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Camden Glover and his #1 fan, mom Stevie. (Photo courtesy Glover family)

He’s a young guy, but also a veteran.

When Camden Glover hits high school this fall, the Coupeville freshman will do so having already picked up playing experience at CHS.

He was a key part of the Wolf JV baseball team during his 8th grade season, flinging liquid heat as a pitcher and punching hits at the plate.

Glover whiffed five Mount Baker batters — and collected four RBI as a slugger — in an opening day win and remained one of the most reliable players CHS coach Jon Roberts had on his roster.

That topped off a rock-solid final year as a middle school student, following on the heels of a standout basketball season when he banged down low to pace the Wolf attack.

Glover had a stretch where he topped 20 points in multiple games, proving a deadly touch with the ball around the hoop and in the open floor.

Add it all together, and Tammy Glover’s oldest grandson is ready to have a huge impact at the high school level, with one of the more-enthusiastic rooting sections rockin’ the joint in support.

Camden celebrates his 8th grade graduation with his brothers. (Photo courtesy Glover family)

“The best part is our community,” Camden said. “And all the support from all our families.”

Glover plans to keep on playing basketball and baseball during his CHS days and finds something to enjoy in both sports.

“I like them equally,” he said.

“They are very different, but with basketball there is a lot more going on and it’s fast paced,” Glover added.

“It’s a great feeling when we do one of our plays smoothly and score a basket.”

Glover powers to the hoop for another bucket. (Photo by JohnsPhotos.net)

When he’s not playing on the hardwood or diamond, Glover enjoys “hanging out with friends, riding my bike, (and) video games” and hails the Will Ferrell modern-classic Step Brothers as his favorite film.

The rising star relies on his large support crew, which is anchored by his family.

“Probably my mom (has had the biggest impact on me), because she has always pushed me to be the best I can be,” Glover said.

“All my coaches have been great so far,” he added. “Each of them have helped me grow in many different ways.”

Glover credits a large part of his success to “being able to remain calm under pressure,” while wanting “to work on my endurance and cardio.”

As he looks ahead to a bright future playing alongside fellow Wolf freshmen such as Aiden O’Neill and Chase Anderson, he has a clear vision of his athletic future.

“I would like to continue to be a reliable team player,” Glover said.

“And work on gaining confidence in my abilities and being a positive and encouraging role model.”

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South Whidbey three-sport star Chase Barthlett. (Submitted photo)

South Whidbey three-sport star Chase Barthlett. (Submitted photo)

Know your foe and respect him, too.

When Coupeville High School opens a new football season Sept. 3, one of the players they’ll need to keep an eye on is Chase Barthlett.

The South Whidbey three-sport star is a rampaging force for the Falcons from his center and defensive end positions, and one intent on helping the forces of Langley retain possession of The Bucket.

While those of us in Coupeville obviously hope he goes home disappointed after the Island rivalry game, we can’t help but take a moment to give him props for all he’s accomplished.

Barthlett, who wants to be an All-State lineman during his final prep season, has his eyes set firmly on an extended gridiron career.

“After high school I want to play college football and then after go on to the NFL,” he said. “Of course, this isn’t a sure thing, so, if not that, then I would love to have a job in the graphic design field of work.”

On the field, Barthlett leads by example, never flinching from battle.

“My best strengths are the physical contact, cause you get to really see the fight or flight instinct in action,” he said.

Barthlett brings the same attitude to his other sports, wrestling and track.

On the mat, he’s a state meet veteran who went to Australia this summer to compete in an international tourney. While there he finished second in his weight class and his team finished third.

When spring rolls around, Barthlett runs the 4 x 100 while spending the majority of his time as a thrower, competing in the shot put, discus and javelin.

He’s been to bi-districts twice in the shot put, finishing fifth as both a sophomore and junior.

A big fan of the Will Ferrell film Step Brothers and hip-hop music, Barthlett gravitates to history class when in school.

“My favorite class has always been history,” he said. “Because you can compare so much of it to present times.”

Family and friends help keep him centered, both in sports and in everyday life.

“The people who have made an impact on me the most have been my parents and my friends,” Barthlett said. “Especially my two best friends, who graduated last year; they really brought me up and showed me how to lead.”

As he looks forward to kicking off his senior year, the Falcon senior doesn’t badmouth his team’s closest rival, instead choosing to focus on the positives he sees in his own program.

“Well, every football team has their own little things that makes them better,” Barthlett said. “But one thing that I’ve only seen at my school is even when we are down and out I’ve never seen one guy quit.

“Especially last year, when it was so easy to quit, every single one of us went back out and fought,” he added. “This year we are stronger and faster and we are ready for this year.”

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