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Coupeville Booster Club president Wendi Hilborn and her cohorts doled out almost $10,000 Thursday to Wolf sports teams. (Ema Smith photo)

Let the good times roll.

Coming off of a hugely successful Crab Feed, the Coupeville Booster Club let the money rain down on Wolf sports programs this week.

Flush with cash from the year’s biggest fundraiser, the club approved six different requests from CHS and CMS sports programs.

“We had a very productive Booster Club meeting,” said board President Wendi Hilborn.

That was a sentiment echoed by everyone in the room.

“This makes us SO happy!!,” said board member Jess Lucero. “In the past, not all teams took advantage of their team improvement money.”

Requests approved Thursday, to the tune of almost $10,000:

A timing system for CMS/CHS cross country – $1,297.66.

Headsets for CMS/CHS football – $2,430.00.

CMS basketball shooting shirts – $694.00.

CHS boys basketball travel bags – $1,319.21.

LED display timing system for CMS/CHS track – $2,110.11

CHS baseball pitching machine – $1,736.00.

Funding Wolf sports programs is an ongoing business, but membership fees (join today!) and fundraisers help the Booster Club keep chugging along.

“The Crab Feed was a success and this always puts the board at ease, as it lets us know we meet our budgeted obligations,” Lucero said.

“We want to thank those who supported the Crab Feed by donating items, services, or volunteering man hours to make it happen,” she added. “We would have virtually nothing to give teams if it wasn’t for the Crab Feed.”


PS — Want to join the Booster Club, help fund them, and keep the money flowing to Wolf sports?

The club offers four tiers, and a membership is good from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of the next year:

$125 — Business membership (includes a Wolf banner)

$75 — Family membership

$50 — Individual membership

$25 — Wolf Backer

The Individual, Family, and Business levels also include signage acknowledging you in the entrance way to the CHS gym.

Of course, you can also make special monetary gifts and donations, if you’re feeling especially flush with Wolf pride.

For more info, and to sign up today, pop over to:


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“Dang it, the ‘stache stays, Sherry! In the words of ’70s rock gods ELO … It’s a livin’ thing; It’s a terrible thing to lose; It’s a given thing; What a terrible thing to lose.” (Photos by Ema Smith)

“Was I not clear on this, sir? I’m just sayin’, you give my friend here a free 7-Up and maybe you get to keep using all your fingers. Maybe.”

When she uses that strawberry shampoo.

There’s another side to the Coupeville Booster Club’s annual Crab Feed.

Sure, the event is the biggest fundraiser of the year, and sure, all that money helps drive Wolf athletics for another year.

Community members get to mingle, and all is good and well.

Unless you’re a crab!

Than it’s The Night of a Thousand Butter Pats, an urban legend crab moms pass down to scare their unruly children at bed time.

At least I’d like to think so.

One second you’re the first crab in your whole family to go to college. The next you’re headed to the big hot tub in the sky. Life comes at you fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

That moment when you realize the crabs didn’t volunteer.

“Get in the pot, crabs! The Strawberry Slammer has spoken!!”

“Hey there, little crab buddies, I’ll sneak you out of this joint. You can hide in my pot of butter. Of course I brought my own butter pot … does it look like this is my first time at the rodeo, skippy?”

“Pinch, pinch, lil’ crabbies. You all float down here.”

“Goodnight, sweet crab princes, and flights of angels sing thee to thy butter-encrusted rest.”

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The paparazzi pops off a mirror-aided selfie before shooting pics Saturday at the Coupeville Booster Club Crab Feed. (Photos by Ema Smith)

Jeannie Sandahl and Brian Vick keep the bubbly flowing.

Volleyball aces (l to r) Lucy Sandahl, Ashley Menges and Emma Smith can’t pass up a photo op.

Randy and Laurie King enjoy a night on the town.

Fab frosh (l to r) Audrianna Shaw, Ella Colwell and Samantha Streitler hang out with Stephanie Grimm and Bonnie Shaw.

While the crabs cook, Kole Kellison (back, left) ponders how long it will take to turn his ’70s cop ‘stache into a magnificent beard o’ the sea, like the one Mark Hammer rocks.

Why did Superintendent Steve King bounce from Oak Harbor to Coupeville? The food’s much better over here.

Ciara Smith (middle) offers some sisterly love as lil’ sis Ema clicks away. 

Having captured lemon bars for her table, Kim Robinett floats on air.

Lucy Sandahl and dad Michael win the award for the photo most likely to make people say, “aaaahhh…”

The circle of life is fueled by crustaceans.

The Coupeville Booster Club threw its yearly Crab Feed shindig Saturday, packing the Nordic Lodge Hall and raising a ton of money for CHS athletes.

The event is the biggest fundraiser for the boosters, and, along with the food, and the auctions, it also attracts a high class of paparazzi.

Ema Smith, uber-talented Wolf senior, returned to swing the camera lens on the crowd, and the photos above are courtesy her.

To see everything she shot (all photos can be downloaded for free), pop over to:


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   The Coupeville Booster Club’s annual Crab Feed fundraiser attracted an assortment of people, including John Fisken and Ciara Smith. (Ema Smith photos)

Someone’s excited to get eatin’.

Avalon Renninger, one with the universe.

Wolf volleyball ace Lucy Sandahl checks in on her papa.

   Soccer sensation Genna Wright lays the smack down on her potato. “I am going to destroy you! Absolutely destroy you!!”

“How sweet it is!”

Morgan Pease (left) and Lindsey Roberts have a smile-off.

   Maddy Hilkey (with tongs) and Jake Pease prepare to attack Sarah Wright’s tray o’ crab.

   Having just made it back from the state volleyball tourney in Yakima, Wolves (l to r) Emma Smith, Hope Lodell and Ashley Menges showed up to help serve.

   Former Booster Club bigwig Robyn Myers enjoys the perks of eating crab with husband Rob without having to spend months planning the event.

It’s the biggest social event of the season.

Every year the Coupeville Booster Club puts on a crab feed, and everyone who is anyone shows up to support Wolf athletes and enjoy a mix of taste treats.

As the action went down Saturday night, CHS supernova Ema Smith clicked away, providing us with the pics seen above.

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"My name's Ralph, I enjoy long sunsets, long walks on the beach and ... wait, you're gonna do WHAT with me now?!?!?" (John Fisken photos)

   “My name’s Ralph, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and … wait, you’re gonna do WHAT with me now?!?!?” (John Fisken photo)

(Ema Smith photo)

“Ralph! Ralph!! Speak to me, Ralph!!!!!” (Ema Smith photo)

"Get in my belly!!" (ES)

“Get in my belly, Ralph!!” (ES)

Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose, three-sport legend, five-star cupcake chef. (JF)

Sarah Wright (ES)

Wolf sophomore sensation Sarah Wright sacrifices for the cause. (ES)

Bob Martin (JF)

   As a former Marine Corps Drill Sergeant, CMS coach Bob Martin is not sure about this whole “hugging” thing. (JF)

Scout and Chris (ES)

Freshman phenom Scout Smith hangs out with proud papa Chris Smith. (ES)

Ema Smith comes out from behind the camera to entertain the crowd. (JF)

Ema Smith comes out from behind the camera to entertain the crowd. (JF)

ginsu (JF)

   Smith is joined by partner in shenanigans Lindsey Roberts. Be afraid. Very afraid. (JF)

Willie Smith (JF)

   Coupeville High School AD Willie Smith proposes a game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” — with these cupcakes. (JF)

We went full-bore.

Saturday night brought the biggest athletic fundraiser our town has each year — the famous Crab Feed and auction extravaganza — and we had not one, but two paparazzi on the scene.

Capturing images of the Coupeville Booster Club’s shindig were John Fisken and Ema Smith, and the photos above are courtesy them.

The captions? That’s all me, and thank you for asking, I do amuse myself.

PS — To see all the photos, pop over to:


Since it’s a special event, the copyright restrictions are off and you’ll be able to right click and save on any pics at the link.

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