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They’re giving back in multiple ways.

Having scrambled to pull off a successful virtual event during the Age of Coronavirus, organizers of Race the Reserve announced Tuesday they will award a scholarship to a graduating Coupeville student.

The $500 needs-based grant is in addition to the $9,500 the annual event brought in for the CHS Class of 2021.

Students applying for the scholarship have until April 30, 2021 to submit an essay and informational cover sheet.

Those applying will be asked two questions:

**Describe a time where you had to overcome adversity or a challenge in your life.

**Why do you feel the scholarship should be awarded to you?

The scholarship will be given to a graduating senior who has been accepted and will be attending a two-year or four-year college or university, technical school, or vocational school.

All essays will be sent anonymously to an independent panel from the community, with no affiliation to the school, who will read and determine the recipient.

Panel members will have no idea who wrote the essays, as they will only carry a number, and not a name.

The winner will be announced during the traditional CHS senior awards night, with a check made out to the recipient’s future school.

For more information or any questions, students should contact the school counselor.

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