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NAS Whidbey is laying down the law.

With COVID-19 infections having spiked in Island County the past two weeks, bigwigs at the Island’s largest employer are firmly reminding their subordinates to mask up, maintain social distancing, and wash your grubby lil’ fingers.

Earlier this week, the Island County Health Department released a statement which said:

“There have been 44 new cases of COVID-19 between Sept. 9 and Sept. 25, 2020.

This is a significant increase from case rates in late August and early September.”

Friday afternoon, CDR Tim “Oz” Oswalt, Executive Officer at NAS Whidbey, issued his own follow-up statement:

In the last two weeks, COVID-19 infections across Island County and on NAS Whidbey Island have increased at a greater rate than at any time during the summer.

It is absolutely imperative that everyone follow the proper hygiene protocols on and off base to curtail this spread.

If the trajectory of this spread continues the base will be forced to impose restrictions and close services.

Please help us avoid taking those actions!

Contact tracing has indicated that congregations of people are a major causal factor in the local spread of the coronavirus, especially those activities where people remove their masks, such as at restaurants and in smoke pits.

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An Air Force Globemaster III plane flies over Coupeville Friday. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Onward and upward.

A pair of Growlers from NAS Whidbey were out in front of the cargo planes.

You can feel the Earth rumble just by looking at the photo.

The skies above Coupeville were filled with an extra-loud roar Friday.

Two United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft from the 62nd Airlift Wing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord joined the usual EA-18 Growlers in our airspace.

The bigger planes rumbled over the WhidbeyHealth Medical Center in a pre-planned salute to health care workers who continue to stand tall during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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And then the post-midnight commute got a bit longer. (John Fisken photos)

And then the post-midnight commute got a bit longer. (John Fisken photos)

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!"

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”

Traffic was unusual Saturday night in Oak Harbor.

For anyone out and about after midnight, instead of tailgating an RV lurching from side to side or Aunt Martha doing 12 MPH in a 40, you might have found yourself stuck behind a large airplane.

Driving, not flying.

The Navy was moving its PBY-5A plane, which I’ve nicknamed Sir Reginald of Chutney (cause I feel like it) from the Seaplane Base to its new home right across from the new PBY museum on Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor.

Out and about at that hour (drink Diet Coke all day and you’ll be up all night…) was John Fisken, who clicked the photos above and was nice enough to pass them on.

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