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Liquid sunshine once again prevents Leni Raduenz and her fellow Wolf netters from having a chance to play. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Round two goes to Mother Nature.

Friday’s rematch between Coupeville and South Whidbey on the tennis courts has been postponed thanks to the never-ending drizzle blanketing Western Washington this spring.

The non-conference match between the Wolves (3-1) and Falcons will not be rescheduled.

Coupeville will try again Tuesday, May 10 when it hosts Friday Harbor in the regular season finale.

A win in that match clinches the Northwest 2B/1B League title for the Wolves.

CHS opens postseason play May 20, when it sends two singles players and two doubles teams to the District 1/4 tournament in Tumwater.

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Sophie Martin whacks a tennis ball on a much-drier day. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mother Nature said no, ma’am.

With rain falling all day Thursday, Coupeville High School’s season-opening home girls tennis match against South Whidbey has been postponed.

It will be rescheduled at a later date, said CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith.

For now, the Wolves turn their eyes (and rackets) to Mar. 23, when they’re set to travel to Oak Harbor — weather willing.

Vivian Farris works on her forehand.

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The rain fell mainly in Sultan, at least Monday afternoon. (Photo by David Svien)

Some infields are built to withstand the ravages of the rain.

The one at Sultan High School, not so much.

Even as a baseball game went on right next door Monday, the Coupeville High School softball team was denied a chance to get a league win through no fault of its own.

The Wolves got out of school early, hopped the Clinton ferry, traveled down a rainy, car-packed freeway, charged off the bus, bats at the ready, and almost immediately had their hopes dashed.

While the actual amount of liquid sunshine coming out of the sky wasn’t Earth-shattering, the condition of Sultan’s field was less than stellar.

Three nicely-sized divots, one between first and second base, the other two between second and third, were full of water, and the rest of the infield was a squishy mess.

As he wandered by, CHS coach Kevin McGranahan arched an eyebrow ever so slightly.

“This ain’t happening…”

Give the man a prize, cause he nailed it.

After a brief bit of discussion between the coaches and umpires, the game was tabled, and the two teams split up and put in brief practice sessions on the non-dirt part of the field.

For Coupeville’s players, it gave them a chance to stretch out their arms and legs before clambering back on the bus for the drive home.

And, with McGranahan agreeing to let them hit Panda Express on the way back, the Wolves were off to scamper through the rain drops, hauling in fly balls and holding group sing-a-longs.

In another small “win,” the game will also be transformed from a road affair to a home game, giving Coupeville fans that much more softball to watch live in person.

Before the bus rumbled out of the parking lot, the two school’s Athletic Directors had conferred and rescheduled Monday’s game, moving it to May 3.

It will now be part of a doubleheader on Coupeville’s Senior Night.

Game one (the one postponed Monday) kicks off at 3 PM that day, then farewell festivities for the 14 seniors involved (four from CHS, 10 from SHS) will be held, before the regularly-scheduled game caps things.

And what about me, you ask?

I got a nice dinner at Claim Jumper’s out of the trip, courtesy Coupeville parents, so I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

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Bree Daigneault celebrates a well-played point.  (John Fisken photos)

Bathed in (brief) sunshine, Kameryn St Onge is ready to rock the world.

Valen Trujillo strides into another winner.

Tia Wurzrainer feels the love.

   And then the rain returns, though Zoe Trujillo remains locked-in regardless of the weather.

A wet spring continues to bedevil the Coupeville High School girls tennis squad.

Tuesday’s Olympic League showdown with Klahowya was halted mid-match when bright sunshine turned into a downpour in mere seconds.

A half hour later? The sun was back but the Eagles were well on their way home.

The match will be finished when the two teams meet Apr. 27 in Silverdale.

Unless it rains that day, too…

It was the third straight match affected by the liquid sunshine.

A trip Monday to North Kitsap was called off, then bumped to Thursday.

That comes on the heels of last Friday, when the Wolves had just boarded the ferry to travel over to Chimacum when the cancellation call came.

Tennis has been stung the hardest of any CHS sport by the damp spring weather.

While baseball has played 12 games, soccer 11 and softball nine, tennis is lagging far behind with just five completed matches.

Heck, even track is ahead of the netters now, having competed in six meets.

The constant rain-outs are creating a backlog for the Wolf netters.

If weather permits, they’ll travel to Kingston Wednesday, then North Kitsap Thursday.

Next week, CHS is scheduled to play 4.5 matches in four days — Monday (Friday Harbor) and Tuesday (Chimacum) at home, Wednesday (South Whidbey) and Thursday (Klahowya) on the road.


To see more photos from Tuesday’s match (purchases fund college scholarships for CHS student/athletes), pop over to:


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   Sophie Fürtjes didn’t get to play a tennis match Friday, but she did celebrate a birthday. (John Fisken photo)

The spring of our discontent continues.

Another day, another rain-out, but this one was slightly more irritating.

The Coupeville High School girls tennis team was already on the ferry Friday afternoon, anticipating the beat-down they were going to inflict on Chimacum, when the call came that their match was being postponed.

Since it’s a league match, every effort will be made to reschedule.

Weather permitting, the Wolves (1-0 in Olympic League play, 2-3 overall) will play three days in a row to kick off next week.

Coupeville has road non-conference matches at North Kitsap Monday and Kingston Wednesday, wrapped around a home match Tuesday versus league rival Klahowya.

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