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Twin brothers DeAndre (left) and Dante Mitchell finished in a tie atop the poll to decide the Coupeville Sports “Winter Coach of the Season.”

Back in their younger days.

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

I’ve run 21 polls in the history of Coupeville Sports, and never had this happen.

But here we are, 48 hours and 25 minutes later (yes, I overslept…) and 2,248 votes down the road, and we have a TIE for the “Winter Sports Coach of the Season.”

Which is kind of appropriate, because the winners are twin brothers.

Just as mom Avis can’t pick a favorite (at least in public), the voters decided to honor both of her sons, Coupeville Middle School 8th grade basketball coaches Dante and DeAndre Mitchell.

The former Wolf players each picked up exactly 634 votes, putting them comfortably ahead of third-place finisher Scott Fox, who strolled in with 422 votes to claim third.

The Coupeville High School boys C-Team coach was followed by CMS coach Mikayla Elfrank (145) and CHS JV guru Chris Smith (113) in a field of 14 basketball coaches.

And they were all basketball coaches in this poll, as I accidentally left out CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon and her husband Tyson, who is providing coaching for Coupeville’s lone wrestler, Alex Turner.

Thankfully, that duo have already won state and national titles back in their own high school days, so, missing out on a chance to vie for my totally made up, but totally amazing, non-trophy, probably won’t destroy their lives.

We hope.

For the rest of the coaches, and their various fan clubs, thanks for playing along and congrats to the Mitchell brothers.

If they want to break the tie, may I suggest a brisk game of HORSE down at the CHS gym?

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Fourteen basketball gurus enter the gym, but only one will emerge as the Coupeville Sports “Winter Coach of the Season.”

Ready to go to war, I mean the polls, again?

Back in October, the battle for the completely made-up and totally fake Coupeville Sports “Fall Sports Coach of the Season” brought the internet servers to their knees.

So now that we’re knee deep into basketball season, let’s do it all again.

How does this all go down, you ask? It’s simple.

We have 14 coaches, covering girls and boys high school and middle school basketball. Head coaches, assistant coaches, paid and volunteer, they’re all here.

With one small caveat.

Since girls middle school hoops kicked off practice yesterday, I’ve only included the head coaches. If any assistants pop up on the sidelines once games begin, sorry, you missed the cutoff.

For a totally fake award.

That is still totally prestigious and will still look totally amazing on your mantle, even if some spoilsports try and tell you said award is invisible.

Anyways, polls for the “Winter Sports Coach of the Season” open today, Wednesday, Jan. 23, and close 48 hours later, at 9 AM Friday, Jan. 25.

You can vote as many times as you like, with no restrictions coming from me.

Once in awhile, WordPress has tried to slow some people down for unknown reasons, but if that happens, bounce to a different device and things should be all hunky-dory.

And away we go.

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Wolf hoops star Avalon Renninger finds your polls a little sour. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

If either Coupeville High School basketball team hangs a league championship banner this season, it will come as a surprise to the forecasters.

The Daily Herald in Everett, the largest newspaper to cover the North Sound Conference on a regular basis, recently commissioned a poll of league coaches to determine the projected order for the league’s first hoops season.

The good news?

The Wolf girls garnered a few more votes than their male counterparts.

The bad news?

Neither team is viewed as a juggernaut.

Now, a poll like this is a bit tricky, since Coupeville played in the Olympic League the last four seasons, and not the Cascade Conference, the now-dead 1A/2A league that, at its demise, belched forth the North Sound Conference.

So, a fair amount of league basketball coaches have never stood on a sideline and stared down at a Wolf squad.

Which means, basically, this is all a lot of guess-work and ultimately means diddly and squat.

Nothing is guaranteed, and everything will be decided between the lines when NSC players lace up their high-tops and take the hardwood.

But you know me. Never miss an opportunity to toss another article out there, so here we go.

Projected order of finish, as voted by league coaches (who could NOT vote for their own teams).



Cedar Park Christian
South Whidbey
Granite Falls


**King’s received all 1st place votes, but one coach declined to vote.**



South Whidbey
Cedar Park Christian
Granite Falls


**King’s received all but one 1st place vote. The other 1st place went to South Whidbey, which won the Cascade Conference title last year while being led by the now-graduated Lewis Pope.**

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Coupeville Middle School cross country coach Elizabeth Bitting, winner of the “CHS/CMS Top Fall Coach” poll.

Bitting (back, second from right) has always been a pro at hitting the tape first.

I love it when a plan comes together.

In a blatant bid to spike my page views, Coupeville Sports launched the “CHS/CMS Top Fall Coach” poll Saturday morning, a battle royal in which the winner would get a warm glow in their chest, and not much more.

Spoiler alert: it worked. It worked really, really well.

The 48-hour poll-tacular gave me a strong Saturday, then carried me Sunday to the single-biggest day in the history of the blog.

Yep, you pound out 6,405 articles across six years and two months, and all it takes is a poll to break my little corner of the internet…

So, a big thank you to the 21 Coupeville coaches, and their rabid fan-bases, who went toe-to-toe for 48 hours. My page view counter appreciates you all!

And in the end, who was the other winner, you ask?

After a back-and-forth brawl in which at least five different coaches made sustained runs, the final hours turned into a showdown between CHS cheer coach BreAnna Boon and CMS cross country guru Elizabeth Bitting.

First one was ahead, then the other, then back to the first, then back to the second, as the war raged on across time and space.

In the end, as the 9 AM Monday deadline clicked past, it was Bitting who triumphed, finishing with 7,987 votes to her friendly rival’s 7,295.

She joins football assistant coach Ryan King and track head coach Randy King, both winners in polls from previous school years, in the pantheon of coaching poll champs.

Rounding out the top five this time around were three CHS assistant coaches — football’s Bennett Richter (4,036) and Tyson Boon (1,891) and cheer’s Hailey Bell (1,652).

And hey, while only one coach could be the big champ (of a prestigious, but totally non-existent award), they all helped Coupeville Sports’s bottom line.

Which makes them all the real MVP’s.

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L to r, top to bottom, it’s Natasha Bamberger, Hailey Bell, Nathan Bellamy, BreAnna Boon, Tyson Boon, Kwamane Bowens, Bobby Carr, Marcus Carr, Kyle Nelson, Bennett Richter, Gabe Shaw, Chris Smith, Ken Stange, Cory Whitmore and Robert Wood.

CMS coaches join the fracas. L to r, top to bottom, are Casie Greve, Elizabeth Bitting, Michael Davidson, Junior Scroggins, Sarah Lyngra and Brett Casey.

Let’s get ready to rumble, one more time!

Nothing sends a jolt through the crowd quite like dropping a hot ‘n spicy poll in the midst of an otherwise sleepy morning, then giving everyone limited time (but unlimited votes) to decide the very fate of the universe.

Instead of waiting until the end of the school year, and having way too many people involved, I’m jumping the gun on my annual Coach of the Year poll and turning it into a Fall Sports Coach of the Season event.

Even then, we’re looking at 21 men and women entering the arena, covering six high school squads and three middle school programs.

If this goes over well, I’ll be back to drop separate Winter and Spring versions of the poll.

And, if not, well, I’ll get a lot of page hits in the next two days. So, I’m fine either way.

If you haven’t been involved in a Coupeville Sports poll, or haven’t been paying attention during previous battle royals, here’s the rules:

There are none.

From the moment the poll drops, at around 9 AM Saturday, Oct. 13, until it closes 48 hours later, at 9 AM, Monday, Oct. 14, you can vote as many times as your little fingers desire.

Whip up your fan base. Fight for the glory of being the “CHS/CMS Top Coach of the Fall.” Just don’t expect an actual trophy when you win.

Or completely ignore my poll, go about your daily business and roll your eyes at me the next time we cross paths.

Completely your call.

But, like I said, it’s Wild West rules, pretty much.

I’m not going to stop you from mashing the keys on whatever device(s) you have, and if WordPress itself tries to slow down your voting (which it has on very rare occasions), you can usually beat it by jumping to a different device.

And with that, let the bodies hit the floor!

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