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“Be one with the basketball, my children.” (Amy King photos)

Tasty treats await hoops fanatics.

   Wolves (l to r) Lindsey Roberts, Maddy Hilkey and Kailey Kellner work the scorekeeper’s table.

   Hunter Downes (left) and Jered Bown give up their weekend to help the Wolf hoops program raise funds.

   CHS hoops stars (l to r) Kyla Briscoe, Tiffany Briscoe and Ema Smith pull a shift.

Smith is joined by Avalon Renninger (left) and Ashlie Shank.

   CHS girls hoops coach David King (second from left) and his weekend band of warriors.

If you open the gym, they will show up.

Coupeville High School (and its basketball teams) played host to the annual Hoopaholics basketball tourney/fundraiser this weekend.

The three-day event, which raises money for the Wolf girls and boys hoops programs, packs the gym with players of a certain age trying to recapture their basketball youth.

As the event unfolded, CHS coach Amy King snapped the pics seen above, which she shares with us.

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(Amy King photos)

   Wolf dads (l to r) Ron Wright, Jon Roberts and Tim Grove fire up the grill for post-game burgers. (Amy King photos)


   CHS hoops stars (l to r) Tiffany Briscoe, Ema Smith and Hannah Davidson pull duty at the scorers table.


This ref ain’t taking any guff from the cheap seats.


   Lauren Grove controls the basketball universe (and the clock) with a little help from running mates Maddy Hilkey and Smith.


Three days of watching “old” guys play hoops begins to take its toll.


   They came. They saw. They played some basketball … and then probably couldn’t move on Monday.

Lindsey Roberts (blue shirt) and young guns Maya Toomey-Stout (left) and Avalon Renninger (right) arrive to revive Grove's spirits.

   Lindsey Roberts (blue shirt) and young guns Maya Toomey-Stout (left) and Avalon Renninger (right) arrive to revive Grove’s spirits.

I love the smell of lineament in the morning.

That was probably a recurring thought for a lot of the guys playing hoops at Coupeville High School this weekend.

Taking part in the 28th annual Hoopaholics extravaganza, a sizable group of hoops stars 35 years and older descended on Camp Casey for Father’s Day weekend.

Games were held at CHS, with Wolf girls’ basketball players, coaches and parents running things and providing scorekeepers, clock runners and food and drink providers.

In return, Hoopaholics donates financially to Coupeville’s basketball program, and everyone involved gets a chance to have their photos snapped by Wolf JV coach Amy King.

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