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Coupeville’s Aidan Wilson (left) and Mitchell Hall dueled for the 5K title at Race the Reserve. (Morgan White photo)

Mitchell Hall defended his home turf.

The Coupeville High School rising senior ran to victory in the 5K at Saturday’s Race the Reserve, earning one of three top finishes.

Joe Humrickhouse of Clinton and Chris Archer of Bellevue captured the half marathon and 10K titles, respectively.

Race the Reserve, which is the top fundraiser for Coupeville’s senior class, drew more than 200 participants to the prairie, with a huge chunk of runners claiming Coupeville as their home.

For the purposes of this article — since the blog is called Coupeville Sports and not the Boise Blabber or the Truckee Tattler — we’ll focus on just the locals.

But to see all the finishers, even the ones who came from Canada or Florida, pop over to:



Coupeville runners:


Half Marathon:

Abiam Melendez (2nd) 1:26:14.2
Amanda Fabrizi (13th) 2:01:03.8
Elizabeth Bitting (17th) 2:03:12.6
Theresa Sanders (19th) 2:04:59.4
Lark Gustafson (25th) 2:09:11.8
Paige Spangler (45th) 2:30:24.2
Lincoln Kelley (56th) 3:10:19.1
Shannon Tumblin (57th) 3:15:03.9
Desi Greene (58th) 3:15:04.0



James Steller (4th) 43:55.2
George Spear (5th) 47:46.7
Ralph Gamble (10th) 51:16.9
Helene Lhamon (11th) 52:04.0
Sandra Johnson (14th) 53:40.1
Lindsey Roberts (25th) 1:04:03.4
Christina Jump (26th) 1:04:25.3
George Thawley (32nd) 1:07:39.5
Anthony Hernandez (39th) 1:16:40.3



Mitchell Hall (1st) 20:16.8
Aidan Wilson (2nd) 20:21.2
Todd Wilson (3rd) 21:06.7
Cael Wilson (5th) 22:13.2
Landon Roberts (6th) 22:21.9
E. Wilson (7th) 22:50.4
Nicholas Wasik (9th) 23:26.2
Luke Summers (14th) 25:58.2
C. Sparacio (15th) 27:44.5
O. Hall (18th) 30:31.2
John Hughes (19th) 30:34.0
Maria Summers (23rd) 31:38.7
River Simpson (36th) 33:06.9
Chase Simpson (37th) 33:06.9
Laken Simpson (38th) 34:35.8
Shellie Barnett (41st) 35:15.2
Heather Nastali (43rd) 38:04.6
Rebecca Roberts (44th) 38:29.2
Stone Simpson (47th) 41:06.3
Jerrold Regan (51st) 41:55.5
Helen Sinclair (54th) 43:42.7
Alice Runk (55th) 44:18.9
Rainy Simpson (58th) 46:21.5
Mel Regan (61st) 46:59.7
Janet Chaykin (62nd) 47:01.1
Lisa Olds (66th) 48:17.4
Ana Brown (77th) 57:29.9
Robyn Myers (82nd) 1:08:37.7
Sherry Bonacci (83rd) 1:08:38.2
Michelle Glass (84th) 1:08:38.9
Charlene Joyce (88th) 1:12:58.5
Georgie Smith (90th) 1:13:55.2
Charles Arndt (91st) 1:13:56.7

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They pedaled right to paydirt.

The 2021 edition of the Tour de Whidbey raised $71,000, which will be used for the purchase of equipment for the WhidbeyHealth Medical Center and Clinics.

The event drew 500+ bicyclists — a 40% increase from previous years — and the money raised was almost double of the total from 2019.

Covid forced the Tour de Whidbey to be cancelled in 2020.

Event organizers offered up a wide range of rides, from a 10-mile family course, which attracted 65 riders, to the 162-mile “power ride.”

The most daunting of all the rides still managed to draw in 42 bicyclists, who “pushed themselves to the max.”

Money raised will be used to purchase equipment such as Halo sanitizing systems, sterilization equipment, personal protective equipment, and AEDs.

Current plans call for the Tour de Whidbey to return in 2022, with August 20 set for the event.


To see photos shot by Sean Callahan, discover more info, or make a donation, pop over to:


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“We’re going to state!” (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

“But first, time to snatch a Slurpee, if I hurry!!”

Slap back a Slurpee and help support some of Whidbey’s best little league diamond dandies.

The Oak Harbor 7-11 located next to the new MOD Pizza is holding a two-day fundraiser July 2-3 to benefit North Whidbey Little League teams.

Stop in — they’re located at 31300 State Route 20 — and buy a Slurpee either one of those days and 100% of the proceeds goes to fund NWLL.

One of the teams you’ll be helping is the Whidbey Island All-Stars juniors softball team, a joint effort of Oak Harbor and Coupeville players.

That squad, which won the District 11 title this past weekend, are headed to the state tourney in Vancouver in early July.

Slurpees, and supporting diamond dreams?

It’s called a win-win.

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To race or not to race? That is the question.

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world, sporting events continue to fall off the schedule.

For now, at least, this summer’s edition of Race the Reserve remains as a possibility.

The event, which features a marathon, half-marathon, 10K, 5K, and marathon relay, is set for August 8.

It’s a major fundraiser, with proceeds going to provide a safe and sober graduation night celebration for Coupeville High School.

Event organizers issued a statement Saturday saying they will make a decision on the viability of the event by July 1.

“We are very aware of the health concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus,” the statement said. “While we don’t want to spread fear, we also want to be responsible.

“Local and national information changes daily, and is being monitored very closely. We are grateful to have more time for planning ahead than some other events have had.

“It is heartbreaking to know so many of our friends around the world and at home are suffering from illness and economic hardship. It is important to us to contribute to the solution and not the problem.”

If the virus is declining by July 1, organizers plan to hold Race the Reserve as planned, with participants receiving a shirt, medal, race support, and official chip time on a USATF-sanctioned course.

But, if things are the same or worse at that time, the event will be cancelled.

In that case, organizers would design a virtual running event to replace the live one, and will determine the best way to distribute medals and shirts.

There is normally a push to have people register as early as possible, but runners are being cautioned that they can wait this year.

“If you are not comfortable with these possibilities, please don’t register until after July 1st,” organizers said.

“We are all in this together. Thank you for your patience as we work for the best outcomes, given our circumstances.”


For updates, check:


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Wolf super fans Mindy and Tim Grove play all the right cards at Saturday’s Coupeville Booster Club Crab Feed. (Photos by Lucy Sandahl)

Scott Stuurmans is pumped to eat some seafood.

Brian Vick knows all the winning numbers.

Tasha and Jarrett Fiedler enjoy a night out.

Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Famer Emma Smith, back home from college for a few days, stops by to sign some autographs.

The guys who make the magic happen.

Coupeville High School basketball coaches Brad Sherman (left) and Scott Fox discuss game strategy while using crab claws to stand in for their players.

The freshmen members of the Crab Crew make an award-worthy debut.

Lucy Sandahl is a woman of many talents.

The Coupeville High School senior, coming off a strong final season on the volleyball court, moved behind the camera Saturday night.

The event was the annual Crab Feed put on by the Coupeville Booster Club, the biggest fundraiser for Wolf sports.

To see everything Sandahl shot, pop over to:


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