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Coupeville’s homer-happy baseball sluggers rule the diamond in ’77. (Photos courtesy Sarah Lyngra)

It’s a lil’ slice of the “good ol’ days.”

The photos above and below, which come from a series of pics being digitized by Sarah (Powell) Lyngra, capture Coupeville’s hardball giants of 1977.

They were shot by her parents, David and Beatrice Powell.

And, thanks to former Wolf great David Ford, we can ID 10 of 12 players and half the coaching staff!

While the guy with the beard in photo one is one of our mysteries, the man in the cowboy hat is Bill Losey.

Back row (l to r):

Mystery Boy #1, Craig Anderson, Byron Fellstrom, Charlie Tessaro, Mark Smith, and Greg Fellstrom.

Front row:

Davin Bailey, Mystery Boy #2, John Beasley, Scott Losey, Rusty Bailey, and Caleb Powell.

Like a movie still from the “Bad News Bears.”

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   After a refinish job, the middle school gym glows in the early afternoon light. (Scott Losey photos)

   Last year, CHS got a new track oval. This summer, a snappy new shed will make storage much easier.

A new, swanky press box, coming to a football field near you soon.

So much room. And not a dead bee in sight.

Work on new football stands plows ahead.

Not a scuff mark in sight (yet) in the high school gym.

The gleam is back.

With school out for the summer, all sorts of work goes on behind the scenes at Coupeville High School.

One obvious improvement is the glossy new look of the school’s two gyms, which both just got a spiffy new refinish.

When fans return to the bleachers in the fall, they’ll also find new LED lights in the high school gym, as well.

And that’s just the beginning of things, as a new storage shed has gone up next to the CHS track and work on the revamp of the school’s football stadium begins.

When the Wolves make their home debut Sept. 8, fans will find new stands, now located next to the parking lot in front of the apartments.

While road fans make the long walk across to the other side, home fans (or me, at least) will glory in the swanky new press box.

Gone is the narrow, dead-bee filled box of olden times, though, after a year exposed to the rain and wind, I have a greater appreciation of my time wedged in there along side Willie Smith and Joel Norris.

This time around, it looks like there will be room to stretch out the legs.

Now we’re just a mini frig or two away from the big time…

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(Scott Losey photos)

   You know they’re getting serious when the blue triangles appear. (Scott Losey photos)


They said “let there be lane numbers” and it came to pass.


Lookin’ snappy.

Now it’s getting real.

Another day, another step closer to being finished for Coupeville High School’s snazzy new, levy-funded, track oval.

Lines went down, lanes went up, and now … lane numbers and other assorted markings.

Next thing you know, CHS will be hosting its first home track meet since 2008.

My, oh my.

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Presto, the CHS gym looks so new and fresh. (Scott Losey photos)

Presto, the CHS gym looks so new and fresh. (Scott Losey photos)

The whole place glows. That could e the lighting reflecting off the floor, though ... no, wait, it's hope. Yes, hope.

   The whole place glows. That could be the lighting reflecting off the floor, though … no, wait, it’s hope. Yes, hope.

As you sit on the new bleachers, gaze up at the new banners. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

   As you sit on the new bleachers, gaze up at the new banners. (Shelli Trumbull photo)

Goodbye, 1979.

Thanks to these exclusive photos, courtesy Scott Losey, we have confirmation that Coupeville High School has taken a huge jump into the future when it comes to its gym bleachers.

Gone are the butt-assaulters that had dominated the gym for three decades-plus, including the chunk behind the home bench that simply refused to stop opening last year.

In their place, snazzy new red bleachers (complete with Wolf logo) to replace the brown beasts of the past.

Plus, railings up the walkways!

The area where players stand to tape games? No longer up in the clouds!

Changes! Everything changes!!

Of course, the big question lingers.

Will the new bleachers be any more comfortable than the old ones, which had a vendetta against my butt cheeks?

That remains to be seen, but they will, at the very least, open on command.

That’s a start.

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