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High school stadiums across Washington state will light up this Friday to honor senior athletes. (WIAA photo)

So, it’s back on.

This Friday, April 17, schools across Washington state plan to honor senior athletes who had spring sports erased by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At 8:20 PM (20:20 military time for the Class of 2020), schools including Coupeville will fire up their stadium lights and let them burn for 20 minutes.

The event was previously announced, then bumped by worries it would violate Governor Jay Inslee’s Stay at Home order.

The thought was it would happen in May or later.

Apparently, things are OK now, as the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is leading the promotion of the event.

But, and we want to stress this, in the words of Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith, this is “a drive-by event, not a come and sit at the stadium event.”

Senior athletes and their families, or supporters, are invited to swing past the CHS stadium (behind the Elementary School on S. Main) between 8:20 and 8:40, honk, then go back home.

While staying in your cars!

Mark the moment, honor the seniors, but be freakin’ responsible.

PS — Idle too long in your car, or get out and mill about, and guys in HazMat suits will tase you, bro. Seriously.

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Coupeville’s stadium will light up April 17 to honor senior athletes. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)


This event has been postponed at all sites until the Governor’s Stay at Home order is lifted.


The lights will blaze one more time for Coupeville High School senior athletes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced school closures and cancelled spring sports, but the Wolves and their counterparts across the region will still be honored.

And it’s going to come in a unique fashion, as schools plan to turn on their stadium lights Friday, April 17.

The event starts at 8:20 PM (20:20 military time), and lights will remain on for 20 minutes.

During this time, seniors and their families are encouraged to drive by and honk, while remaining in their vehicles at all times.


PS — If you leave your vehicle, CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith, wearing a Hazmat suit, will tase you, bro. 

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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   Coupeville High School’s new COVERED grandstand. Ignore the oddly constructed press box and it’s a beaut. (Scott Losey photos)

A covered roof! In Coupeville!! Bless you.

   The back side, just waiting for a large “read Coupeville Sports” banner to be hung.

That press box and … it’s covered, man, covered. Let it go!

Consider me 97.4% impressed.

After a two-year wait, Coupeville High School officially has brand-new grandstands fully installed at Mickey Clark Field.

The thought that we’ll be able to watch football and soccer games or track meets on COVERED stands is revolutionary here in Cow Town.

Now, being the whiner I am, I could carp about a couple of things.

First, timing, man, timing.

Of course the new grandstands are officially done … a week AFTER the last home football game.

But, there’s a roof, so no worries.

Second, are you really leaving the bottom open like that, with no netting or barrier, so every loose ball can roll under the stands, stretching out soccer games just that much more…

But, there’s a roof, so no worries.

And third, and to the whiny sports blogger, the only one which deeply matters.

Who thought it was a great idea to have two medium-sized (if we’re generous) windows with a big chunk of wall in the middle in the front of the press box?

Have you EVER seen a press box without one long window running the full length?

No, no you have not.

But, since I know CHS Athletic Director Willie Smith and stadium clock master Joel Norris have big issues with those same windows, I kind of figure things may change for the better before soccer returns to the pitch this spring.

And hey, there’s a roof, so there’s that.

Small steps, David, small steps.

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