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Tasty treats await basketball players during the 2017 Hoopaholics event at Coupeville High School. (Amy King photo)

If you volunteer, they will play.

After a long pandemic pause, Hoopaholics is planning a return to Coupeville this summer, with a weekend of basketball and fellowship set for June 17-19.

The event, which draws numerous adult hoops players to Camp Casey and the Coupeville High School gym, needs a fair number of hands to make sure everything runs right.

Amy Briscoe is looking for volunteers who are interested in things such as food prep, baking, scorekeeping, and laundry services.

If you’re a veteran of past Hoopaholics events, great. If you’re a first timer, no worries.

“I would love some veterans, and I would also love to meet some new people!” Briscoe said.

The three-day event is a financial boon both for businesses in Coupeville, and the CHS basketball programs, as Hoopaholics donates to support Wolf basketball players.

For more info, or to volunteer, contact Briscoe at (360) 632-2229.

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   They’re not prom dresses, but it’s not like I have a lot of dress-related photos sitting around, so this works. (John Fisken photo)

There’s only one sports blog to turn to when it’s time to get serious and discuss … dresses.

Yep, Coupeville Sports, ever on the front-lines of the frock movement.

Prom is bearing down, just a week away it turns out, and if you’re a CHS student in need of clothing for the big night, yet don’t want to spend a ton of your parents money, I have the answer.

My Fairy Godmother provides dresses for a nominal rental fee, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Amy Briscoe, the selection is incredibly deep.

“I try and get another dress in the house and my husband disowns me!,” she laughed while dodging wind and rain at Saturday’s Wolf softball game.

If interested, contact Briscoe at (360) 632-2229 and she’ll set up an appointment.

Thus endeth my PSA.

And, if I see cookies or fudge or some such treat in my mailbox in the future, well, no one ever said I was above taking “bribes.”

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(John Fisken photo)

   Since I don’t have a ton of dress-related photos, a fresh pic of CHS spikers (l to r) Emma Smith, Payton Aparicio, Lauren Rose and Ally Roberts, who have all been known to wear dresses from time to time. (John Fisken photo)

Dress fever grips the nation.

We sit two weeks out from ye olde annual Coupeville High School Homecoming dance and the race is on to obtain garments for said night.

Enter the queen of the haberdashery, the titan of teal, the Tim Gunn of Cow Town, Amy Briscoe.

The mom of CHS spikers Tiffany and Kyla Briscoe, who also doubles as a reasonably-priced dress merchant in her work with My Fairy Godmother, is back at it.

Briscoe (and her 2,709 dresses) will be camped out in the school’s commons area Sept. 30-Oct. 1 (next Friday and Saturday) from 12-6 PM, making with the Homecoming dress rental.

Cost is just $20 (a steal, I say) and Briscoe offers a dazzling variety of styles and sizes.

You can also bring in a formal dress and slice $10 off the rental fee. Thrifty and fashion forward.

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Athletes, in dresses. (John Fisken photo)

Athletes, in dresses. (John Fisken photo)

Say yes to the dress.

Why not? I already said yes to writing about the dress, so the least you can do is go try one on.

OK, wait, let me stop babbling for a second here and focus on what I’m supposed to be saying.

Which is this, that My Fairy Godmother is here to provide classy dresses at a very-reasonable price to Coupeville High School girls looking to make a splash at a school dance such as Homecoming.

Cost is a mere $20, and you get half of that back once you return the dress.

The first try-on is Friday, Sept. 25 from 4:00-7:00 PM in the CHS commons, with future try-ons set for the next two Fridays (Oct. 2 and 9).

If you have questions, contact My Fairy Godmother head honcho Amy Briscoe at albriscoe1074@gmail.com.

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Ann Pettit (top, left) joins her fellow inductees (bottom, l to r) Tom Roehl, Amy Briscoe, Dalton Engle and Mitch Pelroy.

   Ann Pettit (top, left) joins fellow inductees (bottom, l to r) Tom Roehl (with son Virgil), Amy Briscoe, Dalton Engle (with dad Michael) and Mitch Pelroy.

The 2014-2015 CHS varsity girls' hoops squad. (John Fisken photos)

The 2014-2015 CHS varsity girls’ hoops squad. (John Fisken photos)

The 2014-2015 Wolf JV squad, which went 9-0 in league play to match the varsity.

The 2014-2015 Wolf JV squad, which went 9-0 in league play to match the varsity.

How do you choose who goes in the Coupeville Sports Hall o’ Fame?

Bribes. It’s all about the bribes. So start baking those chocolate chip cookies…

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to welcome the 10th class into these hallowed digital walls, forever to live on at the top of the blog under the Legends tab.

Welcome to the stage Dalton Engle, Ann Pettit, Mitch Pelroy, Tom Roehl, Amy Briscoe and (no, it’s not too soon) the 2014-2015 Coupeville High School girls’ basketball team.

Leading us off is the most unsung of the group, the glue who helps hold Wolf athletics together, Mrs. Briscoe.

The ultimate den mother, Amy is the sort of indispensable, take no crap but love ’em all parent every school needs.

That CHS has her is a huge win.

She’s given the Wolves two talented daughters, Tiffany and Kyla, but she goes in to the Hall for the way she takes care of all of her daughters (and sons).

A fierce fighter and protector of every kid who crosses her path, Amy knows when to hug and when to put her foot between someone’s butt cheeks, and she does both with compassion and heart (and fresh baked brownies).

Wolf Nation, and its athletes, could have no finer force ‘o nature watching over them, day and night.

Joining her in entering the hall is another larger than life presence, the late Tom Roehl.

Like Amy, he spent countless hours helping the children of Coupeville.

From his years as Ron Bagby’s right-hand man with the CHS football program to the time he poured into keeping youth basketball hoppin’ in Cow Town, he gave his all.

And, while his passing left a huge hole, his family has kept his memory and his lessons alive over the years, giving out numerous scholarships in his name through their foundation.

Coach Roehl’s impact will filter down through generations to come, and it is an honor to add him to our little club.

The Wolf football program that he dedicated so much time to has produced a long list of stellar players, and two of the best in recent memory go into the Hall with him.

Engle, who followed the path set by his dad Michael, is on the school record board for the most career tackles, but it was his leadership which shone above all else.

A quiet, confident guy who led by example and never backed down on the field, he was a rock for the Wolves.

Pelroy was just as important, a zippy, highlight-reel-producing receiver and defensive back who excelled in the return game, a track star leaving would-be tacklers in his dust.

His speed, and his hard work, carried him to college, where he continues to shine for Montana Western while rockin’ the best hair in the biz.

Our fifth inductee is one of the best basketball players to ever rep the red and black. And it ain’t even close.

A two-time Offensive Player of the Year (1996, 1997) and the team’s MVP in 1998, Pettit scored in bursts and teamed with Zenovia Barron to form arguably the most dangerous one-two attack Wolf hoops has ever had.

How potent was she?

In her varsity debut as a sophomore, she entered the game in the third quarter … then ripped off 18 points.

CHS coach Willie Smith, in one of his many brilliant moves, started Pettit every game for the rest of her career.

Her brightest moment may have come during her senior season, when Coupeville upended Bellevue Christian to reach the state tourney, with Pettit shutting down BC’s Cathrine Kraayeveld (currently in her 11th season in the WNBA).

Shutting people down was the hallmark of our final inductee, last year’s Wolf girls’ basketball team.

Led by league MVP Makana Stone and a six-pack of skilled seniors, Coupeville romped to a title in the inaugural season of the 1A Olympic League, hanging the first new championship banner in the CHS gym in 13 years.

Young women who had not seen their school win a title in any sport since they were kindergartners made an epic statement, and they did it in style, winning all nine league games by 15 or more points.

Even more impressively, the Wolf JV also went 9-0, drilling Klahowya, Port Townsend and Chimacum and we are honoring the entire squad today.

For going 18-0 in league play. For sweeping away the past and kick-starting a new era, an era in which the howl of the Wolves sends shivers down the spines of other teams.

Inducted, together, as a team, the 2014-2015 CHS girls’ basketball squad:

David King (coach)
Amy King (coach)
McKenzie Bailey
Kyla Briscoe
Tiffany Briscoe
Lauren Grove
Hailey Hammer

Brisa Herrera
Kailey Kellner

Kacie Kiel
Skyler Lawrence
Mia Littlejohn
Mattea Miller
Julia Myers
Lauren Rose
Makana Stone
Madeline Strasburg
Wynter Thorne
Monica Vidoni
Allison Wenzel

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