Boot to the future!!

Logan Martin (John Fisken photos)

Logan Martin, lock-down goalie, at work. (John Fisken photos)

"I got moves like Ronaldo, son!!"

“I got moves like Ronaldo, son!!”

"I was told there would be post-match snacks. I would hope I was not misinformed..."

  “I was told there would be post-match snacks. I would certainly hope I was not misinformed…”

"There better be snacks!! Why else do you think I agreed to coach?!?!"

“There better be snacks!! Why else do you think I agreed to coach?!?!”



"Snacks?!?! Here, you have the ball! I gotta get over there before they give out all the orange slices and I get stuck with that one grapefruit they slipped in and hoped no one noticed..."

“Here, you have the ball! I gotta get there before they give out all the orange slices and I get stuck with that one grapefruit they slipped in and hoped no one noticed…”

"Am I the only one around here still doing their job?!?!"

“Am I the only one around here still doing their job?!?!”

The brother also rises.

Coupeville High School senior Dalton Martin may be getting a large chunk of the spotlight right now, what with being a state meet-approved track star, but lil’ brother Logan is charging hard in a bid to unseat the king.

Logan and other BU12 booters were the focus Saturday as travelin’ photo man John Fisken clicked away, and the photos above capture the possible future of Wolf soccer.

Here be legends!!

CHS tennis guru Ken Stange (above) is joined by fellow inductees (l to r) Mike Duke, Julie (Swankie) Wheat, Jerry Helm and Will Butela.

  CHS tennis guru Ken Stange (above) is joined by fellow inductees (l to r) Mike Duke, Julie (Swankie) Wheat, Jerry Helm and Will Butela.


In the athletic history of Coupeville, some have left a mark, while others have hit with such a force they left a crater.

The members of the 15th class to be inducted into the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame made, or are continuing to make, impressions that have lasted, and for that they join their brethren at the top of the blog, forever enshrined under the Legends tab.

Welcome to the podium, Jerry Helm, Julie (Swankie) Wheat, Ken Stange and the loud ‘n proud tag-team of Will Butela and Mike Duke.

We want a big opening, so we have to kick things off with Butela and Duke, the fastest-rising names in sports entertainment.

Both athletes themselves who have gone on to adult things like marriage, fatherhood and starring in professionally-made ads that tout their love of Major League Baseball (http://coupevillesports.com/2015/07/14/ermahgerd-i-know-these-dudes/) the duo are going in to our hall as Contributors.

The last couple of years have been an odd time for the student cheering section at Coupeville High School, as administrators, overly-restrictive league officials and the Wolf faithful have conducted an awkward dance.

But jump back just a few years, when Butela and Duke led that section, a time when the stands were jam-packed and ready to rock ‘n roll, and Wolf Nation was a force to be reckoned with.

They had more freedom than the current kids are being given, and they reveled in it, shaking the joint to its rafters. They made the floor rumble and other schools wilt.

They were then what you wish today’s Wolves would be allowed to once again be.

Spirit? Passion? Fun? It flowed from every pore of their bodies and, in our timid times now, they loom even bigger in our memories.

Next up is a guy, who, while being a little bit older than the Fun Brothers, still looks like he could pass for a high schooler.

Helm, the poster boy for Central Whidbey firefighting (he has the calendar to prove it) was a standout athlete in his days as a Wolf.

The 1998 grad used his speed to make a mark as a football, basketball and track star, while dabbling a bit in baseball.

Along the way, he went to state, won MVP awards and was part of a school record in the 4 x 400, before hanging up his track shoes and morphing into a dad and husband.

Whether zipping around the track oval or battling fires, Helm was a winner then, and remains one today.

His journey is a similar one to the trek taken by Wheat, who transitioned from life as a stellar athlete (volleyball, softball) into being a wife and mom, raising her children with husband Erik, himself a decorated former Wolf.

While she was rock-solid on the diamond, the volleyball court is where Julie holds school records.

The Assist Queen, the former setter still holds all three CHS records, for most assists in a game (40), season (309) and career (604 from 2008-2010).

A perpetual ray of sunshine when she was an athlete, the kind of warrior who dominated but never forgot to embrace the sheer joy of playing, Wheat has gone on to provide daily assists to her young sons.

Look at their smiles in the photos in which they appear with their mom, and you know she’s still winning, every day.

Our fifth inductee is a wily tennis guru who has impacted countless players during a decade-plus run at the helm of the Wolf boys and girls’ tennis programs.

Coupeville’s version of The Dude, a free spirit who bops to his own tune, Stange, who is now in his 11th year at CHS, imparts two kinds of lessons. Tennis ones, and life ones.

He’s had some very good players, taken several to state, but it’s the little things which make him worthy of induction.

The way he has pulled in countless kids from the fringes who had never played a sport and then given them a game they can play for a lifetime.

His Zen-like mixture of wild stories, hard truths and laser-like wisdom.

His Swayze-like dancing skills.

Plus, he’s one of the best in the biz when it comes to writing up info for the ink-stained wretches who cover his teams, and, he’s one of the few coaches who can still flat-out blast his players off the court if needed.

You come for the king, you better have a quick racket.

piggyback (Wendy McCormick photos)

We are the champions … of piggyback rides!!” (Wendy McCormick photos)


“You shall not pass! Or score!!” The defense is strong in this one.

"Take my picture?!?! Well ... maybe." And another Wolf photo star is born.

“Take my picture?!?! Well … maybe.” And another Wolf photo star is born.


“Ladies … time to go kick some fanny!!”

Daydreaming of all the goals she's about to score.

Sunny afternoons and soccer daydreams.


“I’ve got places to be, and goals to score!!”

"It's like a Western shootout waitin' to happen round here. Good thing they call me Mrs. Eastwood!!"

   “It feels like a High Noon-style Western shootout waitin’ to happen round here. Good thing they call me Mrs. Eastwood!!”

The real reason any of them play soccer? Post-game snacks. It's all about the snacks.

   The real reason any of them play soccer? Post-game snacks. It’s all about the snacks.

The sun was out and the soccer ball was bouncin’.

While the high school girls battled the two-time defending state champs, the next generation of Wolf stars was busy ruling the pitch over at Ft. Nugent.

Proud mom Wendy McCormick was on hand to snap photos as the local GU12 squad battled, and the photos above are courtesy her.

No fear! Ever!!

The Three Amigo celebrate.

  The Three Amigo celebrate. May Rose (14) and Bree Daigneault both scored Saturday, while Wolf volleyball star Ally Roberts was there to root her buddies on. (Mimi Rose photo)

Taichen Rose teams with older sister May to form the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew. (John Fisken photo)

   Taichen Rose teams with older sister May to form the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew. (John Fisken photo)

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Facing off Saturday with two-time defending 1B/2B state soccer champs Crosspoint Academy, the public school kids more than held their own.

Riding goals from May Rose, Bree Daigneault and Jenn Spark, the Coupeville High School girls’ soccer squad came within a whisker of an upset, before being nipped 4-3.

“The match was epic and the girls are learning to ratchet up their level of intensity to match and surpass their opponent,” said CHS coach Troy Cowan. “Each match we get faster, stronger and better prepared for our impending conference matches.”

The non-conference loss dropped the Wolves to 2-3-3 on the season, while Crosspoint won its fourth straight.

Coupeville will now have 10 days to tweak all the small things, as it’s off until a non-conference game at La Conner Oct. 13.

Two days after that, the Wolves kick off the first of six straight 1A Olympic League matches, which will decide the squad’s postseason fate.

Saturday, facing a school it lost to 7-1 last year, Coupeville clamped down on both sides of the ball.

Crosspoint had outscored its last three opponents 27-1, with nine goals in each of those games, but the Wolf defense held them to less than half of that per-game average.

While Spark is the rock for the Wolf defense, her fellow defenders all stepped up big.

One young gun drew big-time praise from her coach, for her play on the afternoon and all season.

“How impressed I have been with one of my players of late. She is the hardest-working player on the pitch, never complains, gives me and her teammates 100% every second on the pitch and does it with a smile on her face,” Cowan said. “She has grown leaps and bounds from her freshman year to yesterday. She is gritty, tough-minded and passionate!

Taichen Rose has left an indelible mark on me and demonstrated the true spirit of sportsmanship and the results of possessing a positive perspective.”

And, when the Wolves had their chances on offense, they took full advantage, and not always from the expected gunners.

Kalia Littlejohn, who entered with seven goals in seven games, was held scoreless, but set up Daigneault for her second goal of the season.

Spark crushed home her third score of the season, with a little help from an opposing player.

The senior with the golden leg let loose with a corner kick that curled at the last second, then exploded off of a Crosspoint defender’s noggin and into the corner of the net.

Wrapping up Coupeville’s scoring burst was May Rose, as the junior hit pay-dirt after being set up by Mia Littlejohn.

One of the most unsung Wolves, the always-hard working older sister in the Rose & Rose Wrecking Crew was sky-high afterwards.

Especially with one of her best friends, Daigneault, also scoring, while the third of the Three Amigos, CHS spiker Ally Roberts, screamed her approval from the sidelines.

“I know what it feels like to cry when you’re over emotionally happy now,” Rose posted on Twitter in the afterglow of her big moment.

To her, and all of her Wolf teammates, who never broke, and barely yielded, in the face of a true powerhouse, job well done, ladies.

Uriel Liquidano, the team's #? tackle on the season, blocked a kick Friday night. (John Fisken photo)

   Uriel Liquidano, the team’s #3 tackler on the season, blocked a kick Friday night. (John Fisken photos)

Jacob Martin's name appears in eight stats categories, tied with Hunter Smith for second-most on the team.

   Jacob Martin’s name appears in eight stats categories, tied with Hunter Smith for second-most on the team, trailing just Wiley Hesselgrave.

One of Josh Bayne’s records is under siege.

A year after he capped his senior football season at Coupeville High School with a school-record six interceptions, that mark could be eclipsed.

With two more interceptions Friday against Klahowya, Wolf sophomore Hunter Smith now has four on the year, and the season is only halfway done.

If he stays healthy, Smith still has four regular season games to play, and then a guarantee of at least one more after that.

Either Coupeville will catch the Eagles for the #2 playoff spot out of the 1A Olympic League, or it would have a crossover game in week 10 against another squad that missed the postseason.

Smith’s pursuit of the pick record highlights our weekly look at CHS gridiron stats.

Others making stat sheet moves include Uriel Liquidano, who blocked a kick Friday, and Zane Bundy, who took over the team scoring lead with a pair of field goals and a PAT.

Plus, a big shout-out to Wiley Hesselgrave, who has slapped his name down in 11 categories, most of any Wolf this season.

As always, the stats below are taken from MaxPreps.com, where they were deposited by the Wolf coaching staff.

Think your numbers are wrong? Talk to your coaches, gentlemen.

I’m just the messenger.



Gabe Eck 41-74 for 509 yards with 3 TD and 2 INTs
Hunter Downes 25-46 for 239 yards with 1 TD and 3 INTs
CJ Smith 1-1 for 10 yards


C. Smith 16 receptions for 249 yards
Hunter Smith 22-230
Ty Eck 10-117
Wiley Hesselgrave 10-87
Jordan Ford 2-36
Lathom Kelley 2-22
Ryan Griggs 1-10
Jake Hoagland 2-7


Hesselgrave 40 carries for 271 yards
Kelley 32-123
Jacob Martin 7-12
Chris Battaglia 1-4
Mitchell Losey 1 (-3)
G. Eck 42 (-20)
Downes 12 (-49)

Total yards:

G. Eck 489
Hesselgrave 358
C. Smith 259
H. Smith 230
Downes 190
Kelley 145
T. Eck 117
Ford 36
Martin 12
Griggs 10
Hoagland 7
Battaglia 4


T. Eck 2
Hesselgrave 2
Martin 1
C. Smith 1
H. Smith 1


Zane Bundy 4

Field Goals:

Bundy 3


Bundy 13
T. Eck 12
Hesselgrave 12
Martin 6
C. Smith 6
H. Smith 6



Kelley 55
Hesselgrave 32
Uriel Liquidano 30
T. Eck 28
Brenden Gilbert 20
Battaglia 19
Tyler McCalmont 16
Mitchell Carroll 15
Julian Welling 15
H. Smith 13
Ford 11
Losey 11
Clay Reilly 11
Martin 10
C. Smith 6
Josh Lord 4
Jake Lord 3
JR Pendergrass 3
Griggs 1
Matt Hilborn 1
Teo Keilwitz 1
Josh Robinson 1
James Vidoni 1


Battaglia 2
Ford 2
Gilbert 2
Kelley 2
Carroll 1
Hesselgrave 1
Martin 1
McCalmont 1


H. Smith 4
Hesselgrave 1
Martin 1
Reilly 1

Fumble recoveries:

Ford 2
Martin 2
H. Smith 2
T. Eck 1
Hesselgrave 1
Liquidano 1

Blocked kicks:

Hesselgrave 1
Liquidano 1

Special Teams:


Bundy 8 for 253 yards


Reilly 12 for 412 yards
Bundy 12-308

Kickoff/punt returns:

Hesselgrave 10 for 152 yards
T. Eck 8-93
Kelley 5-68
H. Smith 4-39


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