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Remember that time when Sandra Bullock gave me an autographed photo?

Cause I do.

The late ’90s was the height of the video store days — when life was cushy at Videoville — and two Hollywood productions were filmed in and around Coupeville.

Snow Falling on Cedars had James Cromwell of Babe and L.A. Confidential fame, but Practical Magic, with Sandy B. and Nicole Kidman (plus Grease legend Stockard Channing!) remains the one most people remember.

So, it’s not surprising that’s the movie which Coupeville is hailing this weekend and next with a series of events.

From bike rides to beer gardens to costume contests and pumpkin races, plus (of course) showings of Practical Magic, things will be hoppin’.

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On a side note … when are we having the celebration of 1988’s Dixie Lanes, also shot in Coupeville?

It starred Hoyt Axton, and the producers skipped town without paying their bill at Ebey Bowl.

Maybe something involving a crowd with pitchforks and torches chasing a souped-up European sports car as it zooms back towards the highway?

And on a side, side note — when is someone going to bring Videoville back so I can spend my Saturday afternoon’s playing The Apple and Bugsy Malone¬†on the in-store monitors while customers stare at the screens slack-jawed?

But I digress.

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