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Abby Hamilton

Abby Hamilton

Mission accomplished.

Coupeville High School freshman Abby Hamilton joined the Wolf cheer squad for friendship and has found her hopes fulfilled.

“This is my first year and I started because I thought I would make more and new friends and because I thought it was fun!,” Hamilton said. “I enjoy being with everyone and having a lot of fun with them.

“And being able to get out and actually doing something fun after school and during the summer!”

The friendships she has made in the build-up to the regular season has had an immediate difference in her outlook on life.

“All of my cheer sisters have impacted me by a lot,” Hamilton said. “By telling me that I can get through this and that I CAN do it.”

Hamilton also credits her family for their support, with one close relative getting a special shout-out.

“My mom, she has always been there when I had tough times in my life,” Hamilton said. “She is like my best friend and I love her for it.”

When she’s not working on cheer routines, the Wolf frosh can usually be found off somewhere being creative.

“I really enjoy art,” Hamilton said. “That’s like my getaway when I have tough times.

“And I also love music, all types of music.”

While CHS classifies cheer as an activity and not a sport, Hamilton and her teammates know the effort, hard work and skill their vocation requires.

Call it what you will, but respect the commitment.

“I would tell them that cheerleaders actually work hard to accomplish their routines and cheers and that we do a lot of physical activity like running and doing extreme workouts,” she said.

“We are just like the football players,” Hamilton added. “We get out there and we work hard and we do the best we can.”

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