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   CHS coaches, l to r, top to bottom, Chris Smith, Ashley Herndon, CJ Smith, Justine McGranahan, Mike Etzell, Lincoln Kelley, Luke Pelant, Chad Felgar, Gary Manker.

   Bob Martin, Jordan Ford, Amanda Jones, Neil Rixe, Brad Sherman, David King, Jon Atkins, Josh Welshans, Jerry Helm.

   Steve Hilborn, Ron Wright, Aaron Lucero, Kevin McGranahan, Sylvia Hurlburt, Kyle Nelson, Emily Stevens, Greg Thomas, Cory Whitmore.

   And the trio with the most seasons as Wolf coaches — Randy King, Ken Stange and Amy King.

A new champion will arise.

And a totally imaginary trophy will be waiting for them when they do.

With last year’s top two vote-getters, Ryan King and Kristin Bridges, taking a break from coaching this year, the 2nd annual CHS Coach Supreme should be a wide-open affair.

The rules are simple — 30 coaches enter the arena (whether they want to or not) and, 48 hours later, one emerges with a chance to do their best Sally Field impersonation.

“You like me, you really like me.”

No, there’s no real trophy, or plaque, or even a commemorative t-shirt, just a warm glow in your chest from a heapin’ helpin’ of internet love cascading over you.

To be eligible, you had to be a Coupeville High School coach during the 2017-2018 school year.

No slight intended to middle school coaches, but you are being excluded this time around. The name of the “award” starts with CHS, not CMS.

Voting rules? There are none.

Vote as many times as your little fingers desire, or your internet provider allows, over the next 48 hours.

The poll goes live Monday morning at 8:06 AM, and shuts down Wednesday at 8:06 AM (or whenever I stumble from bed).

It’s the Wild West out there. If you want the “award,” work for it. If you don’t, how dare you not take my silly, imaginary award seriously??????????

He said with a grin.

And, yes, if the poll seems like it arrived a bit earlier this year, it did.

I decided to jump the coach poll up from May to April to provide a bit more room (and for your voting fingers to un-cramp) between it and the poll of polls, the 6th annual CHS Athlete Supreme.

That one, where everyone loses all sense of dignity and decorum, while fighting for … an imaginary award … returns mid-May.

I’m still debating on whether to return that poll to one vote per person after internet scamps pulled off shenanigans last year to dramatically tip the results in favor of one athlete.

We shall see.

For now, like I said, this time out is Wild West rules. May the coach with the craftiest, most dedicated fan base win.

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L to r, Aparicio, Atkins, Bridges, Lucero, Manker, B. Martin, Cowan, Eck, Etzell, J. Martin, K. McGranahan, J. McGranahan, Felgar, J. Ford, L. Ford, Nelson, Rixe, Sherman, Henning, Herndon, Hilborn, Shulock, A. Smith, C. Smith, Kelley, A. King, Stange, Van Velkinburgh, D. King, Ra. King, Ry. King, Welshans, Whitmore, Wright.

There can only be one.

Many coaches enter the arena, and, 48 hours from now, one will exit with the title of 2016-2017 CHS Coach Supreme.

We’ve been running the CHS Athlete Supreme award for five years now — an annual slug-fest at the polls to determine which Wolf sports star wants to be crowned winner of an imaginary (yet strangely prestigious) honor.

This year it was Joey Lippo, following on the heels of Nick Streubel, Amanda Fabrizi, CJ Smith and Hunter Smith.

Now, after getting several recent requests to expand the battle royal to include coaches, we’re doing just that.

The rules for year one? No rules.

You can vote as many times as you like, with no restrictions.

Voting starts at 3:15 PM Monday, May 15, and closes 3:15 PM Wednesday, May 17, at which point we’ll crown a mythical champion, who can then quote Sally Field, “You like me. You really like me!”

Let the battle begin.

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