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Mason Grove nailed his shot, coming away as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme poll. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Mason Grove is your new internet king.

The Coupeville High School junior held off 24 rivals across the past 100 hours and emerged Tuesday as the winner of the 7th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

He joins Nick Streubel, Amanda Fabrizi, CJ Smith, Hunter Smith, Joey Lippo, and Ethan Spark in an exclusive club.

And, like them, he gets no trophy, no cash, no trip to Bali – just a warm glow in his chest, knowing voters like him, they really like him.

Sometimes that’s enough.

After the fan bases of the last two winners dropped nuclear bombs, successfully hacking wide-open, no-restriction voting, I clamped down a bit this time around.

Voters were held to one vote per device, every six hours, though it’s entirely possible there still might have been some shenanigans around the edges.

If so, good for you for figuring out ways to beat the system.

With the new restrictions, the final vote totals aren’t as high as they were in recent years, but the race also stayed competitive down the stretch, so that’s nice.

In the end, Grove and Chelsea Prescott, both three-sport stars, pulled away from everyone else.

The lead switched up a couple of times, before Grove’s fan base built a margin which held up across the final two days.

He finished with 1,065 votes, while Prescott tallied 864.

Rounding out the top five were Scout Smith (192), Maya Toomey-Stout (172), and Sarah Wright (124).

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In the end, there can only be one. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net, Dawnelle Conlisk and BreAnna Boon)

Totally imaginary, and yet absolutely necessary.

As we wade into May, the final full month of athletic competition for the prep sports year, it’s time to anoint one Wolf to rule them all.

Sort of.

Welcome to the 7th annual battle royal for the Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

In which the winner gets absolutely nothing but a warm glow in their chest.

Anyway, for those new to May’s most polarizing event, here’s a breakdown.

I nominate 25 Coupeville High School athletes, who, in my sole opinion, made a SIZABLE impact on at least TWO VARSITY teams during the 2018-2019 school year.

With much respect to Aram Leyva (soccer), Veronica Crownover (softball), Ashley Menges (volleyball), Mica Shipley (cheer), and other one-sport standouts, you’re stars, you’re just not eligible for my fake award.

The battle to cut the field to 25 was intense.

There are two male athletes missing who seemed like locks, until I stopped and looked at how much time they missed with injuries.

Also, I’m not going to tell you who ended up #26, but I’m almost certain she’ll crack the field next year.

What I have is 13 girls and 12 boys, with 16 first-timers in the field. The junior class is the best-represented, while, like last year, one freshman beat the odds to make the cut.

Voting starts at 10 AM, Friday, May 10 and ends 100 hours later at 2 PM, Tuesday, May 14, and I’ve toughened things up a bit this time.

The last two years there were no restrictions on voting, and a couple of fan bases smart enough to take advantage used internet shenanigans to roll to lopsided wins.

And good for them.

The game was there, waiting to be manipulated, and they stepped up. Kudos.

But this year, it’s more about rallying your fan base, and less about running a script which can drop thousands of votes in a matter of seconds.

I’m sure there are still ways around the new restrictions, which allow you to vote once every six hours. You just have to be more creative this year.

So here we go, and let the bodies hit the floor.

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Ethan Spark rolled to a win in the 6th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme poll. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

The early days of a future champ.

Early in his high school basketball career, Ethan Spark blew up an entire bench.

Chasing a loose ball, he exploded through a wall of chairs, knocking other players left and right, before ultimately spinning and completely destroying a large water jug that was minding its own business.

In the aftermath, with bodies, chairs and water everywhere, Spark surveyed the scene and a small smile graced his face.

I’d like to think he was wearing the same face over the past 100 hours as his fan club carved a bloody path through the voting for the 6th annual Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

Team Spark hit hard and fast, built a pretty-insurmountable 8,000 vote lead for its Wolf senior, went quiet for a bit, then dropped the hammer in the final stages.

The supporters of sophomore Scout Smith, trying to carry her to a win like older brothers CJ and Hunter, made a sustained 24-hour run to carve the lead in half.

But, once the lead dipped below 4,000 votes, Spark’s support crew went ballistic.

Throwing down 100 votes in 10 seconds at one point (seriously) they made sure their guy would come out on top.

And, of course he did, joining Nick Streubel, Amanda Fabrizi, CJ Smith, Hunter Smith and Joey Lippo (who still holds the record for most votes tallied in a single year) as “winners” of a totally fake award.

After 100 hours of voting, the top five from a field of 25 were:

Spark (18,374 votes)

Scout Smith (8,787)

Danny Conlisk (1,300)

Kyle Rockwell (782)

Matt Hilborn (746)

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   25 CHS athletes (16 seniors, five juniors, three sophomores and one freshman) enter the arena and one emerges Monday as the 2018 Athlete Supreme.

It’s time for everyone to get a little mad.

That crackle of energy you feel in the air, the sense that my page hit numbers are about to explode, that certainty that someone, somewhere, will pitch a fit about a contest with no rules, it’s all here.

Welcome to the 6th annual battle royal for the Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme.

In which the winner gets absolutely nothing but a warm glow in their chest.

Anyway, for those new to May’s most polarizing event, here’s a breakdown.

I nominate 25 Coupeville High School athletes, you get 100 hours to vote, with no rules or restrictions, and then we declare a winner.

Simple, yet sure to drive people insane.

The previous winners, in case you’ve forgotten:

2013 – Nick Streubel
2014 – Amanda Fabrizi
2015 – CJ Smith
2016 – Hunter Smith
2017 – Joey Lippo

How did I come up with this year’s nominees?

There’s one hard and fast rule – you must have made a SIZABLE impact on TWO VARSITY teams at CHS during the 2017-2018 school year.

With much respect to Derek and Aram Leyva (soccer), Veronica Crownover (softball), Jacob Smith (track), Ashley Menges (volleyball) and other one-sport standouts, you’re stars, you’re just not eligible for my fake award.

And yes, the final cut-down from 30 to 25 was brutal, and yes, I once again threatened to punch myself during the heated argument.

Anyway, on to the poll itself.

Voting starts 9 AM Thursday, May 10 and closes 1 PM Monday, May 14.

Vote as many times as your lil’ heart desires. There are no restrictions, no caps, no cool-down periods — at least from me.

Welcome to Thunderdome.


Your nominees (in alphabetic order):

Payton Aparicio (SR) — Team MVP in volleyball, set school single-game record for service aces; team captain in tennis, won third straight league doubles crown.

Kyla Briscoe (SR) — Led volleyball in kills, lock-down defensive ace who hit her share of big buckets in basketball.

Danny Conlisk (JR) — First CHS cross country runner to advance to state since 2010; well on his way to returning to state in track for third straight season.

Hunter Downes (SR) — Broke school career records as a QB, led basketball team in rebounding, key defender on soccer team which won first playoff game in six years.

Mikayla Elfrank (SR) — Ferocious hitter in volleyball who almost killed a girl with a spike to the face; #1 scorer in basketball until an injury.

Matt Hilborn (JR) — Two-way star in football, one of the top pitchers and hitters on a baseball team which rolled to a league title.

Jake Hoagland (SR) — Solid contributor in football and baseball who was on receiving end of strike from Downes which broke school career TD passes record.

Mallory Kortuem (SO) — Key defender on soccer squad, standout track star in multiple events who shattered school record in pole vault.

Joey Lippo (SR)  Front-line player on three teams (tennis, basketball, baseball) and a league champ in tennis.

Hope Lodell (SR) — Olympic League MVP in volleyball, where Wolves won all 27 sets played; four-year starter in softball, where she’s a defensive demon in center.

Katrina McGranahan (SR) — Killer at the net and killer at the service stripe for a volleyball team which went to state for first time since 2004; rolling towards a second-straight Olympic League MVP award in softball.

William Nelson (SR) — League champ in tennis, captain (and #3 scorer) on boys soccer squad which destroyed five-time state champ Bellevue Christian in playoff opener.

Sage Renninger (SR) — Ever-steady captain in soccer and tennis; won third-straight league doubles title in tennis.

Lindsey Roberts (JR) — Top defender in soccer (who also can score from distance), #1 scorer and rebounder in basketball, on her way to winning the most state track medals of any girl in CHS history. 

Kyle Rockwell (SR) — Had a season-defining play in three sports. Forced and recovered fumble in football finale, had rebound and put-back to deny Klahowya basketball title and threw out runner at the plate to end game and propel baseball to league crown. 

Lauren Rose (SR)  Team spark-plug in volleyball and softball who capped an amazing four-year athletic run by leading both her squads to league titles.

Emma Smith (JR) — Among team leaders in kills and blocks for volleyball team; emerged as track team’s top thrower, where she’s headed to districts in shot put and discus.

Hunter Smith (SR) — Owns seven CHS football records, finished as 12th highest career scorer in boys basketball history, stone-cold lock for Olympic League MVP in baseball.

Scout Smith (SO) — Major contributor in three sports (volleyball, basketball, softball) who is battling for the team lead in hits as diamond season unfolds.

Ethan Spark (SR) — Deadly three-point marksman and #2 scorer during basketball season, captain on the soccer squad. 

Cameron Toomey-Stout (SR) — From a kid who wasn’t 100 pounds as a freshman, finished career as one of Coupeville’s best receivers/defensive backs, ever. Brought insane energy to basketball, currently running towards first trip to state in track and field.

Sean Toomey-Stout (SO) — A beast in the first half of football, among state leaders in tackles and Coupeville’s #1 rusher until an injury. Returned to crush people in track and field alongside siblings.

Julian Welling (SR) — Anchored both lines in football, among team leaders in baseball in RBIs, average, intentional walks and being plunked.

Genna Wright (FR) — Shattered CHS girls soccer single-season record for most goals by a freshman, then picked up a tennis racket for first time and rose to #1 singles by postseason.

Sarah Wright (JR) — Starting goalie in soccer, force in the paint in basketball, superstar in softball, where she leads team in almost every offensive category and is vocal team leader.

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   Joey Lippo scooped up votes like he does grounders — smooth and easy — running away with the title of Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme. (John Fisken photos)

   Ever at the ready, ready to swat away any late voting rallies by would-be challengers.

The Michigan Internet Mafia sends its regards.

For the third time in five years, I left the voting for the Coupeville Sports Athlete Supreme wide open.

No rules. No restrictions. Wild West.

If you’re smart enough or talented enough, or know the right people, and are able to game the system, so be it.

Everyone knew that going in — or should have, if they read my original article — so any cries of “cheating” are going to fall on deaf ears.

Unlike last year, when supporters of Hunter Smith and Lauren Grove waged a bitter battle down to the final hours, year five was over pretty quickly.

After a strong showing early on by supporters of CHS sophomore Chris Battaglia, the tech-savvy people in the shadows who wanted to see junior Joey Lippo win did their work, and did it convincingly.

Once the hammer dropped early in day two of the 100-hour voting period, the lead got so substantial, a chunk of potential voting dried up as others walked away.

That left Lippo to coast home to victory, and the three-sport (tennis, basketball, baseball) star did, setting a new Athlete Supreme record with 50,432 votes in the final tally.

Rounding out the top five from our 25-athlete field were Katrina McGranahan (14,210), Battaglia (10,174), Jacob Martin (3,074) and Danny Conlisk (2,674).

And, in a side note, props to William Nelson, or his “people,” as he jumped from #25 to #7 in the final day.

So, after five years, the roll call of Athlete Supreme winners is:

2013 — Nick Streubel
2014 — Amanda Fabrizi
2015 — CJ Smith
2016 — Hunter Smith
2017 — Joey Lippo

Congratulations to Lippo and his supporters for doing what needed to be done to take home a completely imaginary (but very prestigious) prize. You played the game well.

And a warning a year in advance.

After seeing how things played out this year, I’m 98.3% sure next year I’m going to revert back to year one rules and make it so it’s one vote per person.

Not because I think anyone “cheated” this year — you can’t cheat if there are NO RULES, people — but because I believe it would inject a new layer of suspense into the action.

If nothing else, it would force people to find a new way to game the system.

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