, or around King’s defenders, while on the move, before slapping home the ball with the kind of conviction and precision rarely seen at the middle school level.

While the Wolves trailed 9-8 at the first break, thanks to King’s nailing a three-ball right before the buzzer, the game felt like a draw.

And it stayed that way, literally, as the teams fought through a defensive brawl of a second quarter, emerging knotted up at 12-12 when the halftime break arrived.

Wells added another bucket on a coast-to-coast romp, while fellow 7th grader Madison McMillan came up big in the paint, yanking down a rebound and going back up strongly for the put-back.

If King’s thought Coupeville was a one-woman team, though, they got a wake-up call in the third quarter.

Lauren Marrs and Brionna Blouin, 8th graders who live to knife foes by raining down three-balls, went bonkers coming out of the break, each banging home a pair of treys.

Both of Blouin’s bombs were classic rainbows fired from the top of the arc, while Marrs got creative.

On her first three-ball, she pulled up from somewhere out in the parking lot and ripped the bottom of the net out with an absolute laser, prompting mom Emili to fire off high-fives to everyone in sight.

Not content to wow the masses just once, Marrs capped a 10-0 Wolf run with a trey which took 17 bounces as the ball hit every part of the rim and the backboard, shot straight up, then did a backward somersault through the net.

That staked CMS to a 25-16 lead, sent the CMS faithful into hysterics, and shook the King’s coaching staff to its core.

But, the private school snipers haven’t been paying to play AAU ball for years just to roll over at the first sign of trouble.

Give King’s credit.

It weathered the storm, fed the ball to its best player, the “Queen of Flops,” on a regular basis, and when she wasn’t taking graceful swan dives to the floor at the slightest contact, she was a rebound-ripping, big-bucket-scoring beast.

Her teammates patrolled the outer ranges, draining three-balls off of kick-outs, and King’s closed the third quarter on a 9-0 streak to tie things at 25-25, before dominating in the fourth.

Coupeville’s shooting touch took a slight vacation across the game’s last seven minutes, with the Wolves unable to hit a field goal in the final frame.

While the game didn’t end quite the way the Wolves wanted, they exited with nothing to hang their heads about, having pushed a superior opponent hard from opening tip to final buzzer.

Wells finished with a team-best 12 points, giving her 32 through the first two games of the season, while Marrs (7), Blouin (6), McMillan (2), and feisty point guard Lyla Stuurmans (1) also scored.

Allison Nastali and Desi Ramirez also saw floor time, and both provided a nice spark on the defensive end of the floor.


Level 2:

The day’s closest game, as Coupeville’s second squad fell 25-14 in its season opener.

The first foe on the schedule this year was Northshore Christian, which has only one team.

Because of that, neither Coupeville’s #2 or #3 team had been in a live game until Wednesday.

And the tilt with King’s was close.

Toss out the third quarter, when the visitors forced a string of turnovers during a 10-2 surge, and the deficit would have been just 15-12.

CMS started a bit slowly, getting just a Grey Peabody bucket — off of a nice inbounds pass from Katie Marti — during a 9-2 first quarter.

But flip the page to the second quarter, and the game took a big swing.

Trailing 11-2 after King’s swished a pullup jumper to open the frame, the Wolves turned up the defensive heat and it paid off.

Unleashing defensive ballhawks Kaitlyn Leavell and Taylor Brotemarkle, who got scrappy and then some, hitting the floor hard in pursuit of loose balls, CMS kicked its offense into high gear.

The wolves closed the half on a 7-0 run, with Reese Wilkinson banging home a pair of buckets in the paint after overpowering her defender down low.

Toss in another Marti to Peabody basket, again off of a well-executed inbounds lob, and Coupeville was clicking.

While their shooting touch cooled down a bit during the halftime break, the Wolves got more scoring in the fourth from Peabody, as she used a variety of moves to rack up a team-high nine points.

Wilkinson added four and Marti slipped a free throw through the twines to round out the scoring.

Aby Wood, Kayla Arnold, Issabel Johnson, Brotemarkle, Skylar Parker, Jada Heaton, Leavell, and Chloe Marzocca also saw floor time as CMS coach Alex Evans spread out the minutes.


Level 3:

Coupeville’s third squad was also making its season debut, and while the final score of 34-7 would seem fairly lopsided, you can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore the heart shown by a collection of Wolf girls who are mostly brand-new to the game.

Heaton, one of the few CMS players on the floor with any prior experience, led the way, dropping in a team-high three points and playing spirited defense.

She rattled home Coupeville’s lone first half point, netting a free throw as her team fell behind 18-1.

To their credit, the Wolves played strong defense in the second quarter, limiting King’s to just a lone basket.

The third quarter was the closest frame of the game, with Bryley Gilbert, Alena Osborne, and Heaton all banking in buckets for CMS.

Kassidy Upchurch, Shayla Town, Devika Vogelsang-Puente, Aubrey Blitch, Pamela Morrell, and Gabriella Becktell also saw floor time for the Wolves, with all showing hustle, scrappiness, and a burning desire to learn.

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Mollie Bailey is one of 10 active players on the Coupeville High School girls basketball career scoring chart. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Who scored more? Sherry (Bonacci) Roberts (left) or Aimee (Messner) Bishop? The answer awaits below.

As I obsessively chart individual varsity basketball scoring totals for Coupeville High School players, the girls have been somewhat easier than the boys.

That’s largely because the girls program has been around a lot less years, debuting in 1974, while the boys kicked off things way back in 1917.

Which doesn’t mean things are perfect.

That 1974-1975 season has evaded me so far, as the school yearbook and the Whidbey News-Times combined to record diddly and squat.

The late Wallie Funk, WNT Sports Editor of the time, is an ink-stained legend, and truly deserves all the accolades.

But he had one screaming blind spot, and that was he apparently had little desire to write about female athletics.

Over time, things got better bit by bit, and thanks to newspaper stories, school yearbooks, and coaches who held on to their scorebooks, I have been able to pull together a pretty complete scoring chart.

Is it 100%?

Nope, as there are a couple of small quibbles with seasons in the 2000’s, to go along with that AWOL 1974-1975 campaign, but we’re pretty darn close.

So, with a couple of key seasons from the ’50s (and pretty much all the ’20s and ’30s) missing for the boys, the Wolf girls chart is definitely closer to being the final word.

With that in mind, a look at the 229 CHS female hoops stars who have scored in a varsity game, with numbers updated through the just-completed 2019-2020 season.


CHS girls basketball career scoring chart (1974-2020):

Brianne King – 1549
Zenovia Barron – 1270
Makana Stone – 1158
Megan Smith – 1042
Ann Pettit – 932
Ashley Ellsworth-Bagby – 892
Terry Perkins – 673
Lexie Black – 622
Kristan Hurlburt – 598
Tina Lyness – 594

Marlene Grasser – 574
Judy Marti – 545
Brittany Black – 502
Jen Canfield – 497
Erica Lamb – 497
Emily Vracin – 467
Tina Barker – 464
Vanessa Davis – 448
Lindsey Roberts – 448
Maureen Wetmore – 438

Sarah Powell – 425
Mika Hosek – 424
Cassidi Rosenkrance – 423
Ashley Manker – 404
Shawna West – 388
Katie Smith – 374
Whitney Clark – 359
Amy Mouw – 353
Tracy Taylor – 350
Kailey Kellner – 339

Amanda Allmer – 331
Misty Sellgren – 331
Taniel Lamb – 330
Marie Grasser – 321
Mia Littlejohn – 317
Amanda Fabrizi – 299
Scout Smith – 290
Bessie Walstad – 288
Hailey Hammer – 282
Madeline Strasburg – 261

Carly Guillory – 260
Sarah Mouw – 259
Julie Wieringa – 252
Danette Beckley – 249
Chelsea Prescott – 249 (**Active**)
Marlys West – 247
Kendra O’Keefe – 244
Breeanna Messner – 235
Hilary Kortuem – 231
Ema Smith – 228

Mikayla Elfrank – 227
Annette Jameson – 223
Beth Mouw – 216
Lisa Roehl – 216
Linda Cheshier – 210
Pam Jampsa – 202
Julia Myers – 202
Kim Warder – 193
Kacie Kiel – 188
Stephanie Clapp – 185

Kassie Lawson – 184
Heather Davis – 182
Jaime Rasmussen – 181
Trudy Eaton – 180
Heidi Bepler – 179
Jodie Christensen – 174
Aimee Messner – 168
Danielle Vracin – 167
Sherry Bonacci – 165
Marie Hesselgrave – 165

Marilyn Brown – 164
Hayley Ebersole – 163
Yashmeen Knox – 163
Traci Perkins – 161
Suzette Glover – 159
Jai’Lysa Hoskins – 151
Jennifer Bailey – 150
Emily Young – 149
Vanessa Bodley – 146
Joli Smith – 142

Jennie Cross – 140
Taya Boonstra – 132
Sarah Burgoyne – 126
Christi Messner – 125
Kayla Lawson – 124
Avalon Renninger – 123
Cheryl Dunn – 119
Hannah Davidson – 116
Jill Whitney – 116
Sarah Wright – 115

Laurie Estes – 114
Debbie Snyder – 113
Tiffany Briscoe – 111
Lauren Escalle – 109
Sally Biskovich – 108
Kara Harvey – 108
Kalia Littlejohn – 106
Kyla Briscoe – 104
Kelly Snyder – 104
Sue Wyatt – 100

Lupine Wutzke – 98
Monica Vidoni – 97
Christine Barr – 95
Lauren Grove – 95
Babette Owensby – 93
Toni Thiefault – 92
Maddie Georges – 86 (**Active*)
Jennifer Pettit – 85
Laura Young – 83
Marnie Bartelson – 81

Cheryl Pangburn – 79
Courtney Arnold – 78
Tonnalea Rasmussen – 78
Sharon Jolly – 75
Amanda Manker – 73
Beth Cavanaugh – 72
Wynter Thorne – 68
Rachelle Solomon – 64
Lindsey Sherwood – 61
Ann Kahler – 60

Chelsea Rosenkrance – 59
Judy Wallace – 58
Rose Marti – 57
Izzy Wells – 57 (**Active**)
Jean Wyatt – 57
Jennifer Eelkema – 55
Christine Larson – 53
Courtney Boyd – 52
Kari Johnson – 52
Erin Ryan – 52

Nicole Shelley – 50
Traci Barker – 49
Paige Mueller – 49
Stephanie Kipp – 48
Lynn Wilson – 47
Andilee Murphy – 46
Janiece Jenkins – 43
Meghan Metlow – 43
Tia Wurzrainer – 43
Jessy Caselden – 41

Karen Jampsa – 40
Jennifer Meyer – 40
Jill Keeney – 39
Suzanne Enders – 38
Mandi Murdy – 37
Shawn Diem – 35
Min Powell – 35
Lauren Rose – 32
Tammie Hardie – 31
Shannon Rutledge – 29

Taylor Sherman – 29
Anna Myhr – 28
Kirsty Croghan – 27
Lori Friswold – 27
Sarah Vass – 27
Tina Jansen – 26
Kim Stuurmans – 26
Kathy Jolly – 25
Shelby Kulz – 25
Carolyn Lhamon – 24 (**Active**)

Melissa Cox – 23
Haley Marx – 23
Anya Leavell – 22 (**Active**)
Lori Hart – 21
Allison Wenzel – 21
Courtney Williams – 21
Aleshia McFadyen – 20
Nancy Dyer – 18
Dina Lanphere – 18
McKenzie Bailey – 17

Carol Estes – 17
Kristina Clark – 16
Dawn Clampet – 15
Nicole Laxton – 15
Mollie Bailey – 14 (**Active**)
Lindsey Tucker – 13
Jeannette Fixel – 12
Tammy Shubat – 12
Nikki Snyder – 12
Kelly Ankney – 11

Naomi Prater – 11
Michelle Riddle – 11
Audrianna Shaw – 11 (**Active**)
Emily Wodjenski – 11
Alyssa Kelley – 10
Zarah Leaman – 10
Kylie Van Velkinburgh – 10 (**Active**)
Toni Hudson – 9
Georgie Smith – 9
Cindy Bennett – 8

Susan Estes – 8
Ami Garthwaite – 8
Eileen Hanley – 8
Keri Iverson – 8
Kristine Macnab – 8
Michelle Smith – 8
Carlie Rosenkrance – 7
McKayla Bailey – 6
Lexi Boyer – 6
Rhiannon Ellsworth – 6

Debbie Johnson – 6
Grace LaPoint – 6
Skyler Lawrence – 6
Corrin Skvarla – 6
Janie Wilson – 6
Katy Bennett – 5
Penny Griggs – 5
Ja’Kenya Hoskins – 5 (**Active**)
Marissa Slater – 5
Denise McGregor – 4

Jessica Sherwood – 4
Kara Warder – 4
Christina Mowery – 3
Samantha Roehl – 3
Ashlie Shank – 3
Jamie Townsdin – 3
Brenda Belcher – 2
Rusty Brian – 2
Carol Davis – 2
Lisa Davis – 2

Nicole Fuller – 2
Cathy Higgins – 2
Nezi Keiper – 2 (**Active**)
Daisy Kent – 2
Katie Kiel – 2
Charlotte Langille – 2
Tracy Barber – 1
Amy Biskovich – 1
Corinne Gaddis – 1

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Avalon Renninger is one of four CHS seniors who played their final basketball game Tuesday night. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Scott Fox (left) led the Wolf girls to a 12-7 record in his first year at the helm.

Maddie Georges, who was the #3 scorer for Coupeville as a freshman, is one of 10 varsity players who can return next season.

The rain (of three-balls) was a pain.

A scrappy Coupeville High School girls basketball squad played visiting Meridian even in the second and fourth quarters Tuesday night.

But it was the first and third quarters, when the Trojans bombed away for six of their nine successful three-point shots, that stung, and stung badly.

Dropping death from the skies, the very-young, very-quick, very-physical, very-good team from Bellingham was ultimately too much for the Wolves, handing them a 52-24 loss.

The defeat, Coupeville’s second in as many days to a Northwest Conference school, eliminates them from the district playoffs.

The Wolves finish 12-7.

Coupeville and next-door neighbor South Whidbey were eliminated on the same night, as the Falcon girls fell 53-17 at Mount Baker.

With the CHS boys having been KO’d Saturday, and neither Oak Harbor hoops team making the playoffs, the South Whidbey boys are the last team from The Rock still playing.

While Tuesday’s final score sounds lopsided, it was a huge improvement from Coupeville’s loss Monday at Nooksack Valley.

The Wolves, led by four seniors playing in their final game in a CHS uniform, were within 11 points early in the third quarter, and never backed down against a really-strong Meridian squad.

In the early going, Coupeville struggled to convert from the field, largely thanks to in-your-face and then some defense from the ultra-aggressive Trojans.

The Wolves only first quarter points came at the free throw line, while Meridian dropped in a trio of three-balls en route to opening up a 17-5 lead by the first break.

Things didn’t get much better as the second quarter dawned, with the Trojans swishing their fourth and fifth treys to shove the margin out to 23-5, but then Coupeville found its groove.

Scout Smith netted her team’s first field goal, some 10 minutes-plus into the game, when she ripped a ball loose, then beat a pack of rivals down the court.

It was the start of a 10-4 run for Coupeville, with Smith, Anya Leavell, Carolyn Lhamon, and Maddie Georges all scoring.

The prettiest play came thanks to Smith and Leavell, as the wily senior led a fast-break, then slid a pass between defenders to her sophomore teammate for a breakaway layup.

The grittiest play was right before the break, as Georges, a freshman who is primed to inherit the point guard position from the departing Smith, went the length of the court for a bucket while being hammered around the head and shoulders.

Hannah Davidson opened the third quarter, sliding a free throw through the twines to pull the Wolves within 27-16, but then things fell apart for a good stretch.

It wasn’t that Coupeville played badly in the third.

You have to give credit to Meridian, which did what top-level teams do. They stepped up and dropped a haymaker.

Or a couple.

Closing the quarter with a 17-0 game-busting surge, fueled by three more three-balls, the Trojans put a stamp on the game, simply overpowering their opponents.

The Wolves fought to the end, however, playing Meridian to an 8-8 tie across the fourth quarter, with four different players notching a point.

The biggest cheer of the night came very late in the game, when senior Tia Wurzrainer, celebrating her birthday, pulled up on the move and hit nothing but net on the final jump shot of her stellar prep hoops career.

While the loss ended Coupeville’s season, first-year head coach Scott Fox had nothing but positives to carry away as he and his players exited.

“We fought really hard, and played so much better than last night,” he said.

“Our seniors played their hearts out. They were our backbone and our leaders,” Fox added. “I couldn’t be more proud of those girls.”

Smith, Wurzrainer, Davidson, and Avalon Renninger played together from middle school through their senior seasons, with Davidson making a brief detour to California before returning to Cow Town.

A tight-knit bunch, they will be remembered most for their hearts and hustle, which were second to none.

Playing in her final basketball game, Smith led the Wolves with seven points, and notched one final personal highlight.

With her performance Tuesday, Scooter finishes with 290 varsity points, sliding past Bessie Walstad (288) to claim 37th on the Wolf girls basketball career scoring chart, which dates back to 1974.

Davidson banged home five points in support, with Georges (4), Leavell (2), Chelsea Prescott (2), Wurzrainer (2), Lhamon (1), and Audrianna Shaw (1) also scoring.

Prescott finishes her junior season with 249 career points, tying her with Danette Beckley at #44 on the all-time list.

Renninger, Mollie Bailey, Kylie Van Velkinburgh, and Izzy Wells also saw floor time, while Nezi Keiper, recovering from an injury, and team managers McKenna Somes and Ja’Kenya Hoskins round out the 2019-2020 Wolf varsity.


Final (unofficial) season scoring stats:

Scout Smith – 148
Chelsea Prescott – 110
Maddie Georges – 86
Hannah Davidson – 74
Avalon Renninger – 64
Izzy Wells – 46
Tia Wurzrainer – 25
Carolyn Lhamon – 24
Anya Leavell – 18
Audrianna Shaw – 11
Kylie Van Velkinburgh – 10
Mollie Bailey – 6
Nezi Keiper – 2


To see more photos from Monday’s playoff game in Nooksack Valley, pop over to:


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Hannah Davidson and her fellow seniors will get another game at home. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

CHS coach Scott Fox discusses strategy with his team.

They took a few shots to the rib cage, but are still standing.

The Coupeville High School girls basketball team absorbed a 61-15 loss at Nooksack Valley Monday in its district playoff opener, but lives to play another day.

Now 12-6 on the season, the Wolves, the #3 seed from the North Sound Conference, host Meridian (10-12) Tuesday in a loser-out game.

Tip-off is 7 PM.

The Trojans, the #4 team from the Northwest Conference, beat Sultan 65-34 in a play-in game Feb. 8, then were nipped 42-36 Monday by NSC #1 King’s.

A loss Tuesday in the CHS gym is a season-ender for either team, while the winner is guaranteed two more playoff games Feb. 13 and 15.

Win at least one of those two, and you advance on to bi-districts, a step away from the state tourney.

To see the playoff bracket, pop over to:


Monday night was a rematch, with Coupeville facing a team it lost to by 22 points in a non-conference game right before winter break.

Things were rougher this time around, as the Wolves fell behind 19-3 after the first eight minutes and never recovered.

A ball-hawking Nooksack defense pressured Coupeville into multiple turnovers and the Pioneers converted their extra chances into quick, game-busting buckets.

Up 34-9 at the half, the host team continued to stretch the lead out from there.

Holding Coupeville scoreless in the third quarter, Nooksack carried a 46-9 advantage into the final frame, then continued to run wild with its backups in the game.

The Pioneers finished with three players in double figures, led by McKenna Wichers, who banked in a game-high 14 points.

Kora Larsen and Maya Galley added 11 apiece.

“We ran into a buzz saw,” said CHS coach Scott Fox. “They played stifling defense and precision offense.

“It started off ugly and we couldn’t get anything started. Congrats to them!”

With the game out of control and another playoff bout hurtling towards them in less than 24 hours, Fox rested his starters early, giving his back-ups a chance to play quality minutes in the crucible.

Anya Leavell came off the bench to lead Coupeville’s scoring attack with eight points, while fellow sophomore Audrianna Shaw chipped in with four.

Tia Wurzrainer (2) and Avalon Renninger (1) also scored, while Scout Smith, Chelsea Prescott, Hannah Davidson, Mollie Bailey, Izzy Wells, Kylie Van Velkinburgh, Carolyn Lhamon, and Maddie Georges saw floor time for the Wolves.

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Issabel Johnson leads off a collection of CMS girls basketball pics. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Taylor Brotemarkle looks for an open teammate.

Grey Peabody

Coupeville’s Level 1 squad, which opened with a big win.

Lauren Marrs ponders launching a long three-ball.

Kassidy Upchurch

Brionna Blouin gets a bucket in the paint.

Lyla Stuurmans prepares to drop some rough ‘n tumble old-school defense on anyone foolish enough to challenge her.

A new season dawns.

The Coupeville Middle School girls basketball program kicked off the 2020 campaign Thursday, and wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken was there to capture the action.

The pics seen above are courtesy him, but are just a small portion of all he shot.

To see everything captured by his camera, and possibly purchase some memories, pop over to:


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