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Gavin Knoblich is your 2019 Coupeville High School Homecoming King. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Tia Wurzrainer, three-sport star and ice cream scooper extraordinaire at Kapaws Iskreme, is your Homecoming Queen.

It all came down to taking a bite of a cupcake.

Ten seniors, nominated by their peers, formed the 2019 Coupeville High School Homecoming court, with the King and Queen revealed Friday night at halftime of the Wolf football game.

Each senior was handed a cupcake, with the winners revealed when their sugary treat turned out to be full of sprinkles.

Taking the crowns were Tia Wurzrainer and Gavin Knoblich, who both are three-sport athletes for the Wolves.

The rest of the Homecoming royalty:


Senior Princesses:

Ashleigh Battaglia
Hannah Davidson
Emma Mathusek
Maya Toomey-Stout


Senior Princes:

Jered Brown
Gabe Carlson
Sean Toomey-Stout
James Wood


Junior Princess:

Knight Arndt


Junior Prince:

Owen Barenburg


Sophomore Princess:

Ja’Kenya Hoskins


Sophomore Prince:

Andrew Aparicio


Freshman Princess:

Nezi Keiper


Freshman Prince:

Alex Murdy


Faculty Duchess:

Stephanie Ask


Faculty Duke:

Kyle Nelson

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Lucy Sandahl flies down the backstretch Saturday while running the 10K at Race the Reserve. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Fellow CHS senior Gavin Knoblich dodges raindrops while pulling in volunteer hours.

The runners surge from the starting gate.

Sophie Sandahl cruises by.

Emma Somes protects her noggin from the liquid sunshine.

Michael Sandahl hands out awards (and smiles).

Mary Conlisk zips across the same track brother Danny competed on during his high school days.

Nikolai Lyngra hits the jets as the finish line beckons.

Wolf volleyball superstars Maya Toomey-Stout (left) and Emma Mathusek spend some quality time together.

Back on the Island and back at work.

After spending a chunk of time bouncing around America in an RV, searching for inner truth and such, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken returned to Coupeville Saturday morning.

Calling him like a siren song was the 2019 edition of the annual Race the Reserve, a five-race event which raises money for the next graduating class from Coupeville High School.

Dealing with a sudden onslaught of liquid sunshine in the early morning hours, Fisken kept the camera hummin’, and the pics seen above are a taste of what he shot.

To marinate in everything he captured (and possibly purchase some glossies), pop over to:


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Gavin Knoblich grabs a little rest before heading to the practice field. (Photos by Deb Smith)

Gavin Straub (left) and Dawson Houston both had strong performances at a four-day football camp in Tenino.

“Put us in, coach!”

Brian Casey watches from the sidelines.

The finest in water-dispensing technology.

Back to work they go.

Three days in, and still ready to rumble.

CHS head coach Marcus Carr (far right) dispenses wisdom.

Mission, accomplished.

The Coupeville High School football squad returned to the Island Sunday, after a very-successful appearance at the four-day, 10-team T90 Camp in Tenino.

Touchdown passes were tossed, fumbles were recovered, and lessons were learned under the day-time sun and night-time lights.

Fall practice begins a month from today on Aug. 21, with the season-opener against Port Townsend set for Sept. 6 in Coupeville.

Until then, some photos from camp to tide you over.


And a quick slice of Touchdown Time:

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Senior Matt Hilborn led CHS baseball in multiple stat categories, both as a pitcher and hitter. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

The season’s not complete without one final swing through the stat sheet.

The Coupeville High School baseball squad exited the playoffs Saturday, after pushing a pair of league champs hard.

With the losses to Northwest Conference kingpin Meridian and Emerald City League bigwig Overlake, the Wolves finished 7-14.

That was a big comeback, though, as Coupeville started the season 0-12.

A 4-3 win over arch-rival South Whidbey snapped the skid — and eventually denied the Falcons a chance to win the North Sound Conference title — and kicked off a seven-game winning streak.

CHS swept three-game sets from Sultan and Granite Falls to snare the final NSC playoff berth.

As they pack up the uniforms, bats, and balls until next spring, a look at final individual stats:



Player AB Runs Hits 2B 3B HR SB BB RBI Avg. OBP
D. Olson 50 8 8 3 8 10 .160 .276
H. Wolfe 52 9 15 2 12 5 6 .288 .383
M. Grove 30 4 2 2 4 1 .067 .176
G. Knoblich 55 5 15 2 4 8 .273 .333
M. Hilborn 61 16 19 2 12 11 7 .311 .427
J. Carlson 1
B. Payne 28 4 2 4 9 2 .071 .297
A. Score 5
S. Weatherford 1 1 2 .667
D. Lucero 51 7 16 6 1 14 8 .314 .471
S. Losey 32 5 5 2 1 4 6 1 .156 .289
S. Sharp 7 1 2 1 2 1 .286 .444
G. Straub 2 2 .333
J. Pease 54 11 13 1 2 8 13 .241 .333
U. Wells 55 9 12 3 1 2 4 7 .218 .279
C. Roberts 11 2 1 1 2 2 .091 .231



Player ERA Gms Starts Hits Runs BB HBP K IP BF WHIP
D. Olson 12.37 7 7 45 53 26 6 28 24.1 153 2.918
H. Wolfe 8.75 3 4 5 1 2 2 4.0 20 1.250
M. Grove 5.25 2 2 1 2 1 2 1.1 9 3.000
G. Knoblich 3.50 2 1 1 6 2 1 2.0 15 3.500
M. Hilborn 1.64 8 6 27 18 20 5 45 38.1 172 1.226
J. Carlson 5.83 6 14 6 3 3 6.0 38 2.833
D. Lucero 4.88 8 8 54 40 28 2 35 38.2 204 2.121
C. Roberts 5.94 11 17 14 12 3 15 15.1 78 1.891

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On a five-game winning streak, Cody Roberts (left) and Gavin Knoblich are all smiles. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Softball sluggers Heidi Meyers (left) and Marenna Rebischke-Smith, done with practice for the day, pop by to cheer on their baseball buddies. 

CHS coach Chris Smith cooks up some strategy.

“Spring” sports on the prairie, a time for layers (and more layers). 

Mason Grove tracks a high fly ball.

Dane Lucero goes low to pull in the throw at first.

Daniel Olson offers good vibes to Knoblich.

Jake Pease slaps the tag on a Granite runner lost in no-man’s land.

The bats are hot, the camera hotter.

As the Coupeville High School baseball squad bashed out nine hits Monday en route to its fifth-straight win, wanderin’ paparazzi John Fisken was busy clicking away from every angle.

The photos above are courtesy him.

To see more, and possibly purchase some glossies for grandma (thereby helping fund scholarships for CHS student/athletes), pop over to:


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