Jake Hoagland (John Fisken and Lisa Jenne photos)

   The multi-talented Jake Hoagland being … talented. (John Fisken and Lisa Jenne photos)

The kid can wail.

He can also play ball on all sorts of different ball-fields, he’s got some pep in his step and comes across as a genuinely nice guy.

So, for all those reasons, and many more, we take a moment to wish Jake Hoagland a happy cake day.

The Coupeville High School sophomore, now a two-sport (football, baseball) star who has been known to dabble in the band arts as well, hits his birthday today.

It’s the big 1-6 and I’m sure he’s probably got plenty of things to do besides sit around and listen to me go on and on about his good qualities.

Well, simmer down there buddy. It’s my blog and I’ll jabber on for as long as I want to.

But there’s cake to be gotten to!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Anyways, Jake, much like the law enforcement professionals doing double duty as his parents (Jim and Lisa) has always seemed like a stand-up guy.

On the field, regardless of the sport, he is one of those quiet players who let their hustle and work ethic do the talking for them, while off the gridiron and diamond, he seems like the epitome of laid-back calmness.

Put a sax in his hands, and he’s equally talented, one of the true bright lights in the CHS band.

But now, since he’s probably got better things to do with his time, let’s wrap this up and let him go.

From all of us here at Coupeville Sports, have a great birthday, Jake.

You make your parents, your school and your town look good, young Mr. Hoagland. Keep on keepin’ on.

Alex Jiminez (John Fisken photo)

   Alex Jimenez goes up for two during a SWISH game last year. (John Fisken photos)

Matthew Kelley

Matthew Kelley (10) will not be denied. The ball belongs to him.

The guys have first.

Middle school basketball officially kicks off next Monday (Nov. 30) when Coupeville hosts Chimacum.

Tip-off time is 3:15, with the 8th graders playing in the high school gym and the 7th graders holding court across the hallway in the middle school gym.

That will hold true for a 10-game schedule which has the CMS boys playing at home on Mondays and on the road Thursdays.

The boys wrap their season Jan. 14, then the Wolf girls will inherit the court starting Feb. 1.

As you mentally prepare for the home opener, here’s a look at the roster, which numbers 27 players including a number of guys who have been already making names for themselves at the SWISH level.

7th grade:

Tyson Bovee
Michael Breuer
Alex Jimenez
Matthew Kelley
James Mayne
Jake Mitten
Daniel Olson
Gage Powers
Ben Smith
Jacob Thurston

8th grade:

Trevor Bell
Jered Brown
Jaylen Nitta
Gabe Carlson
Koa Davison
Mason Grove
Dawson Houston
Aiden Juras
Gavin Knoblich
Aram Leyva
Jean Lund-Olsen
Andrew Martin
Omar Moralez
Jacobi Pacquette-Pilgrim
Johnathon Partida
Sean Toomey-Stout
Ulrik Wells

Every man on deck!!

Jordan Ford (left) and Jared Helmstadter work on a defensive drill in the early days of practice. (John Fisken photo)

   Jordan Ford (left) and Jared Helmstadter work on a defensive drill in the early days of practice. (John Fisken photo)

They have speed. They have talent. They just don’t have a lot of bodies.

A combination of injuries, lack of practice time and players who chose not to return from last year or dropped off in the first week of practice this year has left the Coupeville High School boys’ basketball squad thin in numbers.

Of Coupeville’s 18 players, three started late and likely won’t be eligible on opening night (Monday, Nov. 30), while two others are injured.

That could mean the only way the Wolves play a JV game in the early going would be to have five guys be 32-minute men, while stealing a swing player from the varsity just to get that starting five.

The low numbers could also affect the varsity, especially if any more injuries crop up and deplete the front-line guys.

For now, at least, CHS coaches Anthony Smith and Dustin Van Velkinburgh are looking on the bright side, however.

They may not have great depth, but the guys they do have offer nothing but upside.

“If we shoot the ball well, we’ll be hard to beat,” said Smith, who is going into his fifth season as head coach. “Teams will probably play a lot of zone against us and we need to make them pay.

“If we take care of the ball, keep the turnovers down, we’ll be right in there every game.”

Coupeville is a bit undersized, with relatively few big bangers, but they do have quickness and offensive explosiveness, and will look to ride whichever player has the hot hand on a given night.

They also have experience, with eight of what’s expected to be the top ten players being seniors.

Senior Wiley Hesselgrave, a First-Team All-Conference player a year ago, is “our gun,” and the Wolves will look to exploit his toughness on both sides of the ball.

Senior Risen Johnson and sophomore Hunter Smith will handle the ball for CHS, while seniors Jared Helmstadter and Ryan Griggs and junior Gabe Wynn round out the returning varsity players.

Gabe is our X factor,” Anthony Smith said. “With the energy he plays with, he can cause a lot of havoc for us.”

Seniors DeAndre Mitchell, Desmond Bell and Dante Mitchell slide up from last year’s JV team, while the real X factor might be senior Jordan Ford.

A transfer who can claim long athletic bloodlines in Coupeville, the bearded one was an immediate hit during football season, where he was a solid two-way player.

Now Ford will take his game to the hardwood, where he’s expected to join Griggs as the team’s only real inside players.

Also fighting for positions are senior Beauman Davis, junior Brian Shank, sophomores Luke Merriman, Ariah Bepler, Hunter Downes (who may have suffered a season-ending injury Tuesday) and Cameron Toomey-Stout and freshmen Gabe Eck and Ty Eck.

However the roster ends up shaking out, Coupeville will look to continue heading back upwards in the standings.

After a winless first season under Anthony Smith, when the new coach inherited virtually an all-freshman roster, the Wolves have increased their win total in each of the last three seasons.

Last year they went 7-13 overall, 3-6 in 1A Olympic League play.

A number of their losses were close ones, and one of the wins came against Chimacum, the eventual league champs.

The Cowboys and league mate Klahowya had senior-dominated rosters last year, so their turnover could mean good things for Port Townsend and Coupeville.

Konni Smith (Ema Smith photos)

Konni Smith comes bearing sweet treats. (Ema Smith photos)

Cheryl Engle

Grandma-to-the-stars Cheryl Engle (right) enjoys the evening.

Sarahg Wright

  Sarah Wright (far right), noted camera enthusiast, drawn like a moth to a flame.

Kailey Kellner

Kailey Kellner sees what you did there, Wright. She approves.


   CHS moms (l to r) Robyn Myers, Kali Barrio and Charlotte Young, possibly up to shenanigans.

Mark Hesselgrave's photo game is strong.

Mark Hesselgrave’s photo game is strong.

Dawn and Kalia

   Dawn Hesselgrave (left) and Kalia Littlejohn nab a mother/daughter photo for the mantelpiece.

Jon (left) and Jay Roberts audition for "Magic Mike 3."

   Wolf dads Jon (left) and Jay Roberts ace the audition for “Magic Mike 3.” Their daughters will never, ever forgive them … and they’re fine with that.

There’s a war looming.

John Fisken has controlled the photo game in town for a bit, but every day there are new clickers looking to horn in on the biz.

The latest is CHS freshman Ema Smith, who took a short breather from being a three-sport star for the Wolves, hitting the Coupeville Booster Club’s Crab Feed and Auction Saturday night.

The pics above are courtesy her, as Miss Smith throws down the photo gauntlet.

Watch your back, Fisken, there’s a new paparazzi in town.


Tammy Glover (John Fisken photos)

   Tammy Glover welcomes the overflow crowd to the annual crab-eatin’ shindig. (John Fisken photos)

crab guys

  Meanwhile, outside in the cold, the guys spend some quality time trying not to get pinched.

Dale Sherman

Dale Sherman — silver hair, silver tongue.


The salad crew, ready to rumble.

sald pt. 2

Lettuce tastes best after it’s been airborne.


Sage Renninger is just thrilled to be working inside, and not outside.


The photographer wanders down dessert row…

"Get in my stomach!!"

Where Landon Roberts has already camped out. “Get in my belly!!!!”

Cheridan Eck

CHS cheer coach Cheridan Eck classes up the joint.


Lauren Bayne (left) and Ally Roberts display their wares.

Crab, crab as far as the eye could see.

And desserts, and some adult beverages and salads flying through the air, they were all present Saturday.

The occasion was the Coupeville Booster Club’s annual Crab Dinner and Auction, which brings in bucks to help support Wolf athletics.

Current CHS stars were hard at work behind the scenes, former greats were on the floor, bidding and schmoozing, and travelin’ photo man John Fisken was working the room, camera in hand.


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