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Dawson Houston flings it downfield. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Dawson Houston lived in every world.

The 2020 Coupeville High School grad was that rarity, an athlete who found success in vastly different environments.

On the one hand, he was a two-year starter at quarterback for the Wolf football team, the leader of a squad which broke an epic run of frustration by achieving a winning record his senior season.

Coupeville hadn’t posted a positive mark on the gridiron since back around Dawson’s kindergarten year, but led by their veteran gunslinger, they stood tall in the fall of 2019.

Winning four of five at one point, while traveling near and far, the Wolves finished 5-4.

That included road wins in far-flung outposts like Vashon Island, Kittitas, and Tenino, as well as a solid victory against 2A Anacortes.

Not bad for a 2B-sized school in its final season of being forced to play in the 1A division.

Capping his prep career in style, Dawson was the calm center for Coupeville as it flashed back to gridiron glory not seen since the olden days of 2005.

Eyes glinting behind his glasses, the kid could gun the ball downfield, breaking off several successful long bombs during the season.

But he was smart enough to know when to play it cool, when to get the ball into Sean Toomey-Stout’s hands or Andy Martin’s mitts, and let his game-busters shred the defense.

Dawson, ambling along like the small-town cowboy he is, had the drive and passion, but also a genuine calmness under fire, and it seeped out to all his teammates.

He also had a huge smile on his face most days, and a surprisingly firm handshake for a high school guy.

As he and his teammates trotted out of the locker room, Dawson always took a moment to welcome the media to his field, a low-key, friendly dude even when his emotions were likely pinging all over the place prior to kickoff.

That carried over to how he treated his teammates.

While he had some key accomplishments of his own, Dawson’s happiest moments on the football field all seemed to come when someone else achieved their dream, often with his help.

As a senior leader for the Wolves, he shared the field with younger brother Daylon, a freshman, and saved his biggest celebration for when his sibling booted an extra point after big bro had plunged into the end zone for a CHS touchdown.

As a senior, Dawson shared the field with younger brother Daylon (3), as well as Ben Smith. (Deb Smith photo)

But here’s where the story takes a somewhat unexpected turn.

Dawson, a football player through and through, also found great success as a … cheerleader.

Oh, it’s true.

After years of only being a sideline squad, the Wolves returned to the world of competitive cheer and shocked folks by immediately claiming 3rd place at the state meet in early 2019.

Skip forward a season, and Coupeville coach BreAnna Boon was looking for more.

So, she convinced Wolf football stars Gavin St Onge and our man of the moment, Dawson, to make the leap into a whole new world.

With added strength, the Wolves could increase the degree of difficulty on their stunts, and they soared.

All the way to Disneyworld.

With Dawson helping lift and fling his new teammates, the Wolves bypassed state and made it all the way to nationals.

As they did, they showcased what a mixed roster of girls and boys can accomplish on the competition cheer mats, perhaps sparking the continued evolution of the CHS cheer program.

Dawson also found success as a competitive cheerleader alongside (l to r) Ja’Tarya Hoskins, Emily Fiedler, and Melia Welling. (BreAnna Boon photo)

A trailblazer and a leader, plus a pretty talented courtesy clerk at the local grocery store, Dawson exited high school life as a genuine winner.

Today, he takes another step, entering a new dimension, one he’s fully earned.

With doors flung wide open, we welcome Dawson to the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame.

After this, if you wander past the Legends tab at the top of the blog, you’ll find him hanging out there, shoulder to shoulder with the great QB’s and cheerleaders of the past.

One man, two worlds, always a class act.

Senior Night with the family. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

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Ben Smith was one of five Coupeville High School football players to both score a touchdown and pick off a pass this season. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sean Toomey-Stout led CHS with seven touchdowns.

So, this isn’t 100% complete.

Let’s just get that out of the way from the start.

But, that being said, it’s better than nothing.

The Coupeville High School football team rolled to a very-respectable 5-4 record this season — posting the first winning mark by a Wolf gridiron squad since 2005, if you didn’t hear that fact the first 100,000 times I mentioned it.

Here’s where I’d like to present a flawless accounting of stats for the whole year, but, for a lot of different reasons, I don’t have those numbers.

What I do have are the stats I was able to keep track of personally – some of the big ones like who scored, how they scored, and how often they scored.

Like I said, it’s better than nothing.

So here you go:


Passing TD’s:

Dawson Houston – 9


Receiving TD’s:

Sean Toomey-Stout – 5
Gavin Knoblich – 4


Rushing TD’s:

Andrew Martin – 5
Dawson Houston – 3
Sage Downes – 1
Dakota Eck – 1
Scott Hilborn – 1
Ben Smith – 1


Defensive TD’s:

Toomey-Stout – 1


Return TD’s:

Toomey-Stout – 1


Total TD’s:

Toomey-Stout – 7
Martin – 5
Knoblich – 4
Dawson Houston – 3
Downes – 1
Eck – 1
Hilborn – 1
Smith – 1



Daylon Houston – 9



Dawson Houston – 2
Martin – 2



Toomey-Stout – 42
Martin – 34
Knoblich – 24
Dawson Houston – 22
Daylon Houston – 9
Downes – 6
Eck – 6
Hilborn – 6
Smith – 6



Toomey-Stout – 4
Eck – 3
Hilborn – 2
Sage Downes – 1
Joven Light – 1
Smith – 1

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Scott Hilborn is one of 11 freshmen on a 24-man CHS football roster. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Seniors Dawson Houston (with ball) and Gavin Straub have grown into leaders for the Wolves.

It’s a year of transition.

The Coupeville High School football team faces several obstacles now, which could pay off big-time down the road.

Or, at least that’s the hope.

The Wolves, coming off a 3-6 record, play an independent schedule this fall, and will do so with a roster where freshmen account for 11 of 24 players.

As the CHS gridiron squad rebuilds under second-year coach Marcus Carr, school officials decided to pull the football program from the 1A North Sound Conference this year.

With Coupeville expected to drop down to 2B in the next classification counts, that gives the Wolves a chance to avoid powerhouses like King’s and Cedar Park Christian, while facing teams they better match up with.

The September schedule pits CHS against the same four teams it opened against last year — Port Townsend, Vashon Island, Friday Harbor, and La Conner.

The Wolves opened 2018 with a strong 3-1 showing against that lineup, then tailed off once conference play began.

This time around, Coupeville is also matched up against Kittitas, Northwest Christian (which is new to football), Anacortes (which killed its varsity program due to a lack of older players), and Interlake.

The lone North Sound Conference foe the Wolves retain is next-door neighbor South Whidbey, which keeps the annual clash for The Bucket alive.

Opting for an independent schedule was a path Coupeville’s arch-rivals took two years ago, and the Wolves are hoping for similar success.

Playing a mix of 2B and Canadian schools, South Whidbey surged to a 7-2 record in 2017, filled out its roster considerably, then claimed a playoff spot last season in the debut year for the North Sound Conference.

For Coupeville to make the playoffs as an independent team it has to go undefeated — something last accomplished by the Wolves in 1990.

But while making the postseason this fall is a long shot, the chance to grow the Wolf roster and build confidence among young players is huge.

“We want to improve our win/loss record,” Carr said. “We have 11 freshmen, so getting them game experience and confidence (is the goal).

“We also want to see better execution on the offensive side of the ball.”

The Wolves are transitioning to a spread offense, which means “timing between the QB’s and receivers is very important.”

Dawson Houston returns for his second season as Coupeville’s starting quarterback, and his primary targets will be fellow seniors Sean Toomey-Stout and Gavin Knoblich.

Toomey-Stout, listed as a wide receiver after playing running back previously, was a First-Team All-Conference player as a junior on offense, defense, and special teams.

One of the stars of a viral video in which a wayward deer became his lead blocker as he returned a punt for a touchdown, “The Torpedo” remains one of the most-explosive players to ever pull on a CHS uniform.

Knoblich, who gives Houston a tall target with sure hands, was a Second-Team All-Conference pick at tight end during his junior campaign.

Senior running back Andrew Martin, fond of bustin’ heads as he rumbles for yardage, and senior linebacker Gavin Straub, who had a strong performance at spring camp, are among other key players.

Also back in action are senior Gavin St Onge, junior Ben Smith, and sophomores Isaiah Bittner, Gabe Shaw, and Brian Casey.

Junior Dakota Eck, who played for Coupeville through middle school, returned to town last spring, and rejoins the Wolves.

New to the CHS gridiron program are senior Austin Galletta, sophomore Cole Hutchinson, and, in somewhat of a huge, yet very positive, surprise, the largest freshman class in recent memory.

Coupeville’s middle school football program shut down mid-way through last season, due to a lack of healthy players.

Now it’s been disbanded for good, and replaced with a boys soccer team which will make its debut this fall.

But, thanks to a combination of middle school players who hung on through the tough times, and others who are new to the school or football program, Coupeville is flooded with 9th graders.

And it’s a group which will likely get a lot of playing time right away.

Skills players Scott Hilborn (RB, S) and Daylon Houston (CB, WR, K), as well as lineman Josh Upchurch, Kai Wong, and Kynel Hart are already making names for themselves, while their fellow frosh are all looking to make a big splash of their own.

Dominic Coffman,Timothy Ursu, Joven Light, Kevin Partida, Nick Armstrong, and Cameron Epp round out the current roster.

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Coupeville senior QB Dawson Houston came out firing Wednesday as Wolf football opened fall practice. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Gavin Straub, ready to lay some fools out.

Joven Light tracks an incoming ball.

Scott Hilborn slides between the rain drops.

Ben Smith gets hyper-focused as he hauls in a catch.

Led by Houston (middle), the Wolves run through offensive plays.

Timothy Ursu sprints for freedom.

Josh Upchurch anchors the line.

The rain returned, and so did football.

With liquid sunshine splashing down on the prairie Wednesday, the Coupeville High School football team opened fall practice, effectively kicking off a new school sports year.

The Wolves opened with two practices on day one, and the pics seen above came from the morning session, as wanderin’ cameraman John Fisken avoided the rain drops.

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Gavin Knoblich grabs a little rest before heading to the practice field. (Photos by Deb Smith)

Gavin Straub (left) and Dawson Houston both had strong performances at a four-day football camp in Tenino.

“Put us in, coach!”

Brian Casey watches from the sidelines.

The finest in water-dispensing technology.

Back to work they go.

Three days in, and still ready to rumble.

CHS head coach Marcus Carr (far right) dispenses wisdom.

Mission, accomplished.

The Coupeville High School football squad returned to the Island Sunday, after a very-successful appearance at the four-day, 10-team T90 Camp in Tenino.

Touchdown passes were tossed, fumbles were recovered, and lessons were learned under the day-time sun and night-time lights.

Fall practice begins a month from today on Aug. 21, with the season-opener against Port Townsend set for Sept. 6 in Coupeville.

Until then, some photos from camp to tide you over.


And a quick slice of Touchdown Time:

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