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Nick Guay sizes up a free throw Thursday during the CMS boys hoops season finale. (Morgan White photos)

Andrew Williams gets ready to rocket a pass cross-court.

Noted ball-hawk Cole White lunges for the steal.

You always want to end the season on a positive.

Regardless of your final record, if you can exit on a high note – be it a big win, a highly-competitive loss or just overall improved play, it has a strong chance to carry over to future seasons.

So consider Thursday night a roaring success for the three Coupeville Middle School boys hoops teams, which all closed with a bang against visiting Granite Falls.

How it played out:


7th grade varsity:

The most successful Wolf team provided the biggest finale moment, using a 19-7 run in the fourth quarter to smash open a nail-biter and run away with a 43-28 win.

The victory, the second-straight for Coupeville’s young guns, lifts their final record to 4-6.

The game was a tightly-played, and low-scoring, affair through the first two quarters, with the visitors clinging to a 10-9 lead at the half.

Things took a change after the break, however, as the Wolves started to knock down shots from behind the arc, picked up the pace, and threw the Tigers back on their heels.

A 15-11 surge in the third quarter, fueled by a pair of three-balls from Ryan Blouin, plus treys off the fingertips of Cole White and Nick Guay, changed the entire flow of the game.

Once it had the lead, CMS didn’t let up, pouring on the offense in a torrid fourth quarter.

The Wolves got all their points in the final frame from three players – Logan Downes, who banked in eight, Guay, who popped for seven, and Blouin, who kicked in four.

The buckets were set up by Coupeville’s stingy defense, with White making off with three straight steals and Zane Oldenstadt dominating his rival big men in the paint.

“Boys played well tonight!,” said Wolf coach Greg White. “It was a tight game until the fourth.

Zane played great defense on their giant post – it was a true team effort tonight,” he added. “It was a fun one to end on!”

Downes paced the Wolves with 14 points, while Blouin and Guay had season-highs, swishing home 13 and 10, respectively.

White and William Davidson added three apiece, while Oldenstadt and Mikey Robinett were rock-solid on defense.


7th grade JV:

Coupeville’s least-experienced squad didn’t get the game win, but they did score several moral victories.

First, after falling behind 14-0 at the end of the first quarter, the Wolves rallied to win a 4-3 battle in the second, and final, frame.

Also, Alex Clark netted his first bucket of the season, a big moment for both the player, and his coach.

Alex had a huge smile!,” Greg White said. “Justin (Wilkinson) and Andrew (Williams) also played really tough defense.

“Even though our scoring was limited, I thought it was a much better showing for our JV squad.”

Robinett tossed in Coupeville’s other basket, while Quinten Pilgrim, Timothy Nitta and Chris Villarreal all saw floor time.


8th grade varsity:

Playing their final middle school game, the Wolves came dangerously close to nabbing a season-closing win.

But, in the end, Granite Falls escaped with a 24-23 triumph, leaving Coupeville to finish 1-9 on the season.

The Wolves had one of their strongest performances of the season at the free-throw line, with four players combining to net eight shots at the charity stripe.

Alex Wasik, who showed tremendous growth as a player from game one to game 10, led the Wolves with seven points, notching at least a point in every quarter.

Ty Hamilton was hot on his heels, pouring in six, while Alex Murdy flicked in five, Dominic Coffman and Mitchell Hall swished two apiece and Josh Upchurch sank a free throw.

Rounding out the roster were Kevin Partida, Levi Pulliam and Jesse Wooten.

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With Catherine Lhamon out with an injury, freshman Alana Mihill was a lone Wolf in the girls cross country race Saturday at bi-districts. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Coupeville boys (l to r) TJ Rickner, Kyle Burnett, Uriah Kastner, Sam Wynn and Danny Conlisk wait at the starting line.

Burnett slashes down the trail.

It’s high noon in the photo pit, as Dawnelle Conlisk comes out firing.

CHS coach Natasha Bamberger, a state champ in ’85, watches proudly as a new generation reignites the Wolf cross country program.

Conlisk, who trained and traveled with South Whidbey in recent years, ends his senior season as captain of a complete Coupeville team.

The storied past, vibrant present and bright future of Coupeville cross country, all wrapped into one.

The red and black is back (on the trail).

Coupeville’s reborn cross country program, resurrected after a 20+ year absence, went eight runners strong in its first go-around.

Six of those Wolves were on the line Saturday in South Whidbey for the bi-district meet, and wanderin’ camera clicker John Fisken was there to document things.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And when you do, remember, any purchases help fund scholarships for CHS senior student/athletes. Circle of life and all.

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Ivy Leedy and the Wolf JV volleyball team capped a successful season with a rout of Sultan. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

They closed with a scream.

A scream of triumph and joy, yes, but also a warning to other teams – the next generation of Coupeville High School volleyball stars is here, and they’re ready to kick your fanny.

Back-to-back sizzlin’ aces off of the fingertips of freshman Izzy Wells capped the Wolf JV’s three-set sweep of visiting Sultan Wednesday, and it gave Chris Smith’s players the perfect punctuation to their season.

Riding a 25-15, 25-15, 26-24 win over the Turks, Coupeville’s next gen team finished the season 4-6 in North Sound Conference play, 6-7 overall.

The young Wolves, a work in progress, were a play or two from winning as many as nine matches this season, with a few rumbles slipping away in the final points.

That wasn’t the case on the last night of the regular season though, as CHS, with predominantly freshman on the floor in the final set, drove a stake through the heart of the Turks.

The two teams waged a tense back-and-forth affair in the final frame, with Anya Leavell rising up and giving a star performance.

She lashed a kill to stake the Wolves to an early 10-4 lead, and strong runs at the service stripe from Noelle Daigneault and Abby Mulholland sent the third set in the direction of a runaway, much like the first two frames.

Sultan fought back, however, trying to scratch out some redemption, and eventually held a set point at 24-23.

With the home crowd vocal in its support, the Wolf JV forced a side out to even things, then tossed the ball to Wells, who has been aces with her serve game all season.

One swing of the arm, two swings of the arm, and the celebration was on, as Sultan couldn’t get a finger on either of her offerings, as both serves skipped merrily by.

The late comeback capped a match that Coupeville otherwise dominated.

The opening set was all about power, with Maddie Vondrak mashing the ball, scattering Turks before her with every titanic blow.

When she wasn’t launching rockets, the Wolf sophomore showcased a complete game, flying high to stuff a would-be Sultan kill, before twirling in mid-air on another play, flicking a winner between two Turks.

Vondrak had plenty of help, as Zoe Trujillo lashed lasers from the sides, while Leavell smashed a kill from mid-court which ripped off some paint on the back line as it landed.

Coupeville was on point with its service game, as well, getting strings of points from Jaimee Masters, Lucy Sandahl and Ivy Leedy.

The second set was a virtual repeat of the first, started off with a run of aces by Sandahl, then punctuated by a stuff at the net from Kylie Van Velkinburgh and a low, screaming winner which sprang off of the palm of Masters and scorched the net as it went over.

Willow Vick pounded away at the service line to finish the middle set, and her run of four straight points ended on a perfect note.

Twirling the ball, she glanced at twin sister Raven, then fired a scorcher which slammed into the court, then exploded upward into a Sultan players face, completely knocking the hapless Turk off her feet.

Across the net, Willow Vick stamped her feet and pumped her fists while her teammates jumped in joy, providing a clear portrait of what’s likely to come in the future.

A whole lot of Wolf celebrations and a whole lot of time spent picking themselves off the floor for their rivals.

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Alita Blouin (middle) and Maddie Georges led the Coupeville Middle School 8th grade varsity volleyball squad to a season-ending win Thursday. (Suzan Georges photos)

One last afternoon on the court (until next season).

Hayley Fiedler (left) and Gwen Gustafson, part of the bright future of Wolf female athletics. (Irene Gustafson photo)

Coupeville Middle School volleyball has left the building.

After waging war with visiting Granite Falls for four-plus hours Thursday, it’s time for the CMS spikers to call it a wrap.

The Wolves closed their season in style, getting big plays, considerable fan support and a three-set thriller of a win from the 8th grade varsity squad.

The action as it played out in front of fans camped on the hardest bleachers known to humanity:


8th grade varsity:

The first time these teams met, it was in a Granite Falls gym where the temperature cracked 80 degrees.

A lot less sluggish this time around, the Wolves dominated early and late, capturing a 25-12, 19-25, 25-23 win.

In the opening 10 minutes, the match looked as one-sided as is humanly possible.

Coupeville, behind scorching serves from Allie Lucero and Lucy Tenore, tore out to a huge lead.

After Gwen Gustafson dropped a winner during a rally set off by a sizzlin’ Taygin Jump serve, the Wolves were up 17-5 and Granite looked like a team counting down the minutes until its season ended.

The Tigers eventually woke up, and rallied a bit, but all that did was light a fire under Alita Blouin.

“The Assassin,” who is going to be a very special athlete — actually she already is — is the rare Coupeville athlete who approaches every play with the intensity of a bone-cracking hit man (or hit woman).

Off the court, Blouin has smiles for everyone, but on the floor, she seems to want to watch people (metaphorically) bleed out … and it’s beautiful to watch.

Coming hot on the heels of a sweet tip winner from running mate Maddie “Mad Dog” Georges (also a pretty solid hit woman in her own right), Blouin unleashed a service ace that redefined the word nasty.

The serve abused the Granite receiver, leaving scorch marks along both arms and forever scarring her psyche.

Just to drive the point home, Blouin’s next serve skipped off a Tiger’s arm, knocked her glasses askew, then bounded away as the Wolf ace stared down Granite’s team, not a flicker of emotion on her steely game face.

When she wasn’t serving hot death, “The Assassin” was skidding across the floor, filling up the highlight reel.

On one play, Blouin slid five feet on her knees to save a ball, then promptly popped up, hustling back into place to deliver a winner on the third CMS hit on the rally.

Granite was much more effective in the second set, but the Wolves made things difficult for them.

Vivian Farris delivered a nice run on serve, Gustafson got a return to crawl up and over the net, hanging at the top for an eternity before splashing down for a point, and Georges laid out on the floor, punching a winner while sprawled.

With high school players and coaches in attendance during a break from practice next door, Tenore cracked back-to-back slicing winners, Trinity McGee rampaged from one side of the court to the other chasing down runaway balls, and the Wolves pulled off an unexpected bang-bang play.

On that one, Hayley Fiedler smashed her return of a Granite serve, but flipped her body just a hair and sent the ball right into Blouin’s face.

Reacting without thinking, Blouin jabbed her hand and somehow caught the ball a millisecond before it connected with her noggin, spinning the ball back towards Fiedler.

As both teams watched, jaws on the floor, Fiedler completed the stunning play, sending Blouin’s accidental pass back over the net, where it dropped to the floor for the most unexpected of winners.

Even with that stunner to their credit, the Wolves couldn’t ice the match in the second set, but they were more than up to the task in the final frame.

The battlin’ Lucero twins, Maya and Allie, led the charge down the stretch, mixing up booming serves with a graceful tip winner or two, while Ryanne Knoblich crushed a spike which caught the net, flipped straight upwards, then dropped in for a point.


8th grade JV:

Despite strong play from Jordyn RogersCypress Socha, Jill Prince, Katie Buskala and Melanie Navarro, the Wolves fell 25-11, 25-16.

After a run of back-and-forth play in the early going, with Buskala ripping off three straight aces for CMS, Granite began to steadily pull away.

The first set had four ties, and Coupeville was up by a point twice, but once the Tigers grabbed the lead at 9-8, they never gave it back.

The second set looked like another runaway, as Granite bolted out to a 6-1 lead, but the Wolves had a few tricks up their sleeve.

After forcing a side-out, Coupeville gave the ball to Navarro and she kick-started things in the opposite direction with a run of three straight points on her serve.

One rotation later, it was Prince’s turn to fire up the ace machine at the service line, then Socha slammed a winner off of a Granite player’s toe and suddenly the Wolves had turned a five-point deficit into a 12-10 lead.

The visitors had their own high-powered servers, however, and used three long runs at the line to close the set on a match-deciding 15-4 run.


7th grade JV:

After being bounced 25-16 in the opening set, Coupeville came within a point of taking the second frame and earning a split  in the match.

Unfortunately for the Wolves, the Tigers had a mighty mite armed with a very-effective, and surprisingly-powerful, underhanded serve, and she ran off the final five points as Granite rebounded to edge CMS 26-24.

Coupeville got strong play from Sofia Peters, who snapped off an ace that dropped suddenly and skidded away, before returning to notch a point on a play where she punched the ball between defenders while on a full run.

Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson and Lauren Marrs keyed Coupeville’s run in the second set, both ripping off five straight points on their serve – the maximum allowed in middle school volleyball — as the Wolves built a 15-7 lead.

Marrs put some extra mustard on her winners, bashing an ace which skipped off of a Granite player’s forehead, then operating as a one-woman wrecking crew.

After sending a low, slicing serve into play on her third attempt, Marrs eventually closed out the point by going airborne and crunching a spike which launched from her own back-court and splashed down behind the defense just inches away from the line.

The next five CMS servers failed to garner a single point on their serve, however.

That blunted Coupeville’s surge, despite a great hustle play on which Brenna Silveira ran down a ball and popped it skyward, giving Kalwies-Anderson a prime opportunity to smash the put-away.

It wasn’t until Marrs once again rotated back behind the service line that the Wolves reclaimed their mojo, as she deposited yet another ace in a spot where Granite had no hope of returning the ball.

But, up 24-20, Coupeville’s luck ran out under a hail of high-arcing rainbow serves from the smallest, but deadliest, girl on the floor.


7th grade varsity:

Granite made it three wins in four matches with a 25-18, 25-12, 15-8 victory, playing with a quick, decisive style as the clock skipped past 7 PM.

Marrs continued to be one of the true stars of the season finale, bashing one bullet-like winner with the heel of her hand, before dropping another point on a well-placed lob.

Desi Ramirez and Jesse Ross-McMahon cracked off service winners, while Ava Mitten, Skylar Parker, Lily Meyers, Kaitlyn Leavell, Grey Peabody, Karyme Castro and Hayley Thomas all chipped in with hustle, fighting for every point.

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CMS 8th grader Ja’Kenya Hoskins competed in three events Wednesday during the Olympic League Middle School Track and Field Championships. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Jordyn Rogers gets pointers in the shot put from older brother Chris Battaglia.

Can’t catch Jaelyn Crebbin.

The Coupeville Middle School 8th grader roared to a win in the 1600 Wednesday, claiming a league title at the Olympic League Track and Field Championships.

The victory came on her home oval, as Crebbin and the Wolves hosted six other schools in the season-ending event.

Coupeville finished third overall in the both the girls and boys team standings, trailing only Stevens and Sequim.

Both of those middle schools funnel students to 2A high schools and piled up a lot of their points Wednesday based on having a ton more bodies available than anyone else.

CMS added three second-place finishes, with Caleb Meyer (200), the girls 4 x 200 relay team (which featured Crebbin) and the boys 4 x 100 unit narrowly missing the top spot on the podium.


Complete Wednesday results:



60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.90, Angelina Gebhard 10.31; Abigail Place 10.53

100 — Claire Mayne 15.90; Jordyn Rogers 16.68; Place 16.78; Gebhard 17.17

200 — Hoskins 29.59; Audrianna Shaw 31.63; Mayne 33.42; Eryn Wood 34.11

400 — Jaelyn Crebbin 1:11.69; Mary Milnes 1:18.63

800 — Carolyn Lhamon 2:47.77; Crebbin 2:55.05; Abigail Ramirez 3:13.02

1600 — Jaelyn Crebbin 6:21.02; Lhamon 6:27.71; Alana Mihill 6:51.57

75 Hurdles — Kiara Contreras 16.53

200 Hurdles — A. Shaw 36.03; Bella Velasco 37.89

4 x 100 Relay  — Velasco, Mayne, Contreras, Noelle Daigneault 1:01.33; (Relay team – no names listed) 1:03.54

4 x 200 Relay — Crebbin, Ramirez, A. Shaw, Lhamon 2:07.05; (Relay team – no names listed) 2:20.02

4 x 400 Relay — Mihill, Ramirez, Cristina McGrath, Milnes 5:28.61

Shot Put — Daigneault 26-03; Wood 23-00; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson 22-07; Rogers 20-03

Discus — Helen Strelow 62-09; Ella Colwell 59-03; McGrath 52-02

Javelin — Lita Woollet 53-02; Daigneault 50-03; Mihill 47-11; McGrath 44-05

Long Jump — Hoskins 13-07; McGrath 12-01.50; Strelow 12-01, Milnes 11-05; Woollet 10-10.50



60 — Lucious Binnings 8.43; Reiley Araceley 8.70; Ty Hamilton 8.77; Joven Light 9.12

100 — DJ Stadler 12.87; Aiden Burdge 13.04; Hamilton 14.20; Dominic Coffman 14.84

200 — Caleb Meyer 25.89; Araceley 29.36; Connor Bachmann 37.03; Ty Duddridge 38.86

400 — Coffman 1:15.69

800 — Elijah Pepin 2:42.48; Aiden Anderson 2:58.16; Bachmann 3:14.68; Jesse Cowan 3:49.87

1600 — Pepin 5:54.99; Tate Wyman 6:35.98; Matthias Anderson 7:23.23

200 Hurdles — Wyman 37.08; Brayden Coatney 41.06; M. Anderson 42.96

4 x 100 relay — Stadler, Burdge, Hamilton, Meyer 51.28; (Relay team – no names listed) 56.46

4 x 200 Relay — Binnings, Tim Ursu, Gabe Shaw, Stadler 1:53.36

4 x 400 Relay — Coffman, Duddridge, A. Anderson, Hamilton 5:17.87

Shot Put — Logan Martin 34-05, G. Shaw 26-05.50; Coatney 25-00.25; Wesley Cowan 17-06.50

Discus — G. Shaw 74-04; A. Anderson 52-04; J. Cowan 45-09; W. Cowan 37-00

Javelin — Martin 116-10; Stadler 112-05; Ursu 84-09; Lucas Salazar 78-10

High Jump — Martin 4-10, Meyer 4-08, G. Shaw 4-02

Long Jump — Meyer 16-04.50; Burdge 14-05.50; Coffman 13-00.50; Duddridge 10-03.50

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