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Andreas Wurzrainer, seen here with daughter Tia and wife Lisa. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Barricade the parking lots! The foodies are coming!!

The Coupeville School District’s food service program, headed up by Andreas Wurzrainer, has been spotlighted on the US Department of Agriculture’s web site.

Cow Town is in there punching with school districts from Colorado, Georgia, West Virginia, and Oklahoma.

In their write-up, the USDA hails Coupeville for using “homemade, scratch cooked” food and stresses the success of its meal box setup.

To see the full story, pop over to:

COVID-19 School Meal Spotlights | USDA-FNS

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Natalie (Slater) Maneval

Natalie (Slater) Maneval

Katelyn and

Maneval’s children, Katelyn and Dylan, have followed their mom into the sports world.

old school

Old school Natalie.

Be the star, but don’t let it go to your head.

That’s the lesson former Coupeville High School softball sensation Natalie (Slater) Maneval would like to pass on to the next generation of Wolves.

A four-year letter winner and MVP and captain of the team her senior season — she also lettered three years as a volleyball player — the Class of 1994 grad received All-League honors and has a collection of medallions from her high school sports days.

But she also has the humility to know that others helped her achieve her accomplishments and that no one appreciates a diva.

“Never be a cocky player. It’s OK to be when you are out of school and your kids want to know how you played,” Maneval said. “Be nice to your peers and if you’re in the popular crowd, be nice to everyone.

“Have much with those that aren’t in your group once in awhile because, at one point in your life as a kid, you were probably friends with them,” she added. “Study hard and take your classes seriously.”

Maneval, much like twin sister Marissa (Slater) Dixon, greatly enjoyed the three years she spent at CHS. The pair transferred from Oak Harbor after their freshman year.

“I always enjoyed pep assemblies at CHS. I was selected many times to participate in a competition against the other classes. Maybe because I was well liked and an athlete?,” she said. “And our class was a close group of friends.”

She hopes to be remembered as “just a nice person and a small, tough athlete,” and fondly remembers her time on the diamond.

“My favorite sport was softball. Being a team captain and a starter for three years,” Maneval said. “I played left field and second base as a starter for either position, until my senior year, then I moved to shortstop and my best friend wasn’t playing well and coach moved me there during the game and I made a double play the first play.

“I made the newspaper many times for both my sports,” she added. “I sure do miss playing!!!”

An older teammate took her under her wing and provided invaluable guidance, as did her longtime softball coach.

“The person I looked up to was Linda “TC” Cheshier. She was an amazing ball player and I played the same sports,” Maneval said. “She mentored me when I made varsity volleyball my sophomore year and she was a senior. She and I still keep in contact.

“Coach Tom Eller was my coach all my years and I loved him!!!”

After high school, Maneval went on to play softball for two years at Skagit Valley College, then followed that up with rec ball until becoming a mom. She currently coaches her daughter’s team and is the vice president of her town’s softball program.

Always about more than just sports, she worked for the USDA for a decade as a Child Nutrition Specialist, monitoring child day care homes.

Since then Maneval has morphed into a substitute teacher and a personal trainer (picked as one of the best in her state), all while juggling the responsibilities of being a mom to two precocious children, Dylan (12) and Katelyn (9).

In her spare time she stays active, playing football with a team made up of moms to earn money for the local youth football program.

“It’s a lot of fun!!!”

Much like their mom, her children have been athletes since they were old enough to walk.

Dylan has been playing baseball since age three, playing on a U10 All-Star team at age nine in 2013 that went on win a district title and place second in the state.

Katelyn, who Maneval describes as “my clone, the younger me,” has played softball, soccer, basketball and gymnastics and is currently practicing with a select softball program.

While she is thrilled to see her progeny succeed, Maneval is not a stage mom, pushing them relentlessly.

While offering some guidelines, she has allowed her children to find their own ways as athletes, and delights that they are growing up to be similar to her in how they approach the game.

“I have never forced my kids to play and won’t let them when their grades fall,” she said. “I am very excited and a proud mom that my kids love their sports and are good teammates.”

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