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Greenbank Farm's Santa dispenses holiday joy.

Greenbank Farm’s Santa dispenses holiday joy.

Cheerful? Outgoing?

Have a hankering to take your Christmas spirit to the next level and work with the Big Man himself?

Excellent. Your time may have come.

Lovers of all things holiday are being called on to step up and consider donating a bit of their time to take on the persona of an elf and work with Greenbank Farms’ Santa-in-residence as he dispenses holiday cheer through this holiday season and beyond.

Santa will be sitting from 11-1 every Saturday at the Greenbank Farm until Christmas, as well as hosting three 45-minute parties at 10 AM Dec. 6, 13 and 20.

Eager elfs can pick up volunteer hours and a gig that can be included on a resume, particularly if the participant is a drama student.

Appearance of prospective elfs should be “small in stature, nimble, but not frenetic in movements. Clad in colorful, loose-fitting androgynous clothing that is both modest and exotic in design; e.g. pointy-toed shoes/slippers, crown-like cap with attached elf ears, fur fringe, bells and/or other dangling/glittering items like stars, pom-poms, etc.”

Rules of behavior include an ability to be “extroverted in a mildly effeminate manner, but outwardly calm and speaks in a soft voice, especially to children. Buoyant, positive, cheerful, friendly, talkative, inquisitive. Especially interested in children from infancy through 8-10 years old.”

Outgoing and personable helps, as well. Previous experience working with children is highly valued.

Children at the parties will receive a party favor bag with his/her name on it which includes a candy cane, several chocolate coins, a finger puppet and a non-religious wooden tree ornament craft activity that includes mini-markers.

Kids will also get their photos taken with Santa and get some one-on-one time to discuss their holiday-related concerns.

Serious about gettin’ your elf on? Send an email to whidbeysanta@gmail.

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Mckenzie and Caleb Meyer, seen here at an earlier Color Run, show you what's in store for runners Saturday. (Jodi Crimmins photo)

Mckenzie and Caleb Meyer, seen here at an earlier Color Run, show you what’s in store for runners Saturday. (Jodi Crimmins photo)

Your pertinent info.

Your pertinent info.

Wolves and Falcons can unite in a haze of color Saturday.

Greenbank Farm will be hosting the Falcon “Color Chaos” 5K run/walk, with proceeds going to benefit Coupeville and South Whidbey’s combined youth football and cheer teams.

You can register online at http://www.active.com/greenbank-wa/running/races/falcon-color-chaos-5k-run-walk-2014?int= or in person up through the start of the race at 9 AM.

For all the pertinent info, head back up and look at the second photo.

The youth football program currently features 15 players, 11 cheerleaders and four coaches who call Coupeville home.

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