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   Lindsey Roberts gives a thumbs-up Saturday after breaking her own school record in the 100 hurdles. (Dawnelle Conlisk photo)

A tenth of a second here, a tenth of a second there.

As the high school track and field season plays out, the Top 10 charts ebb and flow from meet to meet.

Day to day, hour to hour, they change, most heavily right after Thursday and Saturday, when most meets are held.

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, another top time or two may have suddenly appeared seemingly out of thin air.

That’s just life on the athletic.net boards.

But, at this exact moment, 10:57 AM, Sunday, Apr. 15, here’s how Coupeville’s best currently stack up against all other 1A athletes in the state.


100 Hurdles — Lindsey Roberts (6th) 15.82 *Same position on charts as before*

4 x 200 Relay — Ashlie Shank, Mallory Kortuem, Roberts, Maya Toomey-Stout (6th) 1:52.13 *Debut on charts*


100 — Jacob Smith (5th) 11.32 *Up five slots*

200 — Smith (5th) 23.26 *Down two slots*

400 — Danny Conlisk (5th) 57.97 *Returns to charts*

4 x 100 — Cameron Toomey-Stout, Jean Lund-Olsen, Sean Toomey-Stout, Jacob Smith (8th) 45.45 *Down one slot*

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   Jacob Smith, who nabbed wins Saturday in the 100 and 200, is shielded from Eastern Washington rain by mom Deb. (Kimberly Bepler photos)

   Danny Conlisk’s parents traveled a long way to see their son zip to victory in the 400 at the Cashmere Invitational.

   Ryan Labrador (left) and Thane Peterson hang out, waiting for their chance to throw. (Bob Martin photos)

   The small-school Wolves held up well against their much-bigger Eastern counterparts.

Wolves (l to r) Keahi Sorrows, Kylie Chernikoff and Emma Smith are all smiles.

The races went a lot quicker than the trip.

The Coupeville High School track and field team, and its ever-loyal fan crew, traveled across the state Saturday, dodging crews working on avalanche control, to finally arrive at the Cashmere Invitational.

Once at the 15-team spectacular, the Wolves ripped up the joint, shattering a school record, winning four events and setting 14 PR’s.

Coupeville finished 4th in the boys team standings and 7th in the girls, while Eastern powers Cashmere (boys) and Okanogan (girls) took home titles.

The biggest news of the day, at least for those back on Whidbey, came courtesy Wolf junior Lindsey Roberts, who annihilated her previous best time in the 100 hurdles.

Jess Roundy held the school record (16.06 seconds) for 18 years until Roberts toppled her in 2017, hitting the line in 15.97.

Saturday, Lou took her record even lower, leaning across the tape in a crisp 15.82.

Equally impressive were Wolf senior Jacob Smith, who won the 100 and 200, and junior Danny Conlisk, who hit the tape first in the 400.

Smith’s 100 time (11.32) was a season-best, just .03 off his top time, set last year at the district meet.

Coupeville spread out its PR’s Saturday, with 13 different Wolves getting at least one.

Freshman distance runner Catherine Lhamon paced everyone, delivering personal best times in both the 1500 and 3000.

Complete CHS results:


100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (10th) 13.57

200 — Lindsey Roberts (8th) 28.16; M. Toomey-Stout (10th) 28.89

400 — Mallory Kortuem (9th) 1:04.73 *PR*; Natalie Hollrigel (19th) 1:13.05

800 — Lucy Sandahl (17th) 2:50.49; Hollrigel (18th) 2:54.24 *PR*

1500 — Catherine Lhamon (12th) 5:40.25 *PR*; Sandahl (15th) 5:41.87 *PR*

3000 — Lhamon (6th) 11:37.33 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Roberts (1st) 15.82 *PR*/*SCHOOL RECORD*; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (12th) 18.76 *PR*

300 Hurdles — Lauren Bayne (16th) 58.51

4 x 100 Relay — Kortuem, Ashlie Shank, Roberts, M. Toomey-Stout (5th) 53.35

4 x 200 Relay — Shank, Kortuem, Roberts, M. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 1:52.13

Shot put — Emma Smith (7th) 30-00; Kylie Chernikoff (12th) 27-06.50 *PR*

Discus — Allison Wenzel (8th) 84-03.50; E. Smith (16th) 75-06.75

Javelin — Wenzel (3rd) 96-08; Bayne (6th) 91-04

High Jump — Bayne (14th) 4-04; Cassidy Moody (16th) 4-02

Pole Vault — Kortuem (12th) 6-06


100 — Jacob Smith (1st) 11.32; Jean Lund-Olsen (6th) 11.83

200 — J. Smith (1st) 23.26; Henry Wynn (8th) 24.69

400 — Danny Conlisk (1st) 51.97; Henry Wynn (5th) 54.39 *PR*

4 x 100 Relay — Cameron Toomey-Stout, Lund-Olsen, Sean Toomey-Stout, J. Smith (2nd) 45.45

4 x 400 Relay — J. Smith, Wynn, Ariah Bepler, Conlisk (7th) 3:45.32

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (4th) 42-11.75 *PR*; Keahi Sorrows (7th) 38-04.25 *PR*

Discus — Labrador (17th) 88-03; Thane Peterson (21st) 82-00.50

Javelin — Bepler (11th) 120-10 *PR*; S. Toomey-Stout (13th) 119-01

High Jump — Bepler (2nd) 5-08

Long Jump — Lund-Olsen (3rd) 18-11.50; S. Toomey-Stout (4th) 18-11.50 *PR*

Triple Jump — C. Toomey-Stout (8th) 37-07 *PR*

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   Andrew Martin, seen here throwing the javelin in an earlier meet, set a PR Thursday in the shot put. (Photos by JohnsPhotos.net)

Catherine Lhamon set PR’s in both the 1600 and 3200.

No fear, ever.

Despite repping one of the smallest 1A schools in the state, the Coupeville High School track team more than held its own with the big boys (and girls) Thursday afternoon.

Facing off with three 2A schools at Silverdale Stadium, the Wolves came away with nine wins and 22 PR’s.

In team scoring, the CHS boys beat both Port Angeles (71-68) and Kingston (90-53), while falling to host Olympic (80-60).

Coupeville’s girls, who swept the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 relays, beat Kingston (94-53), tied Olympic (73-73) and lost to Port Angeles (99-51).

While a host of Wolves had impressive afternoons, junior Lindsey Roberts and sophomore Mallory Kortuem led the way as three-time winners.

The duo combined with Ashlie Shank and Maya Toomey-Stout to win two relays, while also each nabbing first in an individual race.

For Kortuem, it was the 400, while Roberts cruised to a win in the 100 hurdles.

Other Wolf champions included Ryan Labrador (Shot Put), Allison Wenzel (Javelin), Chris Battaglia (Javelin), Jacob Smith (400) and Ariah Bepler (High Jump).

Coupeville spread out its PR’s across a broad range of athletes, with 18 different Wolves setting a personal best in at least one event.

Catherine Lhamon (1600, 3200), Henry Wynn (100, 200), Kylie Chernikoff (Discus, Javelin) and Ethan Clavette (100, Discus) topped CHS with two PR’s apiece.

Complete CHS results:


100 — Maya Toomey-Stout (5th) 13.76; Ja’Tarya Hoskins (7th) 14.44

200 — Zoe Trujillo (10th) 32.18

400 — Mallory Kortuem (1st) 1:05.66; Natalie Hollrigel (5th) 1:12.11

800 — Lucy Sandahl (5th) 2:47.62; Hollrigel (7th) 3:01.70

1600 — Catherine Lhamon (3rd) 6:06.99 *PR*; Sandahl (5th) 6:11.60

3200 — Lhamon (4th) 12:41.10 *PR*

100 Hurdles — Lindsey Roberts (1st) 16.34

300 Hurdles — Mckenzie Meyer (4th) 58.28; Hoskins (6th) 59.93 *PR*; Lauren Bayne (7th) 1:06.12

4 x 100 Relay — Roberts, Kortuem, Ashlie Shank, M. Toomey-Stout (1st) 53.28

4 x 200 Relay — M. Toomey-Stout, Shank, Kortuem, Roberts (1st) 1:53.63

4 x 400 Relay — Shank, Roberts, M. Toomey-Stout, Hollrigel (2nd) 4:41.77

Shot put — Emma Smith (3rd) 27-08.50; Kylie Chernikoff (8th) 24-01; Shank (9th) 22-11.25 *PR*

Discus — Chernikoff (4th) 79-00 *PR*; Wenzel (5th) 78-01; Hannah Davidson (7th) 72-02; E. Smith (8th) 68-01; Abby Parker (9th) 63-09; Willow Vick (14th) 53-00 *PR*; Raven Vick (16th) 40-07

Javelin — Wenzel (1st) 92-02; Davidson (2nd) 88-07 *PR*; Bayne (3rd) 85-00; Parker (6th) 72-09; Trujillo (8th) 71-01; R. Vick (9th) 68-01; Chernikoff (12th) 60-03 *PR*

High Jump — Bayne (3rd) 4-08; Hoskins (5th) 4-02; Cassidy Moody (6th) 4-02

Pole Vault — Meyer (3rd) 6-06; Kortuem (6th) 6-06 *PR*

Long Jump — Hoskins (8th) 12-04.50; Trujillo (17th) 9-04

Triple Jump — Trujillo (10th) 22-05


100 — Jacob Smith (3rd) 11.68; Henry Wynn (4th) 12.14 *PR*; Ethan Clavette (18th) 13.57 *PR*

200 — Wynn (3rd) 24.13 *PR*; Kyle Burnett (12th) 27.13

400 — J. Smith (1st) 52.37 *PR*; Burnett (6th) 1:01.27 *PR*

800 — Danny Conlisk (2nd) 2:09.45

1600 — Conlisk (2nd) 4:54.15 *PR*

3200 — Jakobi Baumann (4th) 13:11.01

110 Hurdles — Baumann (8th) 21.89

300 Hurdles — Baumann (8th) 51.62

4 x 100 Relay — Wynn, Jean Lund-Olsen, Sean Toomey-Stout, Cameron Toomey-Stout (2nd) 46.20; Ruck, Thane Peterson, Andrew Martin, Clavette (7th) 54.66

4 x 400 Relay — J. Smith, Ariah Bepler, Wynn, Conlisk (2nd) 3:43.66

Shot Put — Ryan Labrador (1st) 40-01.75; Chris Battaglia (2nd) 38-02 *PR*; Keahi Sorrows (4th) 37-06.50 *PR*; Martin (15th) 27-08 *PR*

Discus — Battaglia (3rd) 105-08; Labrador (7th) 87-02; Peterson (10th) 84-05; Sorrows (11th) 81-03; Clavette (20th) 63-01 *PR*; Martin (27th) 51-06

Javelin — Battaglia (1st) 130-04; S. Toomey-Stout (10th) 112-01; Martin (12th) 109-09; Bepler (13th) 108-04; Luke Carlson (14th) 107-07

High Jump — Bepler (1st) 5-08

Pole Vault — Burnett (5th) 7-06; Peterson (5th) 7-06 *PR*

Long Jump — S. Toomey-Stout (2nd) 18-05 *PR*; C. Toomey-Stout (3rd) 18-01; Ruck (21st) 13-04

Triple Jump — Baumann (6th) 33-05.25 *PR*

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   Coupeville assistant track coach Chad Felgar monitors the progress of his athletes. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

Day by day the jockeying continues.

As the high school track and field season begins to pick up steam, the battle to land on the Top 10 lists for 1A is an intense one, with athletes moving up and down almost on a daily basis.

Wednesday’s home meet helped propel a Coupeville relay team up into the spotlight, while its three individual standouts remain in the thick of things.

Senior Jacob Smith is a three-timer now, helping boost the Wolf 4 x 100 unit, while retaining his slots on the leader board in the 100 and 200.

Juniors Lindsey Roberts and Danny Conlisk are also still among the top performers, though Conlisk slid off the chart in the 400 (he’s now #14), while moving up in the 800.

The Wolves won’t have any chances to improve their standings for a bit, with their next meet not until Apr. 12.

But, at the moment, here’s Coupeville’s representatives on the 1A Top 10 rankings charts managed by athletic.net.


100 Hurdles — Lindsey Roberts (6th) 16.17 *Same as last week*


100 — Jacob Smith (10th) 11.57 *Down four slots*

200 — Smith (3rd) 23.27 *Same as last week*

800 — Danny Conlisk (10th) 2:07.79 *Debut on charts*

4 x 100 — Jean Lund-Olsen, Smith, Cameron Toomey-Stout, Sean Toomey-Stout (7th) 45.83 *Debut on charts*

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   Coupeville senior Jacob Smith (center) is among the fastest 1A runners in both the 100 and 200. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

A trio will lead them.

As it preps for its first home meet of the season (2:45 PM Wednesday), the Coupeville High School track and field team currently has three athletes vying for the top of the leader-board.

With two meets under their belts, Wolf senior Jacob Smith and juniors Lindsey Roberts and Danny Conlisk have all posted times which place them among the top 10 performances by a 1A athlete this spring.

Smith is a two-timer, currently sitting 3rd in the 200, with a time of 23.27 seconds, and sixth in the 100 at 11.57.

Roberts is sixth in the 100 hurdles (16.17) and Conlisk is 10th in the 400 (53.53).

There are six more regular-season meets after Wednesday’s home bout, where CHS welcomes Chimacum, Port Townsend, Klahowya and Mount Vernon Christian to town.

So, plenty of time for the Wolf trio (and others) to make even more of an impact on the state-wide standings as the season develops.

Smith finished 3rd and 4th at the state meet in the 200 the past two seasons, while Conlisk was 5th in the 400 a year ago.

Roberts claimed 4th in the hurdles in 2016, and made it back to Cheney as a sophomore, but was tripped up (literally) in the finals, finishing out of the medal count in the event.

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