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   Jake Pease and the rest of Coupeville’s underclassmen will jump to a new league next school year. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Change is in the air.

After a very-successful four-year run in the 1A Olympic League, in terms of wins, titles and confidence restored, Coupeville High School is swapping leagues.

Now the question is which direction CHS goes in — down to 2B, where it thrived for many years, or to a new 1A league formed out of the smoldering ruins of its former home in the Cascade Conference.

Coupeville Athletic Director Willie Smith confirmed Wednesday the school would leave the Olympic League at the end of the 2017-2018 school year and outlined the wide-open future.

In his words:

Coupeville has decided to leave the Olympic League (high school) and North Olympic League (middle school) for the following reasons:

**Out of class time for students: we are very often leaving the school at 11:00-12:00 and not returning until 9:30 at night.

During district tournaments the return times are often much later, as the majority of the tournaments are in the Tacoma area (and this year fast-pitch will be traveling to Lacey to play their tourney) requiring us to take the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry at a much later time.

**Cost: we were over our transportation budget by over $15,000 last year due to the use of the ferry for every away league game in HS, every away game in MS, many non-league away games with the 2A’s of the Olympic League, travel to/from district events in Tacoma, and staying overnight for district tournaments that were two-day tourneys that played on back-to-back days.

**Scheduling: we have to schedule games around the PT/Keystone ferry schedule. Neither the ferry or reservation system works as consistently as we need and we had multiple re-schedules as well as cancellations due to ferry-related issues.

In addition, the 1A’s were planning on reducing the number of league games we played each from three to two, which would result in trying to find an inordinate amount of non-league games for each season.

As an example: in a 20-game season (basketball, baseball, fast-pitch) we would only have 6/20 league games and trying to find 14 non-league games to fill the schedule.

The resulting schedule would not be consistent in days we play, number of games per week, and more importantly, in meaningful league games.

So what’s our path?

We are at the end of the first two years of the WIAA four-year cycle, which means we can apply for two things: re-classification or joining another league; we are doing both.

Our current grades 9-11 enrollment is below the 2B cutoff and we are in process of appealing to the WIAA to move into the 2B classification.

We will not find out their decision until January 28th.

If approved, we would then apply to join the Northwest 2B League (Concrete, Darrington, La Conner, Friday Harbor, Orcas Island).

We don’t know what the WIAA will consider as significant change in enrollment, as this is the first time the WIAA has ever had to render these decisions.

Neither myself or WIAA representatives can really speak to whether we have a legitimate chance of winning the appeal but we are appealing.

We have had a long history of playing all of these teams and play them in non-league games on a regular basis, so it’s not really a stretch for us to move in this direction.

We have also inquired and have begun the process of looking into joining the newly formed 1A North Sound Conference, which currently consists of Sultan, South Whidbey, Granite Falls (appealing to drop from 2A to 1A), King’s, and Cedar Park Christian.

We have had a long history of playing the majority of these teams and play them in non-league games on a regular basis, so it’s not really a stretch for us to move in this direction.

It’s a 1A only league, which we have not been in for over 10 years.

Nothing, other than exiting the Olympic League at the conclusion of this year, is set, and even that needs approval from District 3, District 1, and the WIAA, which should happen, but is not always 100%.

There are a lot of documentation, hearings, and legwork that is currently being done, and will continue to be done before anything firm happens.

I would like to add that I have nothing but positive things to say about the Olympic League and its Athletic Directors.

They brought us in and re-worked an entire league in order to make it happen for Coupeville at a time when we desperately needed a change.

It helped our programs get healthy again, kids turning out, and we have had a lot of successes in the Olympic League.

But, and very importantly, it comes down to what is best for our schools and our kids.

The amount of time and school our kids miss coupled with the reality of the costs has really made us (coaches, administration) look at where we were at and a change was something that needed to occur.

Prior to bringing in four 1A schools in 2014 — Coupeville, Klahowya, Port Townsend and Chimacum — the Olympic League was a 2A conference.

In the three-plus seasons of the 1A division, Coupeville has won 11 league titles and claimed 153 varsity wins against its three 1A foes.

Girls basketball and tennis, which have yet to lose a league contest, each own three titles. Volleyball (2), boys tennis (2) and baseball (1) also have added to the school’s Wall of Honor.

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"League? Non-league? Now you're just hurting my brain." (Sylvia Hurlburt photo)

   Kalia Littlejohn: “League game? Non-league game? I’ll just score in all of them and you can figure out the rest later.” (Sylvia Hurlburt photo)

Some games matter more than others.

And this is where it’s going to get kind of confusing.

Coupeville High School, which has only three foes in the 1A Olympic League (Port Townsend, Klahowya, Chimacum), has been looking to pad out the schedule for both its girls’ soccer and volleyball squads.

Mission accomplished.

The Wolves have added two more home volleyball matches and one road trip for the booters, bringing those teams totals to 14 (with seven at home) and 15, respectively.

Now we get wacky.

The Wolf spikers have added Chimacum (Oct. 1) and Port Townsend (Oct. 8) while the soccer squad has picked up Port Townsend (Sept. 29), but — now, pay attention — even though those schools are league foes, the matches WON’T count in the league standings.

So, while you certainly want to win, doing so won’t help Coupeville’s chances of earning playoff berths, just as losses wouldn’t derail any hopes.

For both squads only the originally scheduled six matches against those schools (and Klahowya) will matter when figuring out which three teams earn postseason berths in each sport.

So, for volleyball that’s:

10/13 Klahowya
10/15 @ Chimacum
10/20 @ Port Townsend
10/22 Chimacum
10/26 @ Klahowya
10/29 Port Townsend

And the “counters” for soccer:

10/15 @ Chimacum
10/17 Klahowya
10/20 @ Port Townsend
10/22 Chimacum
10/26 @ Klahowya
10/29 Port Townsend

Six league games is the magic number for fall, as Wolf football and boys’ tennis each have that number on their schedule as well, and all of those WILL count in the conference standings.

And, in slightly less confusing scheduling news, the Wolf JV football team has picked up a home game to fill an open slot on Monday, Sept. 21.

The Wolves will now tee it up with 2A Anacortes at 5 PM that night.

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