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Who wants to be #28?

The Wolf Pup Volleyball program for Coupeville Elementary School students in grades 3-5 kicks back into action in mid-April, with 27 kids already signed up.

The program, run by high school coaches and players, is held every Tuesday and Thursday between April 12 and May 26.

Held at the CHS gym from 4-6 PM, the program offers a fun introduction to volleyball, with an emphasis on building skills.

“I could not be more excited to build connections with the future of the volleyball program and teach our community youth a love of the sport!” said CHS coach Cory Whitmore.

“The more the merrier, so we are happy to have more sign up if interested.”

Cost is $60, covering 14 sessions, and is due on the first day of practice.

The program is very flexible, however, so if students want to attend some sessions, but not all, no worries.

“If there is conflict in scheduling, families are welcome to adapt as needed,” Whitmore said. “This is a low-stress introduction to volleyball, and we know that spring is a very busy time.”


To sign up, pop over to:


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Get in on the ground floor.

Coupeville elementary school students dreaming of being the next generation of Wolf volleyball stars can get started today.

Or April 12 to be exact, when Coupeville High School coaches and players relaunch the Wolf Pups program.

Sidelined by the pandemic, the series of practices open to students in grades 3-5 is back and you can be part of it.

For all your details, jump up to the photo above.

“I’m very excited to get this started again and hopefully there won’t be any disruptions,” said CHS head coach Cory Whitmore.

Coming off of a high school season where young athletes had a huge impact for his program, Whitmore gives a lot of the credit to Wolf players getting in the gym as soon as possible.

“I think this is a huge reason why our current freshman class has excelled,” he said. “They were involved early and joined club (teams) soon thereafter because of the introduction.

“I’m hoping to build that back up.”

The program is meant to offer a boost for young players, but Whitmore also understands the need to be flexible if his athletes are pursuing more than one activity.

“I often get questions about how people are interested but their kids are already committed to other sports, hobbies, groups, etc.,” he said.

“I always tell them if their kid needs to leave early, arrive late or only make it to one of the two days a week, that is perfectly fine.”

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Start playing volleyball young, and you might be as good as Raven Vick when you hit high school. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Love volleyball and are currently a 4th, 5th, or 6th grader in the Coupeville School District?

Then do I have a deal for you!

Coupeville High School coaches and players are bringing back the ultra-popular Wolf Pup Volleyball program for a third go-round this spring, and they want you to join them in the gym.

The event runs across six weeks, with two-a-week practices for young athletes looking to have fun and learn the fastest-growing sport in town.

Cost is $50 per player, with payment due on the first day of practice, which breaks down to a hair over $4 a pop if you hit every day.

Though CHS varsity volleyball coach Cory Whitmore is quick to stress the number of practices each athlete attends is completely optional.

If your child is involved in other activities or sports, volleyball is flexible.

“If they’re only available for one of the two days a week, that’s perfectly fine,” Whitmore said. “We are just looking to introduce eager young players hoping to learn and play the game!”

Practices run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 PM in the Coupeville Middle School gym.

Planned sessions are April 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, and 30, as well as May 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, and 21.

Each day will feature drills to teach the players various skills, followed by fun and competitive games at the end of each session.

All money raised by Wolf Pups goes to enhance the CHS volleyball program.

Players need to be registered by April 7, which you can do by popping over to https://bit.ly/3adpIuo

For any questions, contact Whitmore at cwhitmore@coupeville.k12.wa.us or (509) 347-6301.

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All the details worth knowing.

It’s a win-win kind of situation.

Coupeville volleyball coaches are offering young spikers a chance to sharpen their skills, while raising money to help the high school teams.

Wolf Pup Volleyball, which runs from Apr. 9 to May 28, is a series of 15 two-hour practices aimed at players currently in fifth and sixth grade.

For all the pertinent info, scroll back up and take a look at the handy-dandy photo guide.

And to register by Apr. 2, pop over to:


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   Wolf volleyball coach Cory Whitmore is launching a program for Coupeville fifth and sixth graders. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Cory Whitmore is a man on a mission.

In his two years at the helm of the Coupeville High School volleyball program, he’s guided the Wolves to back-to-back Olympic League titles and, this past fall, the spikers first trip to the state tourney since 2004.

Now, Whitmore, and his players, are launching their newest endeavor with the creation of the Wolf Pup Volleyball program.

Open to Coupeville Elementary School students in fifth and sixth grade, it’s a way to build the future of the program, in more ways than one.

“I really couldn’t be more excited about it,” Whitmore said. “It will serve as a small fundraiser for the high school program, but much more importantly, it will offer Coupeville kids the chance to have an introduction to volleyball, learn the basic skills and have a blast, at a much earlier age than is currently offered.

“One of the goals is to prepare players to step into the middle school program with more confidence, experience and love for volleyball,” he added.

The program kicks off Apr. 10 and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays through May 31. Sessions go from 4-6 PM in the middle school gym.

Practice will start off with a warm-up game, then skills and drills with players participating in their age group. Each night will close with a fun, competitive game.

Cost is $40 for a 16-session season, (which breaks down to a very reasonable $1.25 an hour) and will be paid on the first day of practice.

Parents should register their children by Apr. 4 at https://goo.gl/V4tdwF.

All proceeds go to help fund the high school volleyball program.

Whitmore is also looking for anyone interested in volunteering.

“Things like organizing after-practice snacks would be great,” he said. “Donated VolleyLite balls and even some “court helpers” for practices would make things run significantly smoother for the daily routine.”

For more info, contact the coach at cwhitmore@coupeville.k12.wa.us or 509-347-6301.

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