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Same great food, new place to get it.

Coupeville’s Connected Food Program is altering where high school and middle school students and parents will pickup weekly meal boxes.

Forget about coming in off of S. Main and pulling up in front of the high school entrance.

Instead, use Terry Road and slide into the lot in front of the middle school entrance.

The handy-dandy photo seen above should make the transition clear.

The change goes into affect next Wednesday, October 28.


For more info on the Connected Food Program, pop over to:


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"What do you mean no more birthday stories?!?!" (John Fisken photo)

“What do you mean no more birthday stories?!?!” (John Fisken photo)

Hey, you still get cake, and that’s all that matters, am I right?

Effective today, I’m tapping out on one small part of Coupeville Sports, and that’s writing up birthday stories for Wolf athletes.

It’s not personal, just the opposite.

What started as a one-time thing for a kid who I’ve known all their life turned into a regular part of the blog, and I’m glad I did it.

But, after much thought, I have to take a break.

For two reasons.

One, birthdays and the Hall of Fame are the two side projects which take the most time and effort from me, and I’m choosing to put the focus on the inductions right now.

Secondly, and this is the bigger reason, it’s become harder to make sure every Wolf athlete gets their just due.

I use Facebook to keep me alerted on birthdays, but not every CHS athlete is on the site, and, if they are, I’m not connected to each and every one of them.

Which means people are being missed, and, while I personally know they weren’t intentionally frozen out, it would be easy, and understandable, for the athlete whose birthday goes unmentioned to feel that way.

Driving by CHS and seeing someone’s birthday plastered on the rock outside the gym, realizing that birthday was three days before, and knowing I never wrote a story (cause I had no clue) is a little dispiriting.

That kid is working just as hard, or harder, than the athletes who have gotten stories and if they feel like they got ignored or slighted, I wouldn’t argue the point.

So, as of today, no more birthday stories here on Coupeville Sports.

I will certainly wish you happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter (and probably go a little further for those who I actually have some history with) or say something in person.

It just won’t happen here on the blog itself.

Which will free me up a bit to do more feature stories about the very same athletes, focus on the Hall and watch old episodes of Top Chef when I should be writing.

OK, mostly watch Top Chef

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