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Wolf Nation’s newest lil’ dumpling, Bear Manuel Rojas. (Photo courtesy Janet Rojas)

How can you say no to a cute lil’ baby?

You can’t.

Wolf Nation has a chance to help some of its own by joining a meal train for Joe and Reghan (Campbell) Rojas as they celebrate a happy ending to a dangerous situation.

The Coupeville grads, who both hail from families with deep local roots, have added a third son to the clan, but his arrival came with unexpected difficulty.

Reghan experienced a uterine rupture during labor, and the complications caused by that kept their newest child in the intensive care unit for a week.

To the delight of all, lil’ Bear Manuel Rojas got stronger with each day and is now home with his parents and two older brothers.

Bear, who checked in at 21 inches and a healthy nine pounds, eight ounces, gets his middle name from grandpa Manny Rojas, who played multiple sports for CHS back in the day.


To join the meal train, pop over to:


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