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Mikey Robinett is here to crush fools and take names. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Evans Rankings rules, the rest of you drool.

Matt Evans, the seer of Washington state high school football, and his trusty computer, Newman, are the one outlet truly buying in to Coupeville’s gridiron giants being a state tourney threat.

As the Wolves await Sunday’s reveal of who, where, and when they will play in the 12-team royal rumble, a scan of various pollsters and rankers finds a fair amount of disrespect for a 7-1 CHS squad.

Now to be fair, when you’ve just won your first league title, and punched your first ticket to state, in 32 years, it’s easy to see why.

Out of sight means out of mind, and it’s easy for many to just plug in the same old names “cause they were there before.”

It happened to Coupeville boys’ basketball earlier in 2022, when a 16-0 record didn’t always earn the Wolves a full amount of respect.

After CHS hoops made its first state tourney trip since 1988 and played prime-time teams Kalama and Lake Roosevelt tough, however, several rival coaches had nice things to say about the Wolves.

Now they know who we are.

The same thing can happen for football, especially if the Wolves make some noise in the state tourney.

For now, Evans Rankings has Coupeville at #7 among 2B schools (I bow to my computer overlords), while the Associated Press and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association both plunk the Wolves at #10.

SB Live leaves CHS out of its Top 10 but does have it third in its “next teams up.”

So, the Wolves, having punched a ticket to the 12-team state tourney, have already outplayed what is essentially a #13 ranking…

And Ryland Spencer, noted hamburger fiend and prep football savant?

He leaves Coupeville completely out of his Top 10 on Cascadia Preps, which proves Cow Town needs to produce a good enough burger to lure the man, the myth, the meat-eatin’ machine, to Whidbey to watch a game in the future.

Get on it, chefs!

In the end, of course, none of these pollsters or rankers, whether they be man or computer, matter as much as the guys who step on the field reppin’ the red and black.

Win, and they have to give you respect, whether they want to or not.


Associated Press 2B poll for Nov. 2:

1. Napavine – (9-0) – 90 poll points
2. Okanogan – (9-0) – 80
3. Lind/Ritzville/Sprague – (7-1) – 70
4. Toledo – (7-1) – 65
5. River View – (8-1) – 45
6. Chewelah (Jenkins) – (6-2) – 41
7. Columbia (Burbank) – (7-2) – 29
8. Pe Ell/Willapa Valley – (6-3) – 24
9. Raymond – (7-2) – 20
10-tie. Coupeville – (7-1) – 9
10-tie. Liberty (Spangle) – (6-2) – 9

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Kevin Partida (55) and Daylon Houston (3) are key players on a 6-1 Coupeville High School football squad. (Alia Houston photo)

There’s no consensus.

Coming off of a 78-0 win over La Conner, the Coupeville High School football team sits at 6-1 on the season, and finds itself ranked differently by three different sources.

Evans Rankings has the Wolves at #6 among 2B schools, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association RPI has them #7, and the newest Associated Press poll, released Wednesday, sticks them at #10.

With the AP poll, that’s down one slot from last week, when Coupeville held its highest ranking of the campaign at #9.

Ultimately, though, it all comes down to what the Wolves do on the field, and they’ll get back at it Friday when they travel to Friday Harbor.

A win there — and CHS beat the Wolverines 35-3 earlier this season — and Coupeville claims the Northwest 2B/1B League title and the program’s first trip to the state tourney since 1990.


Associated Press 2B poll for week 9:

1. Napavine – (8-0) – 90 poll points
2. Okanogan – (8-0) – 80
3-tie. Lind-Ritzville/Sprague – (6-1) – 65
3-tie. Toledo – (6-1) – 65
5. River View – (7-1) – 46
6. Columbia (Burbank) – (6-2) – 35
7. Chewelah (Jenkins) – (5-2) – 26
8. Raymond – (6-2) – 24
9. Pe Ell/Willapa Valley – (5-3) – 19
10. Coupeville (6-1) – 17

Others receiving 6 or more points: Liberty (Spangle) – 12

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Wolf QB Logan Downes airs it out. (Brenn Sugatan photo)

Maybe they just shouldn’t play.

Despite having last Friday’s road rumble against Cascade (Leavenworth) cancelled by wildfire smoke, the Coupeville High School football team moved up in the Associated Press state poll.

The Wolves cracked the chart a week ago at #10 and moved up a slot to #9 Wednesday when the latest vote totals were released.

Coupeville, which received seven points a week ago, is up to 18 points, just a single point behind #8 Pe Ell/Willapa Valley.

The Wolves put their 5-1 mark on the line Friday when they host Northwest 2B/1B League rival La Conner.

A win on Senior Night will clinch at least a tie for Coupeville’s first football league title since 1990.

And now that we know what the human voters think of the Wolves, what do the computers say?

Both Evans Rankings and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s RPI data have CHS at #6 among 2B teams.


Associated Press 2B poll for week 8:

1. Napavine – (7-0) – 90 poll points
2. Okanogan – (7-0) – 81
3. Toledo – (6-1) – 61
4. Lind-Ritzville/Sprague – (6-1) – 58
5. Columbia (Burbank) – (6-1) – 54
6. Raymond – (6-1) – 42
7. Chewelah (Jenkins) – (5-2) – 36
8. Pe Ell/Willapa Valley – (4-3) -19
9. Coupeville – (5-1) – 18
10. River View – (6-1) – 11

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Scott Hilborn streaks for the end zone. (Bailey Thule photo)

The world has gone topsy-turvy.

The Coupeville High School football team, off to its best start in a very-long time at 5-1, has gotten some computer love this season.

Newman, the diabolical collection of nuts and bolts doing the heavy work at Evans Rankings, likes the Wolves, mostly.

As does the RPI system employed by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

But real live humans?

Especially big-city newspaper prep sports reporters dreaming about making the jump to getting press box access (and free food) at Mariners or Seahawks games?

Safe to say, 98.4% of them don’t know their Coupeville from their Colville.


This week, when the Associated Press released its weekly football rankings, the Wolves made the poll for the first time since former Wolf coach Ron Bagby was rockin’ the short shorts.

Oh, it’s true.

Coupeville (not Colville) snagged seven points in the poll, placing the Wolves at #10 among all 2B schools in the state.

They sorta, kinda, know our name. Bout dang time.


Associated Press 2B poll for week 7:

1. Napavine – (6-0) – 80 poll points
2. Okanogan – (6-0) – 70
3. Raymond – (6-0) – 64
4. Liberty (Spangle) – (5-1) – 47
5. Lind-Ritzville/Sprague – (5-1) – 46
6. Toledo – (5-1) – 38
7. Columbia (Burbank) – (5-1) – 30
8. Lake Roosevelt – (6-1) – 25
9. Adna – (4-2) – 8
10. Coupeville – (5-1) – 7

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Grady Rickner drills the bottom out of the net. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A smidge of respect.

For the first time this season, the Coupeville High School boys basketball team — the only unbeaten squad left in 2B — has been noticed by the big city boys.

The Wolves, who sit at a pristine 13-0 heading into a game at Friday Harbor tomorrow night, received two votes in the most-recent Associated Press prep basketball poll.

That’s not enough to crack the top 10, which is led by Okanogan and Kalama, but it’s a start.

And, to be honest, the lack of votes is understandable, as AP voters tend to vote for teams they’ve seen play at previous state tournies.

Coupeville’s boys are chasing their first invite to the big dance since 1988, so, out of sight, out of mind.

But now, with each new win, it’ll get harder and harder to ignore the Wolves.

Never know — go win a state title, and they might actually crack the top 10…


To see the latest poll, pop over to:


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