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Mason Grove nailed his shot, coming away as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme poll. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mason Grove is your new internet king.

The Coupeville High School junior held off 24 rivals across the past 100 hours and emerged Tuesday as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

He joins Nick Streubel, Amanda Fabrizi, CJ Smith, Hunter Smith, Joey Lippo, and Ethan Spark in an exclusive club.

And, like them, he gets no trophy, no cash, no trip to Bali – just a warm glow in his chest, knowing voters like him, they really like him.

Sometimes that’s enough.

After the fan bases of the last two winners dropped nuclear bombs, successfully hacking wide-open, no-restriction voting, I clamped down a bit this time around.

Voters were held to one vote per device, every six hours, though it’s entirely possible there still might have been some shenanigans around the edges.

If so, good for you for figuring out ways to beat the system.

With the new restrictions, the final vote totals aren’t as high as they were in recent years, but the race also stayed competitive down the stretch, so that’s nice.

In the end, Grove and Chelsea Prescott, both three-sport stars, pulled away from everyone else.

The lead switched up a couple of times, before Grove’s fan base built a margin which held up across the final two days.

He finished with 1,065 votes, while Prescott tallied 864.

Rounding out the top five were Scout Smith (192), Maya Toomey-Stout (172), and Sarah Wright (124).

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In the end, there can only be one. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net, Dawnelle Conlisk and BreAnna Boon)

Totally imaginary, and yet absolutely necessary.

As we wade into May, the final full month of athletic competition for the prep sports year, it’s time to anoint one Wolf to rule them all.

Sort of.

Welcome to the 7th annual battle royal for the Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

In which the winner gets absolutely nothing but a warm glow in their chest.

Anyway, for those new to May’s most polarizing event, here’s a breakdown.

I nominate 25 Coupeville High School athletes, who, in my sole opinion, made a SIZABLE impact on at least TWO VARSITY teams during the 2018-2019 school year.

With much respect to Aram Leyva (soccer), Veronica Crownover (softball), Ashley Menges (volleyball), Mica Shipley (cheer), and other one-sport standouts, you’re stars, you’re just not eligible for my fake award.

The battle to cut the field to 25 was intense.

There are two male athletes missing who seemed like locks, until I stopped and looked at how much time they missed with injuries.

Also, I’m not going to tell you who ended up #26, but I’m almost certain she’ll crack the field next year.

What I have is 13 girls and 12 boys, with 16 first-timers in the field. The junior class is the best-represented, while, like last year, one freshman beat the odds to make the cut.

Voting starts at 10 AM, Friday, May 10 and ends 100 hours later at 2 PM, Tuesday, May 14, and I’ve toughened things up a bit this time.

The last two years there were no restrictions on voting, and a couple of fan bases smart enough to take advantage used internet shenanigans to roll to lopsided wins.

And good for them.

The game was there, waiting to be manipulated, and they stepped up. Kudos.

But this year, it’s more about rallying your fan base, and less about running a script which can drop thousands of votes in a matter of seconds.

I’m sure there are still ways around the new restrictions, which allow you to vote once every six hours. You just have to be more creative this year.

So here we go, and let the bodies hit the floor.

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Coupeville Middle School track guru Jon Gabelein topped 17 other competitors to win our spring sports coaches poll. (Photo property of South Whidbey Fire/EMS)

It was a blowout.

Coupeville Middle School track coach Jon Gabelein put the hammer down midway through our 48-hour poll to decide the “Top Coach of the Spring” and never looked back.

Pulling in more than 50% of the 3,058 votes cast, he bested 17 other CHS and CMS coaches to win a highly-coveted, yet totally imaginary, award.

In somewhat of a surprise, Gabelein’s win also means middle school coaches won all three season polls this school year.

CMS cross country coach Elizabeth Bitting won in the fall, while CMS hoops coaches, and twin brothers, Dante and DeAndre Mitchell tied for top honors in the winter.

This time around, Gabelein finished with 1,676 votes, while CHS assistant baseball coach Aaron Lucero (540) held down second-place.

Rounding out the top five were CHS head softball coach Kevin McGranahan (282), CHS softball assistant Morgan Young (128), and CHS head baseball coach Chris Smith (94).

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CHS and CMS spring coaches (l to r, top to bottom): Elizabeth Bitting, Mike Etzell, Jon Gabelein, Steve Hilborn, Lincoln Kelley, Randy King, Aaron Lucero, Bob Martin, Kyle Nelson.

Justine McGranahan, Kevin McGranahan, Neil Rixe, Chris Smith, Ken Stange, Greg Thomas, Robert Wood, Ron Wright, Morgan Young.

Time to rally the troops and storm the voting booth.

With school sports in a bit of a slowdown this week, thanks to spring break, the real excitement returns.

Yes, it’s that time when a completely imaginary award throws everyone into a tizzy.

You work at your craft, hone your teaching skills, change lives, bring glory to your school … and then a silly little poll decides your worth as a coach.

Or not.

Ultimately, it’s about getting David plenty of page views. We all know the truth.

Be that as it may, it’s time to send 18 Coupeville spring sports coaches into the arena, and wait and see who’s willing to wear their thumbs down in pursuit of fleeting internet glory.

The rules are simple – there are none.

The poll goes live Tuesday, Apr. 2 at 8 AM and, 48 hours later, 8 AM Thursday, it closes.

Vote as many times as you like. Ballot box stuffing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Shamelessly hustle for support or ignore my poll completely, your choice.

When it’s all over, one coach will emerge with a warm glow in their chest, while others might have a little angina.

Either way, the world will go on.

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Twin brothers DeAndre (left) and Dante Mitchell finished in a tie atop the poll to decide the Coupeville Sports “Winter Coach of the Season.”

Back in their younger days.

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

I’ve run 21 polls in the history of Coupeville Sports, and never had this happen.

But here we are, 48 hours and 25 minutes later (yes, I overslept…) and 2,248 votes down the road, and we have a TIE for the “Winter Sports Coach of the Season.”

Which is kind of appropriate, because the winners are twin brothers.

Just as mom Avis can’t pick a favorite (at least in public), the voters decided to honor both of her sons, Coupeville Middle School 8th grade basketball coaches Dante and DeAndre Mitchell.

The former Wolf players each picked up exactly 634 votes, putting them comfortably ahead of third-place finisher Scott Fox, who strolled in with 422 votes to claim third.

The Coupeville High School boys C-Team coach was followed by CMS coach Mikayla Elfrank (145) and CHS JV guru Chris Smith (113) in a field of 14 basketball coaches.

And they were all basketball coaches in this poll, as I accidentally left out CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon and her husband Tyson, who is providing coaching for Coupeville’s lone wrestler, Alex Turner.

Thankfully, that duo have already won state and national titles back in their own high school days, so, missing out on a chance to vie for my totally made up, but totally amazing, non-trophy, probably won’t destroy their lives.

We hope.

For the rest of the coaches, and their various fan clubs, thanks for playing along and congrats to the Mitchell brothers.

If they want to break the tie, may I suggest a brisk game of HORSE down at the CHS gym?

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