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   The Coupeville Booster Club’s annual Crab Feed fundraiser attracted an assortment of people, including John Fisken and Ciara Smith. (Ema Smith photos)

Someone’s excited to get eatin’.

Avalon Renninger, one with the universe.

Wolf volleyball ace Lucy Sandahl checks in on her papa.

   Soccer sensation Genna Wright lays the smack down on her potato. “I am going to destroy you! Absolutely destroy you!!”

“How sweet it is!”

Morgan Pease (left) and Lindsey Roberts have a smile-off.

   Maddy Hilkey (with tongs) and Jake Pease prepare to attack Sarah Wright’s tray o’ crab.

   Having just made it back from the state volleyball tourney in Yakima, Wolves (l to r) Emma Smith, Hope Lodell and Ashley Menges showed up to help serve.

   Former Booster Club bigwig Robyn Myers enjoys the perks of eating crab with husband Rob without having to spend months planning the event.

It’s the biggest social event of the season.

Every year the Coupeville Booster Club puts on a crab feed, and everyone who is anyone shows up to support Wolf athletes and enjoy a mix of taste treats.

As the action went down Saturday night, CHS supernova Ema Smith clicked away, providing us with the pics seen above.

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"My name's Ralph, I enjoy long sunsets, long walks on the beach and ... wait, you're gonna do WHAT with me now?!?!?" (John Fisken photos)

   “My name’s Ralph, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and … wait, you’re gonna do WHAT with me now?!?!?” (John Fisken photo)

(Ema Smith photo)

“Ralph! Ralph!! Speak to me, Ralph!!!!!” (Ema Smith photo)

"Get in my belly!!" (ES)

“Get in my belly, Ralph!!” (ES)

Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose, three-sport legend, five-star cupcake chef. (JF)

Sarah Wright (ES)

Wolf sophomore sensation Sarah Wright sacrifices for the cause. (ES)

Bob Martin (JF)

   As a former Marine Corps Drill Sergeant, CMS coach Bob Martin is not sure about this whole “hugging” thing. (JF)

Scout and Chris (ES)

Freshman phenom Scout Smith hangs out with proud papa Chris Smith. (ES)

Ema Smith comes out from behind the camera to entertain the crowd. (JF)

Ema Smith comes out from behind the camera to entertain the crowd. (JF)

ginsu (JF)

   Smith is joined by partner in shenanigans Lindsey Roberts. Be afraid. Very afraid. (JF)

Willie Smith (JF)

   Coupeville High School AD Willie Smith proposes a game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” — with these cupcakes. (JF)

We went full-bore.

Saturday night brought the biggest athletic fundraiser our town has each year — the famous Crab Feed and auction extravaganza — and we had not one, but two paparazzi on the scene.

Capturing images of the Coupeville Booster Club’s shindig were John Fisken and Ema Smith, and the photos above are courtesy them.

The captions? That’s all me, and thank you for asking, I do amuse myself.

PS — To see all the photos, pop over to:


Since it’s a special event, the copyright restrictions are off and you’ll be able to right click and save on any pics at the link.

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   This crab is not on the menu, but a whole lot of the real thing will be Oct. 22 at the Coupeville Booster Club fundraiser. (John Fisken photo)

All the pertinent info in one easy-to-read flier.

All the pertinent info in one easy-to-read flier.

Get in my mouth.

That’s what you’ll be saying Saturday, Oct. 22, if you get your tickets now for the annual Coupeville Booster Club Crab Feed.

The biggest fundraiser for the organization, it goes down at the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge Hall (63 Jacobs Road in Coupeville).

I could say more, but you could also just scroll back up and look at the flier above and get all the info in half the time.

What I will say is the Booster Club is invaluable in supporting Wolf athletics at every level, something I’ve witnessed first-hand.

But to do the magic, which ranges from providing CHS coaches snappy, school-branded clothing to sponsoring scholarships to buying training equipment, the Booster Club needs a financial boost from Wolf supporters like you and me.

And hey, you’re getting crab. Kind of a win-win, if you ask me.

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The Coupeville Booster Club -- doing solid business since back in the days when Ron Bagby was still rockin' the short shorts. (Photo courtesy Scott Losey)

   The Coupeville Booster Club — doing solid business since back in the days when Ron Bagby was still rockin’ the short shorts. (Photo courtesy Scott Losey)

You can change the world.

Yes, you, the one sitting there eating crackers in your pajamas while reading this.

With a new school sports year officially starting tonight, as the Coupeville High School girls’ soccer squad plays in a jamboree up Oak Harbor way (6 PM at Wildcat Stadium), now is the time for everyone to answer the call of their nation.

And by that, I mean Wolf Nation.

The power behind the throne — the Coupeville Booster Club — is putting out a call for new members, and it’s like they’ve sent you an engraved invitation.

Want to help guide the athletic future of the Wolves?

Be creative? Industrious? Packed with enough spirit that you elevate a couple of inches off the ground when you walk?

Or just want to write a check and sit back in your easy chair, content to eat crackers again, knowing you’ve done your bit?

Either way, this is most certainly for you.

The Booster Club, which is essentially a rollicking lil’ club of like-minded folks who band together to keep Coupeville athletics rolling, is absolutely essential.

From funding scholarships to buying varsity letters to providing snacks for teams stuck on long bus and ferry trips to clothing Wolf coaches in snazzy polo shirts, they are the people who make the magic happen.

In my own case, they were invaluable, both with a financial donation and extensive behind the scenes support, when I was working on my year-long project to install a Wall of Fame in the CHS gym.

Without their help and support, and their ability to calm me down whenever I started ranting about how we should get AC/DC to play the unveiling ceremony (while strobe lights and a fog machine waged war in the gym), the project would have veered off the road about 2,419 times.

But now, you’re asking yourself, why me?

Because every fan, whether you’re a Wolf parent or not, has valuable opinions and can bring a different perspective to the club.

New ideas, new energy, is what keeps the Booster Club hoppin’ as it keeps up with an ever-changing athletic world.

Join and you get access to the inner circle, a feeling of accomplishment and pride, a chance to make Coupeville athletics shine even brighter in the days to come, maybe even a pat on the head.

And candy.

Cause there’s usually candy at the club meetings. Just saying.

Whether you want to rise in the ranks to being one of those who guide the day-to-day business or you’re content to be the wind beneath their wings while staying in the background, now is the time.

How do you join? So, so easy. Thanks for asking.

There are four membership levels:

$25 makes you a Wolf backer.

$50 buys you an individual membership.

$75 nets you a family membership.

$125 gets you a business membership (with Wolf flag included).

PS — The secret fifth membership, known informally as the “Bill Gates level,” is if you step in and personally finance an entirely new football field or gym on your own.

Do that and the community gives you a parade and carries you through town on its shoulders, shouting your name as roses and chocolate rain down from the skies above for hours on end.

Could happen. You never know.

To join the Booster Club, there’s a couple of quick and easy options.

You could mail a check (written to “Coupeville Booster Club”) to P.O. Box 452, Coupeville, WA 98239, pop over to the Club’s Facebook page (see below) and use a credit card or swing by the club’s booth at Wolf games.

If you are Bill Gates, though, maybe use option three.

Don’t want to lose any million-dollar-plus checks in the mail now, do we?


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Gabe Wynn (John Fisken and Ema Smith photos)

   Hoops star Gabe Wynn plays nice with the paparazzi. (John Fisken and Ema Smith photos)

Lindsey Roberts

   CHS frosh Lindsey Roberts (left) hangs out for a moment with her mama, Wolf athletic legend Sherry (Bonacci) Roberts.

Tami Aparicio

   Then she’s off to grab another photo op, this time with Tami Aparicio (left) and Jennifer Kellner.


The hardest-working salad-making squad in all the land.


Sage Renninger thought she just saw a crab leg move.


Wolf moms Kali Barrio (left) and Charlotte Young, up to no good.


Droppin’ side-eye, all day long.


   Lauren Bayne planned ahead. Now that you’ve eaten turkey for three straight days, you’d pay extra for some crab legs, wouldn’t you?

So, it’s the day after the day after Thanksgiving, that time when you look in the frig and are like, “What? There are still leftovers in there?!?!”

You’re like, “Well, they’ve been in there for some time and they’re all stuck together…” and then you dive in and eat them all. You just do.

While I don’t have that 23rd slice of pie or the bite or two of cranberry sauce that got wedged in under the stuffing to offer, I do have some leftover photos.

Last Saturday was the Coupeville Booster Club’s biggest fundraiser event of the season — the annual Crab Feed and Auction — and photo whiz kids John Fisken and Ema Smith were there snapping away.

At the time, we ran photo essays by both of them, but, there were so many photos, we couldn’t use them all.

So now, a week later, I’m clearing out digital space and presenting to you the leftovers.

Just nuke them in the (mental) microwave and enjoy.

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