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Nothing dims Genna Wright’s smile. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Genna Wright is a prodigy.

Springing from a family of athletes, the youngest one in the bunch might be the most talented one.

Which is saying a lot when all of your siblings, and your parents, have a heapin’ helpin’ of natural talent mixed with a burning desire to excel.

Owner of one of the sunniest personalties in Coupeville, Genna has rare star quality.

She looks the part. She acts the part.

Whether you’ve known her for years or merely walk past her for the first time, one glance and you know there’s something special about Wright.

She’s got that whole Matthew McConaughey, laid-back surfer personality going on, but there’s never been a doubt she is driven to be the best at everything she attempts.

Even as a young athlete, her love of competition was obvious.

Over the past six years, as she played numerous sports as a middle school, then high school athlete, I’ve witnessed more than one Genna Wright.

I’ve seen her in happier moments — mobbed by teammates after scoring, or lounging with prairie buddy Mollie Bailey, two very-personable young women delighting in friendship and inside jokes.

And I’ve seen Genna in some of her lowest public moments — dealing with the rawness of a season-ending loss, or trying to come to terms with a brutal injury.

Through it all, her spirit, her love of life and those closest to her, her uncanny ability to light up the world around her, have never lagged.

That injury, which cost her an entire season of soccer and a chance to claim the school’s career scoring title on the pitch, was as unfair as they come.

Blown up from behind as she charged after a ball headed for the sideline, at a moment when it wasn’t necessary, Wright shredded virtually everything important in one of her highly-talented legs.

It was a devastating injury, one which required major surgery and a long, torturous rehab.

Which she endured with great grace and admirable grit.

In public, Wright never betrayed her anger or sadness over the lost opportunities, instead choosing to become her teammate’s loudest and proudest cheerleader during her absence from the pitch.

She could have hidden away, but she embraced positivity — something which she has done every step of the way as I have documented her prep sports career.

And what a career it has been — even with the dual daggers of injury and then a pandemic.

Now a bionic woman, yet still fighting for every point.

Wright was the #1 singles player for the Coupeville High School tennis team her entire career — something not accomplished even by Wolf net legends such as Amanda d’Almeida or Valen Trujillo.

CHS coach Ken Stange looked at his irrepressible freshman, dared her to accept the mantle of greatness from day one, and then, like all of us, was wowed when Genna embraced her destiny with a grin (and a nasty forehand).

Whether playing against ritzy Seattle-based private schools, or leading the Wolves to conference crowns, Wright was money in the bank.

All around her, the fortunes of other CHS players rose and fell, through tough matches and easy walk-overs.

But then there was Wright, camped out on her own private patch of court, ripping winners, mixing in graceful parries with booming winners, and, occasionally, arching one eyebrow at dad Ron when he got particularly enthuiastic over her play.

Put her on the soccer pitch, and Genna was maybe even more amazing.

I’m not the most-knowledgable soccer aficionado, but even I could tell she’s something special with a ball on her foot, and a scared goaltender awaiting her impending arrival.

Wright could score from any angle, and, even with all the time lost to injury, still finished as the #3 scorer in CHS girls soccer history.

But she was also a great set-up artist, flicking passes through feet, leaving the ball in just the right spot for one of her teammates to benefit.

And Wright was as tough as any young woman to pull on a Wolf jersey.

Foes flung elbows at her, lashed out at her with wayward legs, did everything legal (and some things maybe not so much legal) to keep her away from the net, but Genna wasn’t here for their shenanigans.

She could bash with the best of them, and, while playing with a remarkably-clean style, was more than able to unleash a bit of the ol’ skull cracker when necessary.

“They call me the Grave Digger, Gramps, cause I bury fools.”

An accomplished student off the field, Genna — like siblings KeriAnne, Aaron, and Sarah before her — is the complete package.

Smart, tough when it matters, talented, funny, genuinely kind at all times — high-achievers who carry themselves with a quiet confidence while declining to thump on their chests while screaming about their superiority — they reflect well on parents Ron and Christine.

Falling back on one of the oldest puns in the book, they do things the … Wright way.

Today we welcome Genna into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame, where she joins Sarah in hanging out up at the top of the blog under the Legends tab.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the first or last honor the youngest Wright will receive, but it is a testament to how highly thought of she is by those who have watched her from the stands these past six years.

With some athletes, you never know what you will get from game to game.

With Genna Wright, there has never been a doubt — you will get her best each and every time out.

Buy your ticket, or go in for free, and you will see a young woman whose mere presence is a guarantee of something special.

She’s like a freakin’ ray of (very-talented) sunshine, she is.

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Mary Milnes was a CHS soccer team captain. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Freshman Ava Mitten lettered her first time out.

They had one last goal to net.

The Coupeville High School girls soccer team officially put a cap on the season Monday, handing out awards and letters at a team shindig.

Seniors Mollie Bailey and Genna Wright joined junior Mary Milnes in being honored as captains, while the latter two also received four-year awards for playing every season.


Varsity Letter Winners:

Mollie Bailey
Camryn Clark
Gwen Crowder
Noelle Daigneault
Nezi Keiper
Lily Leedy
Carolyn Lhamon
Sophie Martin
Katelin McCormick
Lacy McCraw-Shirron
Sofia Milasich
Mary Milnes
Ava Mitten
Anna Myles
Audrianna Shaw
Reese Wilkinson
Eryn Wood
Genna Wright


Participation Certificate:

Ivy Leedy

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Mollie Bailey clears the goal on Senior Night. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

End of one journey, beginning of a different one.

Three Coupeville High School soccer players — two of whom had been with the program a full four years — bowed out Friday night as the Wolves faced Mount Vernon Christian on Senior Night.

Genna Wright, Lacy McCraw-Shirron, and Mollie Bailey graduate in June, but first they got a pitch sendoff.

The pics are courtesy John Fisken, and you can see some more photos from the night by popping over to:

GS 2021-05-07 vs MVC – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


CHS seniors (l to r) Lacy McCraw-Shirron, Bailey, and Genna Wright join coach Kyle Nelson.

McCraw-Shirron, with dad Ansel Glendenning and teammate Lily Leedy.

Wright and the parental units, Christine and Ron.

Bailey and mom and pops, Donna and Rusty.

One big Wolf family.

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Coupeville girls soccer coach Kyle Nelson is already looking forward to next season — which should hopefully go down this fall. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Carolyn Lhamon is part of a talented group of underclassmen who can return.

Give credit where credit is due.

The Mount Vernon Christian girls soccer team just had a (pandemic-shortened) season for the ages.

Capping their torrid run with a 6-0 win over Coupeville Friday, the visiting Hurricanes finished with all their zeroes in the right place.

With the victory, MVC put the finishing touches on a 6-0 season in which it outscored its two foes, La Conner and Coupeville, 55-0.

That’s not a misprint.

The Hurricanes rang up 21 goals against the Wolves, winning 9-0, 6-0, and 6-0, while really reaming La Conner.

MVC thunked the Braves 9-0, 14-0, and 11-0, which is beautiful and horrifying in equal measures.

Thanks to their own 4-0 and 6-0 wins over La Conner — a third game was lost to the constant schedule shuffle of the Age of Coronavirus — Coupeville finishes 2-3 and claims second-place in the Northwest 2B/1B League.

Needless to say, La Conner, outscored 44-0 (also not a misprint) finishes last at 0-5, while Friday Harbor took a season off due to Covid concerns.

While the Wolves couldn’t stop MVC, they did slow down the fleet-footed Hurricanes for a chunk of each game.

Friday was no different, as Coupeville, celebrating Senior Night, played their phenomenal foes even for much of the first half.

“We did manage to frustrate them for the first 30 minutes, where we held them,” said CHS coach Kyle Nelson. “But, unfortunately we could not hold them off longer, and tired legs gave way.”

While he’ll lose several players to graduation, headlined by goal-scoring terror Genna Wright and dependable goalkeeper Mollie Bailey, the Wolves can return much of their roster.

“The first half gave promise to things to come in the next season with some more time to work together,” Nelson said.

While Wright’s departure takes away Coupeville’s top goal-scoring threat, the other six players to find the back of the net this season were underclassmen.

Wright, who lost her junior season to injury and saw her senior campaign greatly reduced in size by the pandemic, graduates as the program’s #3 career scorer.

Her 20 goals trails just Mia (35) and Kalia Littlejohn (33).


Final scoring stats:

Genna Wright 3
Eryn Wood 2
Carolyn Lhamon 1
Sophie Martin 1
Ava Mitten 1
Audrianna Shaw 1
Reese Wilkinson 1

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Genna Wright peppered the net Monday, leading Coupeville to a 6-0 win in La Conner. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sophie Martin was one of five Wolves to score in the victory.

In a world of extremes, the middle belongs to us.

There are only three Northwest 2B/1B League schools playing girls soccer in the Age of Coronavirus, and the disparity between those three is epic.

Mount Vernon Christian, which would be contending for a state title in a normal year, is 4-0 and has outscored its foes 38-0.

Meanwhile, La Conner, which is having a radically different kind of season, is 0-4 and has been outscored 33-0.

And then there’s Coupeville, boppin’ along at 2-2 after beating that winless La Conner squad 6-0 Monday night.

The Wolves, who close the pandemic-altered season when they host the red-hot Hurricanes Friday, have been outscored this year, but just 15-10.

While pulling off an upset of MVC on Senior Night will take considerable work, don’t count out the Wolves, who have been scrappy when facing the big dogs, and dominant when facing the cellar dwellers.

Monday Coupeville hit the road and let its legs do the talking, raining down goals from all angles.

Wolf senior Genna Wright bashed home two more scores, running her prep career total to 20, though she should have been credited with a full hat trick.

A third goal was waved off after the ref whistled her for being “offsides,” even though she started from her own half of the field — leaving CHS coach Kyle Nelson a bit bemused.

Also scoring for Coupeville were Sophie Martin, Eryn Wood, Ava Mitten, and Audrianna Shaw.

It was Martin’s first goal of the season and her fifth overall in a Wolf uniform, while Wood sits with two scores this season and three for her career.

Mitten and Shaw both found the back of the net for the first time in a CHS uniform.

“Good game all around,” Nelson said. “The defense held the clean sheet for (goalie) Mollie (Bailey), and the offense was opportunistic in their scoring.”

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