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Flooding threatens store inventory at The Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville.

Buy a book online, help keep a local business afloat.

The Kingfisher Bookstore, which is located on the water side of Front Street in Coupeville, was one of the hardest hit by flooding Tuesday.

“It has been a hard, sad day,” store owners wrote on Facebook.

“A combination of tide, wind, rain and snowmelt led to six inches of seawater in our lower level this morning.”

Neighbors, friends, and others have rallied to help The Kingfisher, and other businesses affected by the onslaught of weather.

“We are so grateful to all the community members, some complete strangers, who came out to help with pumps in the morning, hauling truckloads of wet books out and setting up fans and heaters in the afternoon, and finally sandbags in the evening to try and keep the water out tomorrow morning,” the owners wrote.

“We can never thank you enough for your hard work, high spirits and hugs.”

One very easy, effective way to help The Kingfisher in its time of need is to place online orders, which can be done by jumping to the store website:



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