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Kylie Chernikoff and Xavier Murdy kick off a series of prom photos. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

I’d like to think the soundtrack included Renegade, Hot Summer Nights, and, of course, Footloose.

School’s out for summer, but Coupeville students came back together Saturday for an unofficial prom held off school grounds by Wolf parents.

The ongoing pandemic prevented CHS from holding any dances during the 2020-2021 school year, but those involved in Saturday’s shindig wanted to make sure to end things with a bang.

The photos above and below are courtesy John Fisken.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:

Coupeville Prom 2021 – John’s Photos (johnsphotos.net)


Catherine Lhamon (left) and Thora Iverson.

Daniel Olson (left) and Nick Guay.

From l to r, Olson, Mollie Bailey, Alita Blouin, and Carolyn Lhamon.

Dawson Houston and Coral Caveness.

Hawthorne Wolfe and Lucy Tenore.

Audrianna Shaw and Guay.

Ready to dance the night away.

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Jeff Rhubottom (left) and Hawthorne Wolfe have combined to score 1,674 points in Coupeville varsity basketball games. (Photo courtesy Stephanie Grimm Streitler)

Two titans passing in the night.

The unofficial Coupeville High School prom brought two Wolf basketball legends face-to-face Saturday, with almost 1,700 points on display.

Jeff Rhubottom, CHS Class of 1978, tossed in 1,012 points while patrolling the hardwood, which leaves him sitting #4 all-time on the school’s boys hoops career scoring list.

The dapper young gentleman next to him in the photo, senior-to-be Hawthorne Wolfe, is shooting up that same list, which covers 104 seasons.

Hawk has 662 points and counting through two full seasons and a pandemic-shortened junior campaign, which leaves him currently residing at #24 all-time.

When Wolfe and his teammates return for what should be a full season during the 2021-2022 school year, he’ll have his work cut out for him if he wants to catch Jeff Stone and Mike Bagby, tied for the program lead with 1,137 points apiece.

To get to 1,138, Wolfe will need 476 points during his senior season – a tall order but certainly reachable.

He averaged 21 points a night across a 12-game season as a junior.

If Wolfe were to score at that clip as a senior, he would need a shade under 23 games to achieve the feat.

Take a full regular season schedule of 18-20 games, add in a playoff run, and we could be in business.

If he were to get up to that 476 or higher mark as a senior, Wolfe would also have the second-best single-season scoring mark in CHS boys history, trailing just Stone’s legendary 644 from the 1969-1970 season.

The second-best season mark currently?

It’s 459 points, tossed in by one Jeff Rhubottom during his own senior season of 1977-1978.

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“Let’s dance!” (Photo property Paramount Pictures)

They’re going Footloose in Cow Town.

No word yet if Kevin Bacon will make an appearance, but Coupeville High School parents are planning their own, non-school Prom for two weeks after graduation.

It goes down Saturday, June 26th at 8 PM at Mile Post 19 Farm (18997 SR 20).

There will be a DJ, food, and bonfire, with a King, Queen, and court announced.

CHS has not held any dances during the 2020-2021 school year because of the ongoing pandemic.

The press release from senior moms:

Prom has not been cancelled for our JR’s and Seniors!

An event will be hosted on June 26th (Non school related.)

Our kids deserve this. But the community will need to volunteer and get involved.

Destination is in place and DJ already reserved. We will need to come together to make this great for our children.

Please message Stephanie Grimm Streitler (360-622-6059) if you want to join us in making this happen.

Also please no negative comments as our hearts are in it for the right reason. ❤️

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   Tiger Johnson and Tamika Nastali kick off our look at the 2018 Coupeville High School Prom. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Glass attack.

Raven Vick and Jake Hoagland

Kyle Rockwell, Dane Lucero and Nick Etzell

Dylan Hummel and Mira Mostafavinassab

Wolf tennis ace Kameryn St Onge (red dress) and friends.

Madison Rixe and Jacob Smith

The gang’s all here.

Ben Olson and Ashlie Shank

Sofia Hassapis, Claire Mietus and Jesse Hester

Dance, magic, dance.

Moving away from the world of sports for a moment, we swing by Coupeville High School’s Prom, which went down Saturday night at the Oak Harbor Yacht Club.

John Fisken and his 1,001 cameras were in attendance and the pics seen above are courtesy him.

To see everything he shot, pop over to:


And, being the nice guy he is, all 300+ shots are available to be downloaded for free.

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   Jacob Martin and Emma Smith kick off our Prom photo spectacular. (John Fisken photos)

   King and Queen Kory Score and Amanda Neitzel (center) are joined by soccer star Megan DePorter.

Gabe Wynn (left) and Zack Nall exchange dance tips.

   A who’s who of Wolf sports stars featuring (l to r) Lauren Bayne, Lauren Rose, Fanny Deprelle, Payton Aparicio and Sage Renninger.

Jonathan Thurston and Kyla Briscoe.

The boys are back in town.

Ben Olson and Mia Littlejohn.

   Mckenzie Meyer (second from left) cracks up (l to r) Jaschon Baumann, Tamika Nastali, Madison Rixe and Jacob Smith.

227 photos and they’re all free.

Taking a break from shooting sports, local paparazzi to the stars John Fisken brought his cameras to Coupeville High School’s Prom Saturday and fired away.

The eight pics I have here on Coupeville Sports are just a taste. Follow the link below and you can see everything he shot.

And, there’s two ways to collect as many of the pics as you’d like.

Fisken is allowing these photos to be downloaded for free (there’s a button for that right next to the “buy” button on each image).

Or, if you want glossy prints, you can order those as well, with standard rates applying.

To see the pics, pop over to:


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