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Tim Ursu has scored four different ways this season — pass reception, rush, kickoff return, and punt return. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Scott Hilborn is a scoring threat anytime he touches the ball. (Jackie Saia photo)

They like living in the end zone.

Five games into the season, the Coupeville High School football team has scored 26 touchdowns en route to posting a 4-1 record.

The Wolves have split the scoring load between seven players, with Dominic Coffman (4), Daylon Houston (2), Johnny Porter (2), Logan Downes (1), and Aiden O’Neill (1) all chipping into the effort.

But there’s a titanic twosome leading the way, as seniors Tim Ursu and Scott Hilborn have hit paydirt eight times apiece.

Ursu has snagged five TD passes, while also scoring once on a run, a punt return, and a kickoff return.

Hilborn counters with six scores as a rusher, one through the air, and one off of a kickoff return.

Coupeville has four regular season games left and seems intent on picking up a playoff tilt or two.

That should give Hilborn and Ursu a chance to make a run at putting together some of the best scoring seasons in the Coupeville Sports era, which runs from 2012-2022.

Who are they chasing? Well, in Hilborn’s case, it’s himself.


Most TDs 2012-2022:

Josh Bayne — 25 TDs in 2014
Hunter Smith — 14 TDs in 2016
Scott Hilborn — 12 TDs in 2021
Sean Toomey-Stout — 10 TDs in 2018
Jake Tumblin — 10 TDs in 2012
Bryce Fleming — 9 TDs in 2012
Jake Tumblin — 9 TDs in 2013


And one fun fact.

Even though Josh Bayne was unstoppable in 2014, he does NOT own the school’s single season record for collecting either rushing or receiving touchdowns.

He ran for 15 scores, and snagged another 10 through the air that year, but the CHS marks of 16 TDs on the ground and 11 through the air belong to Ian Barron and Hunter Smith, respectively.

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Gavin Knoblich finished second in touchdowns and points, third in receiving yards and fifth in tackles for Coupeville football this season. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Welcome back to contentious corner, for the final time.

Tracking football stats is a tricky business, especially when multiple people are recording said info.

So, as I present the season-ending stat totals for Coupeville High School’s gridiron squad, keep in mind, I’m just the messenger.

I can stand behind some stats (touchdowns, PATS, interceptions, etc.) with rock-solid faith.

With a few others which involve yardage or tackle totals, I understand the arguments on both sides, but this is what I have been given.

If there’s someone out there with more football knowledge than me, and a HUDL password, feel free to go review the last nine weeks of film and tell me what you see.

Until then, here’s our best guess.


CHS football stats (final):




Dawson Houston 53-95 for 637 yards with 5 TDs
Shane Losey 7-16 for 64 yards
Sean Toomey-Stout 2-2 for 35 yards


Toomey-Stout 20 receptions for 284 yards
Dane Lucero 10-131
Gavin Knoblich 11-96
Losey 7-81
Matt Hilborn 7-48
Derek Leyva 2-47
Jake Pease 3-33
Ben Smith 1-13
Gabe Shaw 1-3


Toomey-Stout 143 carries for 1095 yards
Hilborn 30-148
Losey 28-102
Chris Battaglia 13-63
Andrew Martin 15-54
Xavier Murdy 6-28
Gavin Straub 7-24
Leyva 8-15
Lucero 3-10
Alex Turner 6-8
Smith 1-(-3)
Houston 29-(-78)

Total Yards (Rush/Pass/Rec):

Toomey-Stout 1414
Houston 559
Losey 247
Hilborn 196
Lucero 141
Knoblich 96
Battaglia 63
Leyva 62
Martin 54
Pease 33
Murdy 28
Straub 24
Smith 10
Turner 8
Shaw 3


Toomey-Stout 10
Knoblich 2
Battaglia 1
Hilborn 1
Houston 1
Losey 1
Pease 1


Murdy 4
Leyva 2


Hilborn 1
Knoblich 1
Pease 1


Toomey-Stout 60
Knoblich 14
Hilborn 8
Pease 8
Battaglia 6
Houston 6
Losey 6
Murdy 4
Leyva 2




Turner 86
Toomey-Stout 70
Lucero 39
Martin 35
Knoblich 33
Losey 30
Battaglia 29
Hilborn 26
Ryan Labrador 25
Matt Stevens 20
Pease 12
Gavin St Onge 12
Isaiah Bittner 5
Leyva 5
Murdy 5
Brian Casey 4
Miles Davidson 4
Straub 4
Cameron Dahl 2
Shaw 2
Smith 2


Toomey-Stout 2
Hilborn 1
Knoblich 1
Martin 1

Fumble recoveries:

Toomey-Stout 2
Hilborn 1
Knoblich 1
Labrador 1
Leyva 1
Pease 1
Turner 1

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   Three generations of star Wolf quarterbacks, finally caught together on film. From left to right, Brad Sherman, Hunter Downes and Corey Cross. (Lisa Jenne photo)

Three men, of different eras, all linked by the uniform they wore and the touchdowns they threw.

If you look at the Coupeville High School record board, Corey Cross, Brad Sherman and Hunter Downes share a line, tied for the most touchdown passes in a single game by a Wolf quarterback.

The magic number is four, and was first accomplished by Cross in 1971.

Three decades later, Sherman matched the mark, doing it twice during the 2001 season.

Jump forward 15 more seasons, and this time, it was Downes dropping a quartet of scoring bombs during a road game in 2016.

Sherman was on the sideline, calling the plays for Downes as the CHS Offensive Coordinator, and with his help, the young gun claimed a second mark, this one for career TD passes, during his senior season in 2017.

The holder of that career mark? Sherman … who had originally taken it away from Cross.

Three legends, forever linked.

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