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Matt Hilborn

   Matt Hilborn and Co. have scooped up their first ranking in a state baseball poll. (John Fisken photos)

CJ Smith

   Senior CJ Smith has been a huge factor in Coupeville’s rise, on the mound, in the field and at the plate.

Pardon me while I have the vapors.

The big boys have rediscovered Cow Town.

For the first time in recent memory, the Coupeville High School baseball squad has cracked the state’s Top 10 polls.

And it happened BEFORE they knocked off defending Olympic League champ Klahowya for the second time Wednesday.

When legendary former Anacortes coach Lem Elway kicked out his latest rankings at washingtonbaseballpoll.com Sunday, there was lil’ ol’ Coupeville sitting at #9 in 1A.

Yep, just three slots behind their league rivals, who dropped from #3 to #6 after their first loss to the Wolves.

Since the poll was released, CHS upended Chimacum Monday, then walloped Klahowya 10-2 yesterday to move within one win of its first baseball league title since 1991.

While Coupeville continues to get short thrift from the computers (ScoreCzar has them ranked at #29, behind teams with 4-11 and 5-12 records), Elway’s poll carries far more weight, as he shapes it after talking with coaches across the state.

The top 10 for 1A (through Sunday, Apr. 24):

1 — Naches Valley
2 — Eatonville
3 — Zillah
4 — Kiona-Benton
5 — Hoquiam
6 — Klahowya
7 — Freeman
8 — Kings Way Christian
9 — Coupeville
10 — Meridian

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Freshman Veronica Crownover had three hits and two RBI against the #1 team in 1A Tuesday. (John Fisken photo)

   Freshman Veronica Crownover had three hits and two RBI against the #1 team in 1A Tuesday. (John Fisken photo)

Not all losses are equal.

Returning from an 11-day layoff, the streaking Coupeville High School softball squad hit a road bump Tuesday, falling 7-4 in a non-conference game at Lynden Christian.

But while the defeat snapped a five-game winning streak for the Wolves, dropping them to 6-2 on the season, CHS made a statement in a battle of titans.

The host Lyncs, who improved to 7-0, are ranked #1 in 1A in the most recent ScoreCzar rankings and have gone undefeated while fighting primarily above their weight class, with five of their seven games coming against 2A or 3A schools.

Even coming in cold (LC was already back in a groove, having beaten 2A Anacortes Monday), the Wolves did far better than most of Lynden’s opponents this season.

Coupeville’s four runs were the second-most scored against the Lyncs, while Lynden’s seven runs were its second-fewest.

The three-run margin also tied for the second-smallest loss by an LC foe.

Chelan, the only other 1A school Lynden has played (and which sits at #20 on ScoreCzar to Coupeville’s #21), was massacred 13-2 on its home field.

By contrast, Coupeville had the tying run on base in the top of the seventh before Lynden Christian wiggled away with the win.

“We put one heck of a scare in ’em,” said Wolf coach Kevin McGranahan. “As usual the girls played with heart and as a team and definitely did better than the 21-6 score from last year.

“I can’t be more proud of this young team and the way they keep playing for each other, ” he added. “Gonna be a very exciting second half of the season.”

The two squads battled to a 1-1 tie until a “few young team errors” allowed the Lyncs to put up six runs in the bottom of the fourth.

Fighting back hard, as they have all season, the Wolves rallied in the late going to make things interesting.

Coupeville plated three in the seventh and had the bags juiced with two outs, but LC “made a great play and got the third out.”

“It was a very hard-fought game and these ladies gave it everything they had,” McGranahan said. “I would put these ladies up against anybody, with their heart and determination they are never out of any game.

“I believe in good losses and bad losses and this was a very good loss,” he added. “They all hurt, but this was a good measuring stick game against an undefeated team that has been mercy-ruling their competition.”

Coupeville’s young guns led the way, with sophomore Katrina McGranahan thumping two triples and a double, while also whiffing three Lyncs from the pitcher’s circle.

Veronica Crownover stroked three singles and knocked home two runs, while fellow freshman Sarah Wright collected an RBI and gunned down a runner at second while working behind the plate.

The Wolves (1-0 in league play) now head into the heart of their schedule, with eight of their next nine games against 1A Olympic League rivals.

First up is a trip to Chimacum (4-3, 0-0) Thursday.

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Jae LeVine and the Wolves keep on gunnin' down foes, and computers keep ignoring reality. (John Fisken photo)

   Jae LeVine and the Wolves keep on gunnin’ down foes, and computers keep ignoring reality. (John Fisken photo)

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I liked to rib the guy who used to run the ScoreCzar website when his eeeeeeevil computer “Debbie,” would spit out her high school rankings, and, invariably, stiff Coupeville teams.

He had a good sense of humor about it, and, I have to admit, a lot of times his Skynet-lovin’ mistress proved to be right.

The website switched bosses after basketball season, and as we waited for the first spring sports rankings to hit, I momentarily thought maybe Wolf Nation would embrace our new overlords.

And then the new bucket of bolts — I’m naming her “Wanda Sue” — kicked out her softball rankings tonight, and all I could do was shake my head.

Why, you ask?

Because the hottest team in Cow Town, the run-gun-and-stun Team of Destiny, the CHS softball team, sits seven slots behind a team they beat.

Yes, ladies and gents, “Wanda Sue” is dead sure that Bellevue Christian (ranked #20 in 1A) is better than Coupeville (#27), despite the fact we saw the Wolves beat the Vikings 17-16 in eight innings.

And, this is where the doo-doo gets deeper … despite the fact CHS tops BCHS in every category.

I know the computer relies less on wins and losses and more on strength of schedule, but that doesn’t explain this.

Looking at Bellevue’s schedule, there is no magical ah-ha moment to explain this. None. Zippo. Zilch.

You got some ‘splainin to do, “Wanda Sue.”

Let’s look at the stats.

Wins: Coupeville is 6-1, BC 4-1.

Losses: BC’s was to the #27 team in 1A (you might have heard of them), while Coupeville’s was to the #18 team in 1A (Sultan).

Head-to-head: Advantage, Wolves, duh.

Record against fellow 1A schools: BC is 2-1, with two wins over #39 Vashon Island, while Coupeville is 3-1 (with wins over #20 BC, #35 South Whidbey and #48 Port Townsend).

Record against other divisions: BC is 2-0, with a win over a 1B school (Forest Ridge) and a 2A school (Highline), while Coupeville is 3-0 against 2B schools (two over Concrete, one over Friday Harbor).

Forest Ridge, while ranked #11 in its class, sits in the smallest class in the state.

Highline, while a 2A school, is a bad team (#51) that has won one game, narrowly, over a really bad team, #60 Renton.

Point differential: Who knows if “Wanda Sue” considers this, but Coupeville is +31, while BC is +25.

Unless I’m missing something, the Wolves have the edge in every category, including WINNING HEAD-TO-HEAD (which, in the real world, we like to refer to as “important”), and yet, like Rodney Dangerfield, they can’t get no respect.

Now, of course, there is one really easy (really hard) way to rectify matters.

When Coupeville returns from Spring Break, it takes its 6-1 record on the road Apr. 12 to face Lynden Christian (5-0), which currently sits at #1 in the ScoreCzar rankings.

Pull off the huge upset win in that one and even a heartless computer will have to believe in the Wolves.


To see the current “rankings”, pop over to:


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The harder Sage Renninger stares at the computer rankings, the more confused she gets. (Sylvia Hurlburt photo)

   The harder Sage Renninger stares at the computer rankings, the more confused she gets. (Sylvia Hurlburt photo)

Some things can not be explained.

Debbie,” the often-evil computer that ranks high school sports teams for http://www.scoreczar.org/ — a site with a fairly impeccable reputation and an owner with a great sense of humor about my frequent needling — is at it again.

Continuing her love/hate relationship with lil’ ol’ Cow Town, the scariest computer to hit the scene since Hal refused to open the pod bay doors in 2001: A Space Odyssey is just messing with us now.

How else to explain Debbie’s hatred of Coupeville High School football, which she currently ranks behind a team the Wolves just beat, which she mixes with her love of CHS girls’ soccer?

Where to start?

It’s easy to get frustrated at first, when you see the Wolf gridiron warriors, while up four slots from last week, are regarded as just the 48th best team in class 1A.

Which just happens to be a full three slots behind Chimacum, the team they beat 28-26 Friday.

So, the computer thinks the Cowboys would beat the Wolves, except the Wolves have actually proved that wrong … ON THE FIELD.

As you grip your head and rock back and forth, while also noticing that this Friday’s foe, Port Townsend, is now the #1-ranked team, take a deep breath.

And then pop over to the site’s soccer rankings, which will put the skip back in your step and restore your faith in computers (sorta.)

There, Debbie is downright delightful, plopping Coupeville at a strong #18, giving the Wolves, who are 1-2-2, the highest slotting of any 1A school with a losing record.

Deer Park is ranked #1, while Coupeville’s Olympic League rival, Klahowya, must be wondering how a defending state champ who’s gone 5-0 so far can only be ranked #5.

Of course, even the soccer rankings have a quirk, though.

Head down to #30 and there’s Bellevue Christian.

You know, that school that beat Coupeville’s booters 6-0, the only game the Wolves have been manhandled in this season.

And yep, the Vikings are a full 12 slots behind the team they bushwhacked.

Man, I’ll bet they could have some fun discussions with Coupeville’s football team…

Somewhere, Debbie’s circuit board is blushing right now.


To peruse the rankings for yourself, skip merrily over to:

Soccer — http://www.scoreczar.org/classifications/63-high-school-soccer-girls-wa1a

Football — http://www.scoreczar.org/classifications/4-high-school-football-wa1a

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Lincoln Kelley (John Fisken photo)

   Win for Lincoln Kelley or he’ll have to go rip the computer’s heart out with his bare hands. (John Fisken photo)

Dear Coupeville High School football players,

The computers think you stink.

There’s really no other way to look at it, since that’s what “Debbie,” the diabolical and vehemently anti-Whidbey computer at the heart of ScoreCzar.org is burping out right now.

In her latest rankings, she has the Wolves ranked #52 … out of 53 schools playing 1A football.

That’s right. Debbie thinks you could beat Stevenson, a school that has been outscored 91-7 in its first two games, but just about no one else.

Granted, you are 0-2 on the young season, but you were within two points with six minutes to play in your opening game, and lost to a 2A school that had a line comprised almost entirely of 300-pound beasts last week.

So, I think Debbie is underestimating you here, by a lot.

But this? This is what should really sting.

Coupeville’s opponent this Friday, Chimacum, is also 0-2. Oh, but wait, the Cowboys have actually lost 14 consecutive games covering nearly a two-year period.

And yet, Debbie has them ranked 12 slots higher than you at #40.


I know. I know.

Debbie’s handlers can, and will, reel off a list of smooth computery talk about ratios this and slide rules that and it’ll sound almost convincing, but don’t listen.

Just stop and realize the computers say a team that hasn’t won since 2013 is somehow 12 slots better than you.

Then go out and drop-kick Chimacum Friday night.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your teammates. Do it for your town.

Tell our computer overlords that Wolves do not go quietly into that good night. Instead, they live to make Debbie cry sweet, sweet tears of regret.


To see the complete rankings, which feature Coupeville’s 1A Olympic League mate Port Townsend at #2, pop over to:


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