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Madison McMillan is a three-sport athlete with a very bright future. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Madison McMillan is in a unique position.

As she prepares to enter Coupeville High School as a freshman this fall, the three-sport star already knows what it’s like to be a high school athlete.

McMillan was one of seven 8th grade girls who played above their grade level last year, helping a CHS hoops program which struggled with low numbers.

Given an extra, early season of high school basketball, she tallied 33 points across five JV games in a pandemic-altered season, finishing second on her squad in scoring.

McMillan powers in for a bucket. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Not content to stop there, McMillan quickly moved to the softball diamond, capping her final season in little league by being a homerun-bashing supernova — first for Central Whidbey’s juniors squad, then for an All-Star team which finished fourth at the state tourney.

Along the way, she crushed an out-of-the-park dinger which brought back memories of previous Coupeville sluggers like Hailey Hammer and Veronica Crownover, who both went on to have legendary four-year runs on the high school diamond.

Toss in volleyball, and McMillan plans to be a busy bee during her high school days, playing year-round.

“As long as my grades are good!,” she said with a laugh.

McMillan is part of a tight-knit group of talented young Coupeville athletes who have grown up together, uniting as teammates and friends.

“My most favorite thing about being an athlete is playing the sport with friends and winning and losing as a team,” she said.

“I also love the sense of competition between teams, because both teams want to win.”

McMillan, who enjoys history and English classes when in school, tabs sports classics A League of Their Own and Miracle as her favorite films.

Ready to drop the hammer. (Jackie Saia photo)

Her love of sports has led her to embrace the idea of being a three-sport athlete, which is huge at a small school like Coupeville, which needs as many players as possible.

“My favorite sport really depends on the season,” McMillan said. “Like, if it was the fall, my favorite sport would most likely be volleyball.

“Or, if it was spring and summer then it would be softball, when winter would be basketball,” she added. “So I’m pretty fortunate to have a sport for each season.”

As she has grown as an athlete and young woman, McMillan has had many mentors, with her grandparents, Gordon and Nancy, standing out.

“My grandpa definitely had the greatest influence on not only my sports career, but my life as well,” McMillan said. “He coached the tee-ball team I was on, and rookies.

“And along with my grandma, he comes to cheer every single game, no matter what sport it is.

“And jokes if I play college sports he and my grandma will buy a trailer and drive to each game.”

McMillan and Teagan Calkins celebrate as they roll to another win. (Jackie Saia photo)

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