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Kathleen Anderson’s legacy will live on at her old stomping grounds.

The Coupeville School District is naming its board room in honor of the late school board president, a decision approved at Monday night’s meeting.

Anderson, who died in September 2021, “was a pillar in the local and state education system for over 40 years,” said Coupeville Superintendent Steve King.

She began her life in education as a teacher, before serving twice on the Coupeville School Board.

Anderson’s first run was from 1980-1989, then she returned to serve from 2004 until her passing.

She was also on the State Board of Education for 15 years, while becoming that board’s first female president.

“As a school district and state board member, Director Anderson was known as someone who always prioritized what was best for students,” King said.

He hailed Anderson’s expertise in capital projects and her advocacy for “educating the whole child through career and technical education, athletics and activities.”

Along with her time on various school boards, Anderson also served on state-level committees and was involved in collective bargaining which “improved working conditions for staff.”

Coupeville School Board Director Nancy Conard, who made the motion on Monday’s vote, was a student in Anderson’s first class as a teacher.

The school district plans to purchase a memorial plaque in Anderson’s honor and will hold a celebration at a later date.

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Kathleen Anderson

Coupeville School Board President Kathleen Anderson, who was an exceptionally-strong advocate for education, has passed away.

After 14 years on the Washington State Board of Education, she was appointed to Coupeville’s board in January, 2004.

Anderson won re-election four times, in 2005, 2009, 2013, and 2017.

After initially filing for the 2021 race, she removed her name from consideration and announced her impending retirement.

Anderson graduated from high school and college in Iowa, later moving to Whidbey Island.

She had been the organist at Coupeville’s United Methodist Church since 1963, and both of her children graduated from Coupeville High School.

Through the Videoville years, then my time writing Coupeville Sports, I found Kathleen to be a kind, deeply-caring woman.

She always had a smile and a gentle word for me when we passed each other in life, and I greatly admire the time and commitment she gave to her community, and the children who grew up in it.

My deep appreciation for her has been echoed this afternoon on social media.

A post on the Methodist Church Facebook page drew heartfelt sentiments from two other very-kind Coupeville women I have also known since the Videoville days.

“So sorry to hear this. She was such a sweetheart,” wrote Janet Rojas. “May she rest in peace.”

“I loved her dearly,” added Barb Cope. “This makes me so very sad.

“Rest in peace, dear friend.”

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