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After finishing second at the district tourney, Mollie Bailey and Coupeville softball are state-bound. (Karen Carlson photo)

Trust me, it’s not that bad.

Yes, the Coupeville High School softball squad fell 10-2 to Lynden Christian Saturday in the District 1 title game at Sedro-Woolley’s Janicki Fields.

But never forget, the Wolves were playing with house money.

They had already clinched a trip to state, their first visit to the big dance since 2014 and only the third in the program’s 41-year history, after winning Thursday against Meridian and Granite Falls.

Coupeville, 14-8 on the season after losing for the first time in its last seven games, is Richland-bound, one of 16 teams with a chance of winning a 1A state crown during the May 24-25 championships.

And also, while the Wolves lost Saturday, they did not get emotionally savaged like North Sound Conference mates Granite and Cedar Park Christian.

The Tigers, who two weeks ago seemed like a slam dunk to win the NSC title, until Coupeville ruined that for them, completed a late-season collapse with a 14-1 loss to CPC Saturday in a loser-out game.

But, before you get ready to congratulate the Eagles, just know that two hours later, Cedar Park suffered one of the worst gut-shots I’ve ever witnessed on a high school field.

CPC went into the bottom of the seventh leading Mount Baker 8-5 in the 3rd place game, then got two outs.

Players on the Eagles bench were openly discussing not whether they WOULD celebrate, but HOW they would celebrate, when they got out #21 and clinched the district’s third, and final, berth to state.

And then? Oh, my sweet lord…

Four consecutive plays from Hell itself killed the Christians (metaphorically, at least).

A throw went off the Cedar Park first baseman’s glove for an error.

An outfielder went to squeeze a fly ball in left-center and it somehow squirted free for another error.

The third-baseman reached down for a grounder, only to have the ball skitter off her foot, her arm, and her glove as it endlessly ricocheted.

With the game suddenly tied, Cedar Park had one small sliver of hope. Get the third out and at least it could regroup in extra innings and…


The very next pitch sailed 10 feet past the Eagle catcher, the winning run scampered home, Mount Baker tried to decide if it was more stunned or joyous and chose joyous, and the bus ride back to Bothell suddenly became a journey no one wanted to take.

It was the kind of ending to a game, a season, a career for some Cedar Park players, that will likely hurt forever.

Heck, it scarred me, and I didn’t really care who won the game.

Most of all though, at least for Coupeville players, coaches, fans, and hanger-on’s, it was solid proof that the Wolf loss was nothing to be too troubled about.

Like I said, there’s plenty of season left for the Cow Town sluggers, who lived up to their #1 seed, and merely ran into a very-efficient team from a school which has a trophy case the size of Mount St. Helens (before it blew its top).

Lynden Christian pumps out one scary-good player after another, two dozen at a time, and regardless of what their record might be, you can always count on the Lyncs to operate with a championship mindset.

But, clean up a few mental mistakes, get the normally red-hot bats smokin’ a little earlier than happened Saturday, and if Coupeville meets Lynden at state, there’s nothing to fear.

The two teams dueled through a scoreless tie until the top of the fourth, as Wolf freshman hurler Izzy Wells matched up well with Lync senior pitcher Anny Jansma.

Wells limited Lynden to a walk in the first, stranded two runners in the second thanks to back-to-back strikeouts, then buzzed the Lyncs in order in the third.

Jansma was no slouch, suffering only a first inning walk to Chelsea Prescott and a third-inning single which tore off of Scout Smith’s bat and slammed off the pitcher’s foot before redirecting into right field.

Things finally broke in the top of the fourth, when Lynden dumped a two-out, two-run single into shallow right field, the ball splashing down just inches away from two Coupeville defenders.

Even when the Lyncs added a run in the top of the fifth to push the margin to 3-0, the game still seemed very winnable for Coupeville.

It was a bit troubling that the Wolves could only scrape out a Prescott single in the fourth, and nothing in the fifth.

But, even though it hadn’t pushed a runner past first base through five frames, Coupeville’s offense has been so torrid recently, a comeback never seemed out of the picture.

Until the wheels fell off in the sixth.

Four Lynden hits, mixed with a few mental mistakes from the Wolves, let the Lyncs slap five runs on the scoreboard, turning a taut thriller into more of a run-away, and it was fatal.

With the odds not in its favor, Coupeville finally broke through against Jansma in the bottom of the sixth, but the Lync hurler denied them a game-busting rally.

Smith singled to open the inning, then, after she was forced at second on a fielder’s choice grounder, Emma Mathusek became the first Wolf to visit a base other than first.

The Wolf junior trotted down to second when Prescott was plunked on the foot, before skittering home on an RBI single by catcher Sarah Wright.

Then came a walk to Veronica Crownover, followed by a second RBI single, this one from Coral Caveness, who was one of several Wolves rockin’ the bare shoulders, gun show look while playing under a blazing Sedro sun.

Two runs in, bases juiced, and the rally caps started to tentatively come out for Wolf Nation, but Jansma was having none of it.

Rearing back and flinging liquid heat, she whiffed her fellow pitcher to end both the inning and the threat, and that was pretty much it.

Lynden tacked on another two runs in the seventh, benefiting from a blown pickle play by the Wolves and a bloop single, and Coupeville was unable to pull off any final inning magic.

The Wolves did get their first two hitters aboard, with Chloe Wheeler walking and Smith spanking a ball to right which was dropped, but Jansma quickly reverted to lights-out mode.

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Mason Grove nailed his shot, coming away as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme poll. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mason Grove is your new internet king.

The Coupeville High School junior held off 24 rivals across the past 100 hours and emerged Tuesday as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

He joins Nick Streubel, Amanda Fabrizi, CJ Smith, Hunter Smith, Joey Lippo, and Ethan Spark in an exclusive club.

And, like them, he gets no trophy, no cash, no trip to Bali – just a warm glow in his chest, knowing voters like him, they really like him.

Sometimes that’s enough.

After the fan bases of the last two winners dropped nuclear bombs, successfully hacking wide-open, no-restriction voting, I clamped down a bit this time around.

Voters were held to one vote per device, every six hours, though it’s entirely possible there still might have been some shenanigans around the edges.

If so, good for you for figuring out ways to beat the system.

With the new restrictions, the final vote totals aren’t as high as they were in recent years, but the race also stayed competitive down the stretch, so that’s nice.

In the end, Grove and Chelsea Prescott, both three-sport stars, pulled away from everyone else.

The lead switched up a couple of times, before Grove’s fan base built a margin which held up across the final two days.

He finished with 1,065 votes, while Prescott tallied 864.

Rounding out the top five were Scout Smith (192), Maya Toomey-Stout (172), and Sarah Wright (124).

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CHS scorekeeper Justine McGranahan lays down the law. “I said it was an error! You want a hit, maybe don’t smack the ball right at their glove next time.” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tariana Hunter was one of four Wolf seniors honored Friday.

Sarah Wright comes flying into third after clearing the bags with a booming shot to center.

Nicole Laxton shares her Senior Night with her family.

“You can run, but you can’t hide!” Chelsea Prescott slaps the tag down emphatically.

Veronica Crownover is a homer-hittin’ machine like the CHS diamond has rarely seen.

Wright and (part of) her huge fan club.

Get you someone who looks at you the way Wright looks at confetti.

Prescott gets movin’.

All in all, Friday was a pretty good day on the prairie.

The Coupeville High School softball squad celebrated Senior Night (with confetti cannons), swept a doubleheader, and did it all under blue skies and sunshine.

In between sips of Diet Coke, noted paparazzi John Fisken fired off about a billion photos, give or take a hundred or so, and you can see some of his work above.

To peruse everything he shot, and possibly purchase some glossies to remember the occasion, pop over to:


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Scout Smith crunched two doubles Monday, but Coupeville lost a tough road game. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Sela Flynn had an amazing Monday afternoon.

Sadly, that’s not good news for Coupeville High School softball fans.

Flynn, who suits up for Cedar Park Christian, went on a rampage like you rarely see, smacking two home runs, and narrowly missing a third, while picking up eight RBI’s.

Fueled by a white-hot slugger, two defensive plays which ripped the heart out of the Wolves, and one of the most inconsistent home plate umps to ever go into a semi-crouch, CPC defended its turf, sending Coupeville home on the wrong end of a 9-5 score.

The loss drops the Wolves to 5-3 in North Sound Conference play, 8-7 overall, and (for the moment) knocks them into 3rd place in the standings.

Coupeville trails Granite Falls (8-1, 11-5) and CPC (6-3, 11-4), while Sultan (1-6, 1-9) and South Whidbey (1-8, 4-11) bring up the rear.

There is a silver lining, however.

The Wolves play their final four regular-season games on Whidbey, with Granite coming to Coupeville Wednesday and Sultan arriving Friday for a doubleheader.

CHS closes with a short trip to Langley May 7 to face South Whidbey.

While Coupeville is a half-game off of Cedar Park, if the teams finish tied, the Wolves would get the higher seed to the district playoffs, as they own the tiebreaker, having beaten the Eagles two out of three this season.

In the early going Monday it looked like it would be three out of three.

Coupeville pushed across three runs in the top of the first, mainly by taking advantage of CPC mistakes.

Scout Smith suffered an extremely-rare strikeout to lead off the game, but alertly bolted to first when the catcher missed the ball and could only watch in horror as it ping-ponged off the backstop and away from her.

A walk to Emma Mathusek, followed by a crisp single to right off of Chelsea Prescott’s┬ábat, juiced the bags with no one out, and it looked like the Wolves were preparing to savage their hosts.

No matter how many times the home plate ump changed his entire strike zone pitch to pitch.

It wasn’t to be, though, as runs came home twice on errors by the CPC defense and once on a walk to Mackenzie Davis, but the Wolves couldn’t find another hit in the inning.

Still, with fab frosh Izzy Wells carrying a no-hitter into the bottom of the third, Coupeville looked solid. Even if its own offense stranded three more runners across the next two innings.

Things took a dire turn though, when the indecisive, inconsistent ump finally got consistent about one thing – not giving Coupeville’s hurler any strike calls unless she all but grooved the ball.

Forced to enter Flynn’s power zone, the Wolves paid dearly, as the Eagle slugger crunched a three-run home run to straight-away center – her team’s first hit and a game-changer at that.

If nothing else, the blow seemed to knock some of the lethargy out of the Wolves, who responded by almost, but not quite, blowing the game back open in the top of the fourth.

Doubles from Smith and Prescott gave CHS the lead back at 4-3, and a walk to Sarah Wright put two aboard as Mollie Bailey strode to the plate.

The sophomore third-baseman, who has spent the season lashing big hits, did it again, smoking a ball into the gap between second and first.


Ellie Chi, CPC’s sophomore second-baseman, made a play which was nothing less than sensational.

You can hate the result if you’re a Wolf fan, but dang, you have to (reluctantly) applaud.

Launching her body airborne while jerking to the left, glove parallel to the ground, Chi yanked Bailey’s hot shot out of the air, holding on as she crashed back to bounce off the soccer-field turf the Eagles have dropped their makeshift softball diamond upon.

Ball gets through, both runners come home, it’s a three-run lead and a big inning is brewing.

Chi makes the play, though, and it deflates everything.

Well, except for the Eagles, who, having escaped their jam, went out and added three more runs in the bottom of the fourth to snatch the lead.

An RBI single tied things up, before Flynn bounced a two-run double off the wall in left-center.

And yet, the game wasn’t lost at that point.

The two pitchers buzzed through the fifth, then Coupeville made another move to blow things open in the top of the sixth, only to be denied again by the thinnest of margins.

Smith conked another double, this one flying to the wall in the left field corner, then scampered home on an RBI ground-out by Prescott, and it was a one-run game.

Tying run at second, clean-up hitter Wright bending her bat in half at the plate, just one out, and things looked promising.

And, just like with Bailey in the fourth, Wright cracked the heck out of the ball, sending a rocket back up the middle, where it connected with the CPC pitcher’s leg.

Ball hitting flesh made a sound reminiscent of a watermelon being fired out of a cannon before colliding with a brick wall, and yet, to the amazement of all, Eagle hurler Erica Giles stayed on her feet.

Which would be an accomplishment in itself.

That she staggered backward for a second, before ignoring whatever pain was coursing through her body and scrambled to retrieve the ball and nail Wright by a step at first, deserves a tip of the hat.

Hate the result maybe, but credit where credit is due – it was a gutsy play.

Given another reprieve, Cedar Park made it official in the bottom of the sixth.

Coupeville decided to play with fire and pitch to Flynn, and she bombed another three-run tater, dropping this one over the left field fence to cap a remarkable offensive show.

For CHS coach Kevin McGranahan, the game was a missed opportunity, one which could have turned out better if one or two plays went differently.

“We came out a little flat and paid for it later,” he said. “We just couldn’t get our big bats going when we needed them.

“All in all, we beat ourselves, but they played good defense and we didn’t hit like we can.”

Smith (two doubles) and Prescott (1B, 2B) led Coupeville at the plate, while Nicole Laxton and Mathusek added singles.

Laxton had the most entertaining steal of the season after her base-knock, beating the throw to second base by pulling off a fairly-spectacular face-first dive into the bag, just evading the sweeping tag.

Wright and Mathusek walked twice apiece, while Davis eked out a free pass to round out the attack.

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Sarah Wright (left) and Izzy Wells discuss the latest stats updates. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Stats don’t always tell the whole story, but they do tell an interesting one.

Watching the numbers ebb and flow over the course of a season gives you a pretty good idea of who’s hot, who’s trying to find their rhythm, and who’s just downright dangerous.

The Coupeville High School softball squad is surging in the race for a North Sound Conference title, so it’s time to pop back in and take a look at where its 12 varsity players stand in the stats race.

A look at season-to-date numbers, as plucked from MaxPreps:



Player AB Runs Hits 2B 3B HR SB BB RBI Avg. OBP
A. Shaw 12 3 2 1 6 .167 .444
I. Wells 29 8 6 1 2 3 .207 .303
C. Wheeler 7 1 1 1 4 3 .143 .455
C. Caveness 25 6 4 1 5 3 .160 .344
E. Mathusek 37 18 14 4 1 1 14 17 .378 .558
S. Smith 47 23 17 5 1 1 4 10 12 .362 .492
C. Prescott 48 16 13 1 3 3 7 10 .271 .375
M. Davis 25 2 3 1 6 3 .120 .290
M. Bailey 40 12 14 1 1 5 9 .350 .422
V. Crownover 43 12 22 8 3 5 22 .512 .560
S. Wright 48 22 29 8 2 3 1 3 21 .604 .642
N. Laxton 19 6 6 1 4 4 .263 .500



Player W/L ERA Gms CG SO Hits Runs BB K IP BF
I. Wells 6-3 6.73 10 6 73 68 34 58 52 289
S. Smith 2-3 6.52 7 3 34 39 11 13 29 146
C. Prescott 0-0 12.25 2 5 11 3 1 4 25

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