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Kiara Contreras and Co. set a season-best Tuesday in the 4 x 100. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Carolyn Lhamon came from behind to win the 800.

“The CMS Wolves ran like the Sequim wind.”

Coupeville Middle School track coaches Elizabeth Bitting, Jon Gabelein and Larry Hurlburt have put a lot of time and effort into teaching their young athletes, and it’s paying off big time.

Competing in the final regular-season meet Tuesday, a three-team rumble with Forks and host Sequim, CMS threw down multiple PR’s and captivated their coaches.

“The boys and girls threw further, jumped higher, ran faster, and/or jumped farther than ever before,” Gabelein said. “Our athletes continue to refine their craft.

“I wish there were several more weeks left for them to enjoy the results of hard work during outings like this.”

The Wolves host the Olympic League Championships May 23, an event which brings together the six conference schools for the final time.

And it’s not just a season-capper, but a farewell, as Coupeville jumps to the new North Sound Conference next fall for both high school and middle school sports.

Tuesday’s meet included big moments for both individuals, such as Carolyn Lhamon passing the leader in the final steps to win the 800, and for teams.

Both of Coupeville’s girls relay teams shattered their season-best times.

“With so many PR’s, improvement is being generated team-wide,” Gabelein said. “They may be discovering that the faster they run, the faster they’re done.”


Complete results (as best as I can do off of photos of hand-written notes):


60 — Ja’Kenya Hoskins 8.45, Angelina Gebhard 8.70; Cristina McGrath 9.96; Abigail Place 10.04

100 — Gebhard 14.80; Claire Mayne 15.06; Jordyn Rogers 15.12; Place 15.30; Lita Woollet 15.96; McGrath 16.04; Helen Strelow 16.18

200 — Hoskins 30.04; Abigail Ramirez 34.92; Alana Mihill 37.35

400 — Maddie Andrews 1:24

800 — Carolyn Lhamon 2:52

1600 — Jaelyn Crebbin 6:22; Mihill 7:02

75 Hurdles — Kiara Contreras 15.77

200 hurdles — Audrianna Shaw 37.40; Bella Velasco 37.50

4 x 100 relay  — Velasco, Contreras, A. Shaw, Ramirez 1:01.17; Mayne, Noelle Daigneault, Eryn Wood, Gebhard 1:02

4 x 200 relay — Crebbin, A. Shaw, Velasco, Hoskins 2:05.79; Ramirez, Lhamon, Strelow, Mayne 2:17

Shot Put — Daigneault 25-01; Mercedes Kalwies-Anderson 22-11; Wood 22-05; Rogers 19-03; Andrews 17-00

Discus — Strelow 51-07; McGrath 35-00

Turbo — Mihill 55-05; Daigneault 47-05; Wood 46-05; McGrath 45-08; Mary Milnes 35-07; Ramirez 28-07; Andrews 27-00

Long Jump — Hoskins 12-02; Strelow 11-07; Place 10-02, Kalwies-Anderson 10-00; Mayne 10-00; Contreras 9-11; Daigneault 9-11; Milnes 9-09; Rogers 9-06; Andrews 9-00



60 — Lucious Binnings 8.15; Reiley Araceley 8.26; Ty Hamilton 8.50; Joven Light 8.79; Dominic Coffman 9.25; Connor Bachmann 10.00; Wesley Cowan 10.28; Jesse Cowan 10.59; Ty Duddridge 10.90; Brayden Coatney 11.46

100 — Aiden Burdge 12.50; Light 14.25; Lucas Salazar 14.90; Coffman 15.00; Matthias Anderson 16.80; Duddridge 17.00

200 — Araceley 27.25; Caleb Meyer 27.91

800 — Aiden Anderson 3:03; Bachmann 3:14

1600 — Elijah Pepin 6:29; Tate Wyman 6:52; Coffman 7:13

4 x 100 relay — DJ Stadler, Burdge, Hamilton, Meyer 52.03; Light, Araceley, Salazar, Binnings 56.14

4 x 200 Relay — Binnings, Tim Ursu, Gabe Shaw, Stadler 1:43.65

Shot Put — Logan Martin 35-01, Coatney 21-11; W. Cowan 17-08

Discus — A. Anderson 45-04; J. Cowan 37-00; W. Cowan 33-00

Turbo — Stadler 123-08; Salazar 89-00; Ursu 78-09; G. Shaw 75-01; Light 72-01; Bachmann 55-07, M. Anderson 47-04; Duddridge 44-00; W. Cowan 38-01; A. Anderson 36-00

High Jump — Martin 4-08, Meyer 4-06, G. Shaw 4-04

Long Jump — Meyer 14-07; Burdge 14-04; Coffman 13-00; Araceley 12-11; Ursu 12-07; Wyman 11-04; A. Anderson 10-01; J. Cowan 9-03, Bachmann 8-09; Duddridge 8-05

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   Freshman Thora Iverson smacked three hits Wednesday, pulled off several defensive gems and helped propel Coupeville’s JV softball team to another win. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

It was jaw-dropping.

17 batters. 13 runs. 11 straight hitters reaching base safely. Eight base-knocks. One dazed opponent.

And that was just the first inning.

Closing their season with a mad flourish, the Coupeville High School JV softball team decked visiting Sequim Wednesday, then held on for the win when the visitors sprang off the mat throwing hay-makers of its own.

The 16-14 victory, sealed by the game’s only one-two-three inning, lifts the young guns final record to 4-1.

And what a win it was.

Coupeville fell behind 5-0, unleashed an inning they’ll be talking about for years, then weathered a late Sequim comeback, escaping thanks to key defensive plays from freshmen Chelsea Prescott, Thora Iverson and Mollie Bailey.

But what you really want to hear about is the bottom of the first, a frame for the historians to pore over and parse.

The Wolves could have been a bit down, after giving up a quick five-spot in the top of the first, but, if so, it was hard to tell as they hustled to grab their bats.

Energy crackled from the dugout, noise flowed out across the darkening prairie, Bailey flexed her biceps and … the impending tsunami of diamond destruction started with a mere walk.

A carefully-achieved walk, as Coral Caveness outlasted the Sequim hurler, using a precise eye to avoid swinging at anything bad, but a walk nonetheless.

It would be the last walk for some time.

Mackenzie Davis, swinging from her heels, bashed a single and the onslaught was under way.

Deep breath…

Prescott mashed a two-run double, Bailey crunched an RBI single, Chloe Wheeler smoked an RBI double that hit the edge of the outfield and shot crazily into the great beyond, Thora Iverson poked a single that slid between three players and … I’m hyperventilating.

Good thing the Sequim pitcher promptly plunked Nicole Laxton in the leg.

Maybe not so good for Nicole’s leg … but it kept the rally alive, caused varsity second-baseman Scout Smith to bellow “I love you in black and blue, kid!!!” and started a new streak.

The next three batters reached base on free passes, with walks to Marenna Rebischke-Smith and Caveness packaged around Jenna Dickson being righteously drilled by a wayward pitch.

This one hit flesh with an audible bang, causing even Smith to visibly wince for a moment before the best cheerleader in the Wolf softball program recovered, put her game face on and yelled “Way to wear it, Jenna!!”

There was a point, right after the Sequim catcher lost her mind and came dangerously close to throwing her face mask at her own teammates, where it looked like Coupeville would never make an out.

Like ever, ever.

Of course, the Wolves did, or I’d still be at the game and not writing this story.

But, even when that first out came, on the 12th batter of the inning, it brought another run home.

And then the hits started flying again, with Bailey, Iverson and Laxton smacking base-knocks that kept Sequim’s outfielders busy running this way, that way and every which way.

By the time the first inning came to a close, some seven or so hours after it started, the scorekeeper had carpal tunnel, sparks were flying off the over-heated scoreboard and the game looked like a knock-out.

Not so fast.

While CHS stretched the lead out to 15-6 after two innings, the Wolves were robbed of more when Sequim’s shortstop robbed Laxton, spearing a liner that left her bat like a 747 taking off.

Building off of their web gem, the visitors plated four in the third, then another four in the fourth, while Coupeville was forced to settle for a lonely run in the third and nada in the fourth.

Suddenly what had looked like a romp was a collar-tightener at 16-14.

Even getting there had gotten dangerous, as Iverson had to pull off a great play in front of the bag at second to help the Wolves escape danger.

A Sequim hitter topped a ball, sent it skyward, and when the orb plunged, it took a crazy skitter on the dirt.

Iverson was having none of these shenanigans, though, staying in front of the ball, snaring it, then flipping it over her shoulder to Caveness for a key force at second.

Prescott, helping herself from the pitcher’s circle, reached deep for a run of strikeouts, then nailed a rival foolish enough to run on her.

Making a perfect strike to Melia Welling at third, who slapped on the tag, Prescott lived for another day.

And then, when it mattered most, the freshman hurler slammed the door.

Up by two heading into the top of the fifth and final inning, Prescott opened the frame by throwing BB’s to Davis, who was set up behind the plate.

Down went one batter on strikes, down went a second batter swinging, and then the third popped the ball meekly into the air where Bailey, still flexing her biceps, calmly gathered it in for the final out of the JV season.

Coupeville rang up 10 hits in the finale, with Iverson and Bailey claiming three apiece.

Wheeler, Prescott and Laxton all doubled, while Davis rounded out the hit parade with a single.

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   CHS softball seniors Hope Lodell (2), Lauren Rose (8) and Katrina McGranahan (11) gaze out across the prairie one final time. (Cheri McGranahan photos)

The trio link up with manager Kayla Rose.

“They are all my daughters.”

As the afternoon faded into early evening Wednesday, Coupeville High School softball coach Kevin McGranahan took the mic and spoke from the heart.

A tall, burly dude, a career military man, he can look like a tough guy from a distance, but up close there is another side to the diamond guru, one which clearly shone through as he tried to tamp down the emotion in his voice.

His Wolf squad had lost a ball game, falling 13-5 to a strong-hitting 2A Sequim team which has taken large strides from the unit which Coupeville swept two games from last year.

But one loss does not a season make, and facing tough foes will hopefully strengthen the Wolves, who sit at 11-6 with one regular season game remaining Friday at Port Angeles.

CHS is the 1A Olympic League champs and begins the double-elimination district tourney May 18.

A year ago, the Wolves came within one strike of making it to state, and McGranahan is firmly focused on what it will take to get the two wins necessary to punch Coupeville’s ticket to the big dance.

Except, as the sun crept away Wednesday, the clouds slid over the prairie and the cupcakes were handed out, he had a lot more on his mind.

Looking at his four seniors — Lauren Rose, Hope Lodell, manager Kayla Rose, and then, finally, daughter Katrina McGranahan — the Wolf coach saw the past, the present and the future, all captured in one moment.

He’s in his third season at the helm of the CHS program, but has coached these young women, and many of their teammates, since they were in their early days on the diamond.

They went to the state tournament in little league, back when they called themselves the Venom, and then they reunited to carry the high school program to heights rarely seen on the prairie.

Lauren Rose, Lodell and Katrina McGranahan have been starters for CHS since the first moment they stepped on the field as freshmen, playing for Deanna Rafferty, who stayed around for only one season as a coach.

Kevin McGranahan returned from a deployment after that, stepped into the coaching gig, Kayla Rose became team manager, and the Wolves have gone 39-22 since that moment.

Last year’s 19-5 squad, which saw the trio make the All-League team (Katrina McGranahan was MVP), was the best since the immortal 2002 Wolf softball sluggers.

Wednesday they couldn’t overcome Sequim’s power, but it didn’t diminish the moment.

“These seniors have and always will have a special place in my softball coaching memories,” Kevin McGranahan said. “Yes, my daughter Katrina is ending her high school softball career, but she is not my only daughter moving on this year.

“The coaches and I spend so much time with these players they all become like daughters to us.”

Playing at home for the final time, the trio, who are vastly different in personality yet united in their integrity, work ethic and genuine love for their teammates, all had a major impact.

Lodell lashed an RBI triple to center, the ball coming off her bat like a cannon, then dipping and biting pay-dirt as it skipped merrily past a charging fielder.

Rose cracked a single to center, one of two times she reached base, while Katrina McGranahan peppered a pair of singles, including one in her final at-bat on the field she has claimed as her own.

Coupeville rallied from an early two-run deficit to build a 4-2 lead after two innings, plating three in the first and a single run in the second.

The big base-knocks came from Katrina McGranahan and Scout Smith, who both collected RBI singles, but Sequim’s extra-base power soon chipped away at the lead.

Four runs in the top of the third gave the visitors the lead, and after Chelsea Prescott and Lodell got one back with a pair of triples, Coupeville’s offense sputtered out for a bit.

Sequim took advantage, pushing the lead from 6-5 out to 13-5 while the Wolves went down in order in the fourth and fifth innings.

CHS got metal on ball, with Emma Mathusek being flat-out robbed when a Sequim infielder made a sensational stabbing catch on a liner back up the middle that had extra bases written all over it.

Coupeville shut down the visitors over the final two innings, with Lodell making a superb catch in deep center on the run, but was never able to get its offense back to its early-game fireworks.

The Wolves finished with seven hits, with Katrina McGranahan leading the way with a pair of singles.

Prescott and Lodell had their triples, while Rose, Smith and Veronica Crownover all added a base-hit.

While the loss chips away slightly at Coupeville’s record, that was largely overlooked in the post-game Senior Night festivities.

Catcher Sarah Wright, reading the words written by Katrina McGranahan, choked up and had to fan herself for a moment when she neared the end, where the Wolf hurler talked about her partner.

“We started the sport together and I’m happy to be ending the sport with you. I loved watching you grow not only as an athlete but a person as well. I love y’all, thanks for being a part of me.”

It was a sentiment spread to all her teammates by Lauren Rose, known as “Mouse,” “Munchkin,” “Lo” and “Keebler Elf” at various points over the years.

“I am beyond blessed to have so many memories with this group of girls from little league with the juniors and seniors to these past couple years with the underclassmen,” Rose wrote.

“Without you guys this team would not be nearly as exciting as it is. It may be Senior Night but our season is far from over!”

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Kyle Burnett elevates in the pole vault earlier this season. (Justin Burnett photo)

   Ja’Tarya Hoskins flies over the hurdles in an earlier meet. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

   One family, three speed demons. Wolf supernovas (l to r) Cameron, Maya and Sean Toomey-Stout catch some rays Thursday in Port Angeles. (Lisa Toomey photo)

The prep work is done. Now it’s on to the final quiz.

The regular season came to an end Thursday for the Coupeville High School track and field team, as it captured six wins and 15 PR’s at a four-team meet in Port Angeles.

Now, the postseason run begins, kicking off May 4 at home when CHS hosts the 1A Olympic League meet.

That event will pit the Wolves against Port Townsend, Klahowya and Chimacum.

Unlike previous seasons, the league’s 1A schools are striking out on their own and won’t compete along side the seven 2A schools from the conference.

After that, there’s the JV Championships at Kingston May 7, then districts (May 18-19) at Renton and state (May 25-26) at Cheney.

To get ready, the Wolves headed to Port Angeles Thursday to face off with a pair of 2A schools and one of their key 1A rivals.

The Coupeville girls, led by a win in the discus from Allison Wenzel, finished second in the team standings with 47 points.

Port Angeles (90), Port Townsend (27) and Sequim (16) rounded out the results.

On the boys side, CHS was third (47.5), with Sequim (68.5) and PA (53) edging them out. PT was well back, with just six points.

The Wolf boys were led by senior Jacob Smith, who came away with three wins on the day.

He bolted to victories in the 100 and 200, while also finding time to run on a 4 x 100 squad which included Henry Wynn and the Toomey-Stout brothers, Sean and Cameron.

Ariah Bepler (High Jump) and Ryan Labrador (Shot Put) rounded out the Wolf winners, while 11 CHS athletes set at least one PR.

Luke Carlson, Jakobi Baumann, Lindsey Roberts and Henry Wynn led the way, each copping two personal bests.


Complete Thursday results:



100 — Lindsey Roberts (2nd) 13.46 *PR*; Maya Toomey-Stout (3rd) 13.49; Ashlie Shank (9th) 14.64

200 — Roberts (3rd) 27.53 *PR*; M. Toomey-Stout (4th) 27.64; Shank (11th) 30.61

400 — M. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 1:03.26 *PR*

800 — Lucy Sandahl (5th) 2:45.70; Natalie Hollrigel (7th) 2:55.17

1600 — Sandahl (2nd) 5:59.36

3200 — Catherine Lhamon (2nd) 12:54.96

100 Hurdles — Roberts (2nd) 15.85; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (6th) 19.12

300 Hurdles — Hoskins (2nd) 1:00.34

4 x 100 Relay — Zoe Trujillo, Cassidy Moody, Hoskins, Shank (4th) 55.47

Shot put — Emma Smith (2nd) 30-06; Kylie Chernikoff (3rd) 27-8 *PR*; Willow Vick (8th) 18-08

Discus — Allison Wenzel (1st) 81-02; E. Smith (4th) 72-03; Hannah Davidson (5th) 69-03; Chernikoff (6th) 62-09; W. Vick (10th) 57-00; Raven Vick (12th) 36-10

Javelin — Lauren Bayne (2nd) 96-05; Davidson (3rd) 91-01 *PR*; Wenzel (4th) 82-11; R. Vick (6th) 77-10; Trujillo (6th) 77-05; Chernikoff (11th) 67-07

High Jump — Bayne (2nd) 4-08; Moody (4th) 4-02; Hoskins (6th) 4-00

Long Jump — Moody (3rd) 13-04; Hollrigel (5th) 12-02

Triple Jump — Bayne (4th) 29-06.50



100 — Jacob Smith (1st) 11.53; Henry Wynn (4th) 11.97 *PR*; Ethan Clavette (13th) 13.34; Chris Ruck (17th) 14.15

200 — J. Smith (1st) 22.96; Danny Conlisk (3rd) 23.66 *PR*; Wynn (4th) 24.02 *PR*; Luke Carlson (9th) 26.12 *PR*; Kyle Burnett (10th) 26.16 *PR*; Clavette (13th) 27.85

110 Hurdles — Jakobi Baumann (3rd) 20.74 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Baumann (5th) 51.25

4 x 100 Relay — Cameron Toomey-Stout, J. Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Wynn (1st) 45.44; Burnett, Carlson, Conlisk, Andrew Martin (4th) 49.41

4 x 400 Relay — Wynn, J. Smith, S. Toomey-Stout, Conlisk (2nd) 3:42.04

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (1st) 38-05.50; Chris Battaglia (2nd) 38-02; Keahi Sorrows (4th) 37-04

Discus — Sorrows (4th) 100-02 *PR*; Battaglia (5th) 99-10; Ariah Bepler (8th) 91-00; Thane Peterson (9th) 89-01; Labrador (10th) 86-05; Clavette (12th) 64-05

Javelin — Battaglia (4th) 122-10; S. Toomey-Stout (5th) 119-06; Carlson (7th) 113-04 *PR*; Bepler (8th) 110-10

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 6-00

Pole Vault — Burnett (8th) 8-00; Peterson (9th) 7-06

Long Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 19-00; S. Toomey-Stout (4th) 17-08.25; Ruck (12th) 12-07

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 37-03; Bepler (4th) 36-05 *PR*; Baumann (5th) 36-04 *PR*

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   Fleet-footed CHS track stars (l to r) Mallory Kortuem, Natalie Hollrigel, Maya Toomey-Stout and Lucy Sandahl catch the ferry home Wednesday from Sequim. (Deb Smith photo)

It had a little bit of a David vs. Goliath feel.

Coupeville, a 2B-sized school forced to masquerade as a 1A, was but a speck Wednesday, at least compared to its track and field rivals.

And yet, facing a trio of large 2A schools at a four-team meet in Sequim, the Wolves held their own, winning four events and setting 12 PR’s.

The CHS girls, buoyed by victories from Mallory Kortuem (400), Lindsey Roberts (100 Hurdles) and Lauren Bayne (High Jump), finished third in the team standings.

With 52 points, the Wolves narrowly missed catching Olympic (58), while easily beating Sequim (40). A very-deep North Kitsap squad (117) ran away with the victory.

On the boys side, Coupeville was missing several top athletes.

Running ace Danny Conlisk and thrower Chris Battaglia were dealing with health issues, while sprint god Jacob Smith had to scratch most of his events Wednesday after his hamstring tightened up.

Without three of their biggest individual scorers, the Wolf boys settled for a win in the high jump from Ariah Bepler, finishing fourth in the team race with 30.5 points.

North Kitsap (105), Sequim (69) and Olympic (59.5) rounded out the field.

Coupeville spread its PR’s out, with 11 athletes getting at least one.

Keahi Sorrows led the way, bettering his previous top marks in both the shot put and discus.


Complete CHS results:


100 — Ja’Tarya Hoskins (5th) 14.34

400 — Mallory Kortuem (1st) 1:04.78

800 — Lucy Sandahl (3rd) 2:41.33; Natalie Hollrigel (6th) 2:52.82 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Lindsey Roberts (1st) 16.23; Hoskins (6th) 18.81

300 Hurdles — Lauren Bayne (3rd) 58.24; Hoskins (5th) 1:05.10

4 x 100 Relay — Maya Toomey-Stout, Ashlie Shank, Kortuem, Roberts (2nd) 52.12

4 x 200 Relay — Kortuem, Roberts, Shank, M. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 1:51.73

4 x 400 Relay — Hollrigel, Shank, Sandahl, Catherine Lhamon (3rd) 4:54.61

Shot put — Emma Smith (3rd) 29-10; Kylie Chernikoff (6th) 26-10.50

Discus — E. Smith (3rd) 85-00 *PR*; Abby Parker (6th) 73-02 *PR*; Chernikoff (9th) 69-11; Raven Vick (13th) 40-06

Javelin — Bayne (2nd) 84-07; Vick (4th) 80-00; Parker (5th) 77-01; Chernikoff (8th) 69-08 *PR*

High Jump — Bayne (1st) 4-06; Hoskins (3rd) 4-02

Triple Jump — Bayne (4th) 28-01.25 *PR*



100 — Jean Lund-Olsen (4th) 11.83; Ethan Clavette (29th) 13.25 *PR*; Thane Peterson (32nd) 13.47; Chris Ruck (34th) 14.04 *PR*

400 — Henry Wynn (6th) 56.75

4 x 100 Relay — Lund-Olsen, Jacob Smith, Sean Toomey-Stout, Cameron Toomey-Stout (2nd) 45.34

4 x 400 Relay — S. Toomey-Stout, C. Toomey-Stout, Ariah Bepler, Lund-Olsen (3rd) 4:04.24

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (3rd) 42-10; Keahi Sorrows (6th) 38-06.50 *PR*; Andrew Martin (17th) 28-04.50 *PR*

Discus — Sorrows (9th) 98-01 *PR*; Labrador (10th) 93-08 *PR*; Peterson (11th) 92-03; Clavette (23rd) 61-10

Javelin — S. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 129-03 *PR*; Martin (8th) 114-05; Bepler (10th) 109-02

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 5-08

Pole Vault — Peterson (10th) 7-06

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 18-08.75; Lund-Olsen (4th) 18-05; C. Toomey-Stout (5th) 18-04.25; Ruck (17th) 13-03.25

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 37-02.25

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