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The race is on.

Four candidates filed this week to run for positions on the Coupeville School Board, while one current director did not file for re-election.

Christie Sears, who is currently board president, left Position 1 up for grabs, and Leann Leavitt and Chic Merwine have stepped into the void.

Meanwhile, Alison Perera, who was appointed in December to replace Glenda Merwine, who resigned citing health concerns, will run to retain Position 4.

Her rival in the election is David Ford.

Current board members Nancy Conard, Sherry Phay, and Morgan White are not up for re-election this time around.

The cutoff to file was Friday at 4:00 PM.

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Morgan White and Nancy Conard’s election to the Coupeville School Board was certified Tuesday. (Photo courtesy White)

It’s 100% official.

The Island County Auditor’s office certified the general election Tuesday, and with that, the Coupeville School Board has two new members.

CHS grads Morgan White and Nancy Conard won contested races to fill open seats, while incumbent Sherry Phay, who was running unopposed, was elected to a second term.

The trio join Christine Sears and Glenda Merwine, with the new lineup scheduled to have its first meeting in December.


Final numbers:


Sherry Phay — 2,990 votes (100%)


Nancy Conard — 3,366 (74.08%)
Paul Rempa — 1,178


Morgan White — 3,104 (68.90%)
Ward Sparacio — 1,401


To see Island-wide results, pop over to:

Click to access Current_Results.pdf

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It’s 99% official.

With the release of vote totals Friday afternoon, the Island County Auditor’s office has almost reached the end of its duties with the current election.

With the fourth update, 30,270 ballots have been counted, and the “estimated ballots left to count” sits at zero.

Now, all that remains is for the election to be certified Nov. 23.

All three Coupeville School Board races have been decided by a wide margin, guaranteeing no need for a recount.

That means Sherry Phay, who ran unopposed for a second term, will be joined on the board by Nancy Conard and Morgan White, Coupeville grads who handily defeated their opponents.

Current board members Christine Sears and Glenda Merwine were not up for reelection this time out.

The seats won by Conard and White were previously held by Kathleen Anderson and Venessa Matros, who both chose not to run again.

Anderson, who was board president, passed away in September.


Current numbers:


Sherry Phay — 2,974 votes (100%)


Nancy Conard — 3,350 (74.07%)
Paul Rempa — 1,173


Morgan White — 3,090 (68.91%)
Ward Sparacio — 1,394


To see Island-wide results, pop over to:

Click to access Current_Results.pdf

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Morgan White (left) has a sizable lead in her school board race. (Photo courtesy Corinn Parker)

Another day, another step closer.

The third release of vote totals by the Island County Auditor’s office show Morgan White, Nancy Conard, and Sherry Phay maintaining sizable leads in their bids to be elected to the Coupeville School Board.

There have been 25,460 ballots counted county-wide through Thursday night, with an estimated 3,800 left to go.

That second number remains in flux, as additional ballots with valid postmarks may still arrive.

Until they’re actually counted, it’s also not known how many of the remaining ballots will affect Central Whidbey races, or instead be from voters residing on North or South Whidbey.

With Coupeville’s school board races, Phay is running unopposed for a second term.

Conard and White stretched their leads by 361 and 346 votes, respectively, between Wednesday’s numbers and Thursday’s update.


Current numbers:


Sherry Phay — 2,764 votes (100%)


Nancy Conard — 3,091 (74.11%)
Paul Rempa — 1,080


Morgan White — 2,868 (69.39%)
Ward Sparacio — 1,265


To see Island-wide results through Thursday night, pop over to:

Click to access Current_Results.pdf

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Coupeville graduates Morgan White and Nancy Conard have large leads in the race for election to the school board.

Day two results reinforced day one.

The voters have spoken and Morgan White, Nancy Conard, and incumbent Sherry Phay are likely winners in the race for the Coupeville School Board.

The trio will join Christine Sears and Glenda Merwine.

Phay, who was running unopposed for a second term, has 2,158 votes as of Wednesday night’s second release of totals by the Island County Auditor’s office.

The other two races showcase Coupeville grads who have gone on to make major contributions in their hometown community.

White, a business owner and mother of two children attending Coupeville schools, leads businessman Ward Sparacio 2,207 to 950 votes.

Conard, who was town mayor for two decades, and also held multiple positions in the Coupeville school district, including Business Manager, is rolling against internet crank Paul Rempa.

Her opponent essentially vanished from the race after being called on the carpet publicly and privately for lies about his service (or lack thereof) with Central Whidbey Fire and Rescue.

Conard, who is helping raise her granddaughter, a freshman at Coupeville High School, is ahead 2,427 to 777.

White has won 69.91% of counted votes, with Conard sitting at 75.75%.

That’s a slight bump upwards from day one, when the duo stood at 69.44% and 75.51%, respectively.

There have been 20,887 ballots counted through Wednesday night, and the next update will be released Thursday, Nov. 4 at 6 PM.


For updated totals, pop over to:

Click to access Current_Results.pdf

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