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Coupeville Class of 2020 grads (l to r) Aram Leyva, Sean Toomey-Stout, and Jacobi Pilgrim reunite at the Blue Fox Drive-In. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Kept apart for months, back together for a moment (or two).

With the world in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the Coupeville High School Class of 2020 missed out on spending time together this spring.

But the Wolf grads came back together one final time Monday night, courtesy of the Blue Fox Drive-In.

While that event was just for seniors and their parents, now everyone can see the videos they watched together in their reunion and farewell.

Follow the link below and you’ll be able to see this year’s torch video, the senior slideshow, and a musical tribute from Karl Olsen and Deb Lund.



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Coupeville Class of 2020 grads like Raven (left) and Willow Vick, seen here with Tom Black, are invited to a Senior Night show at the Blue-Fox Drive In. (Brian Vick photo)

The Class of 2020 is taking the show to the big screen.

Coupeville High School graduates and their parents are invited to swing by the Blue Fox Drive-In Monday for Senior Night festivities.

Things start at 6 PM.

This event is in lieu of the senior trip, which was swept away by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student ID’s will be checked, and non-grads will be driven back into the woods by taser-wielding robots. 

But seriously, this is just for the Class of 2020.

Grads are asked to bring their caps and tassel and decorate their cars.

The torch video and senior breakfast slide show will be shown, and there will be a chance to ride the go-karts, sign yearbooks, eat curly fries, and enjoy a movie.

All attendees must wear a mask and abide by social distancing guidelines set by the Blue Fox owners.

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Maddy Hilkey, one of the primary stars of the torch video crafted by the CHS Class of 2019. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It’s got everything.


Elaborate hand-drawn escape maps.

Sarah Wright dodging invisible lasers and “swimming” from wall to wall while sliding down the hallways of Coupeville High School.

A single piece of confetti, a used-up co2 cartridge, and “a very, very good painting” that no one wants.

A slow speed car chase with one of the “cops” playing a trombone.

Harris Sinclair watching bear videos in the getaway car.

Plus, Chris Battaglia rocking a fur coat and long hair, Madison Rixe screaming “I’m not going back to jail” and Coupeville Schools Superintendent Steve King talking about how he no longer twerks.

Put it all together, with a lot more cameos, a few surprises, and Ryan Labrador being repeatedly hit by flying objects, and you have the latest link in a long-running CHS tradition.

It’s known as the “torch video,” and every year the graduating class produces one as they attempt to pass the torch to the incoming seniors.

This year’s version, crafted by the Class of 2019, is known as “Ocean’s 19,” and it’s a piece of prime-time crime-time.


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   Robin Cedillo: “You want me to watch a 13-minute video?!?! Let me get my toast on first, son.” (John Fisken photo)

The Class of 2017 has officially left its mark.

One of the annual rites of passage for seniors at Coupeville High School is the hand-off of the torch to the junior class, and immortalizing that transfer of power with a video.

Every graduating class thinks their cinematic creation is the best ever made, so I’m sure the ’17ers would get loud ‘n proud right about now if the subject came up.

Take a gander at their well-crafted vid below (and, if you’re a completist, you can track the rest of them down on YouTube in your spare time):

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The super-talented Jazmine Franklin (and fairly-talented sidekick McKenzie Bailey). (John Fisken photo)

   The super-talented Jazmine Franklin (and sidekick McKenzie Bailey). (John Fisken photo)

The torch has been passed, once again.

Every year (or at least it seems that way to me), as Coupeville High School seniors prepare for graduation, they put together a video dedicated to literally passing the torch to the next class.

This year’s production was headed up by the legend herself, Jazmine Franklin, and is now available to watch everywhere.

But you should watch it here on Coupeville Sports, cause you’re already here, and that just makes life easier.

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