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Coupeville Middle School teacher/coach Erin Locke is helping her students stay busy during the state-wide school shutdown. (Photo courtesy Locke)

Erin Locke can’t work with her students face-to-face right now, but she’s still teaching.

The Coupeville Middle School PE guru and volleyball coach is one of many on the outside looking in as Washington state schools go through at least a six-week shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Locke is still preaching hard work and staying in shape, and she’s jumped to the internet to interact with the world.

So, grab your socks, your music, and get to work.


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Hannah Benway (John Fisken photo)

Hannah Benway (John Fisken photo)

No one gets a workout at a Coupeville High School softball game like Hannah Benway.

The bubbly freshman is always on the fly, charging out of the dugout and running down every foul ball, near or far, huge smile on her face as she retrieves even the hardest-to-find yellow softball.

“I told her some of the other girls can share the job, but she just looks at me and says, nope, I got it,” CHS coach Kevin McGranahan said with a chuckle. “Great kid!”

Benway, who is playing softball for the first time, greatly enjoys diamond life.

“I started playing softball because I’ve loved watching baseball, and I wanted to get out on the field and play,” she said. “And baseball wasn’t open to girls so I went for the next best thing, softball.

“The team work, the game itself, and running after the foul balls,” she said with a laugh. “Because I can’t play (varsity) I like getting the fouls.”

Benway continues to work on all aspects of her game with the same devotion she shows to shagging foul balls.

“I really want to work on my fielding and base running,” she said. “Getting on varsity, becoming a better player, hitting as many balls as I can, and catching everything that comes to me.”

When she’s not around the diamond, Benway bounces from activity to activity, brightening up the world everywhere she goes.

In school she enjoys guitar, choir, science, math and history and loves music in all its facets.

“I love playing my guitar, singing, and being in choir,” Benway said. “My favorite songs to play on my guitar are: Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, Viva la Vida by Coldplay, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and all the church songs.”

She’s an audio visual tech at her church, and helps keep things humming along during services and other events.

A huge part of her success, in sports and in everyday life, has come from absorbing the teachings of friends and family, and she holds them dearly.

Lisa Hoagland, whom I’ve known since preschool, has helped me so much with battling my freshman year, along side my mom,” Benway said. “And Tim Keil, who died last year, but when he was here always had the best advice for me and he had great life lessons for me.

“My family and friends have had a big impact on me,” she added. “My dad, mom, brother, sister, and my best friend James.

“Mom, dad, and James have helped me become who I am because of how much they love me. They’ve taught me valuable life lessons.”

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